1. israel

    1. it has been many centuries. Some 4,000 years since israel began to fulfill a lot of very difficult to fulfill prophecies. Difficult to accomplish. I know it has been hard for israel. I saw an israeli officer say that israel has to change their thinking and i am wanting to say the same thing here. Her first name is sima. But the point is: israel needs to reconsider what is pro-Israel, and what is anti-Israel, thereby learning from israel's past mistakes so the whole process doesnt have to be learned again. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. There are things israel does that are injurious to israel, and this has been the case for thousands of years in israel's long trek through history. See: israel has historically been a people that have been kicked out of other countries. It is not so much that moses opened the red sea and israel escaped, it is more like israel was forced to exit egypt by pharoah's army who had orders to make israel slosh through the mud in suez embarassingly. This gets politically spun into the fable cover story we know now. Yes the bible spins a little. There were a great number of countries from which israel was forced to flee, and i do not wish to look it up at this moment. This does not happen just by coincidence. As United States Military Inteligence says: "There are no coincidences." What was it that israel did in all of the hundred or so countries that israel has been made to leave. What is the lesson of life which israel has not yet learned about how israel deals with these various countries. Sure israel was shepards. Israel was farmers. Israel was furniture makers. Israel learned how to forge/blacksmith metals. All of these things and more. Israel became learned scribes and teachers and rabbis. All of this is right and good. But israel kept making the same mistake and not learning lessons learned. Deficient in after-action analysis. Israel gains access and gently attacks other countries. Historically israel has used as a tactic to enter into palaces, to enter into king's castles, to enter into the white house, to enter into number 10 ------- and seek to control and seek to dominate and seek to do israel's routine (which makes the world gag and puke). This routine goes on in many levels of government. This is israel's mistake. This is the cause. The effect is people resent israel and despise israel. Israel get my words very clearly here. No one on earth wants to be dominated by israel. No one has ever wanted to be dominated by israel or have israel attempt to dominate them. Judea imparticular. Israel you turn people off because of your foreign relations. Israel's foreign policy now and in the past has been anti-Israel. This is the change in israel's thinking to be made that sima describes. Quit your tactic of infiltration and domination and trying to run the world by running/ruining the capitals, like America, when you cant even run the fiasco of a country that you have now and insisted that you had to have. Israel you are horrible at government, you should not seek to run other governments as yours is currently too much to run on its own. Pulling your incursions/insurgencies back IS pro-Israel. See there? See that flip in what you have been thinking all these many centuries? It is anti-Israel for israel to seek to reach out and and run other countries. It is pro-Israel to recall your forces of war your forces of politics and become a national government and ceasing to try the international end of things. It is 180 degrees from where herzl tried to guide you. Israel you piss people off when you try and corrupt people's governments, and when people notice what you are doing you use as offense lie that terrible offensive lie weapon - that the people are being "anti-Semitic" which you should basically banish from your vocabulary. If you will take notice: we are trying to help you israel, we are pro-Israel. You MAKE people hate you by trying to own them trying to control them trying to run their governments when you cannot even run your own little fiasco. It is a nightmare israel. Truly it is. Now you have become a state. This is good. Then you continue your lie to yourself that this is a "jewish" state which it is not. You dont have any jews israel. You have pharisees, not jews. You are not a jewish state no matter how many people you extort into that lieberman lie. Further you are not a democracy. There has never been in the history of earth any democracy. Ever. Not in greece. You are not a jewish democracy. It is not the calling card of any true republic - notice i did not say there 'democracy' - to take hostage an entire nation of philisti semites and concentration camp them perpetually. Believe it or not - this is not democracy when the majority are held captive because of the fact of their majority. They have always outnumbered you. You are not jewish. You are not a democracy. Get that. Stop your lie to yourself and to everyone else. See... if you will just be teachable here israel. Be a good student. Pulling back your insurgencies from dc and pulling back your insurgences from other capitals - that leaves people with good fresh memories of israel being cool. If you pull back, into israel, of your own accord you leave a good taste in people's mouths. And the point here is there is no need for a kind of prisoner mentaility slave mentailty in which israel remains so desperately frightened so threatened by the world for israel's very existence that israel has to take the world hostage by taking over the world's capitals and governments - it is going to be alright, you'll see - just be confident and secure and safe and let the world get over what is essentially world war one which starts with the insurgency of israel at port haifa palestine circa 1911 and never ends to this date, we never got to world war two because we never did finish ww1. Evidence: 112 anti-Semitic concentration camps filled with semites. We remember our experience of israel as being a good experience. If you stay where your are - entrenched inside of our national trenches then what people remember is the clear and present danger of israel trying to enslave our governments with your israel / aipac / jstreet / mossad routine which only serves to make people dislike you. Even the bought people. This leads in time to an international wish to be - once again - rid of the israeli onslaught and to push raping israel out of the various countries and push israel back into israel's own country. You cause this. On offense. This is the cause in your foreign relations you entered into the stream about 100 times in your long history. The effect is your "special relationship" remains a criminal relationship which requires fixing. Quit seeking to dominate. Israel go home. Do you remember? The words of the germans? Do you recall? Jude go home. Although they had the "jude" part wrong because you were already pharisi by then - the sentiment is the same. Nobody. Will. Ever. Want. To. Be. Your. Slave. Israel. That is just how it is. When the USMC and the USARMY come to release the semitic philistia from the 112 anti-Semitic concentration camps - do not resist them. You are under arrest israel. Do not run your little terrorist games which are a disguise as somebody else in false flag terrorist attacks, as you are wont to do, as has been your propensity to do. Nothing like USS Liberty you ingrates. Do not explode the USMC and USARMY. We are going to take away your problem for you. USCENTCOM will build up a new place for philistia - in northeastern sinai - and you wont have to do anything in the process really. Just kick back. Relax. This wont take long. Over here i would say it is like a sunday. I mean football. It is like a sunday watching nfl football with bbq and potato salad and pepsi. Break open a beer. Put your feet up. After the marines and the army take care of emptying out those concentration camps you are no longer under arrest and USMC and USARMY leave the premesis of israel. We'll be taking the al-aqsa too. We'll be taking the mosque 'a little further' and setting the mosque up in the green new whereabouts of philistia. Outside of israel. It is going to be okay we are old hat at this. This is the goodness. Dont obstruct the good part once you are finally getting to the good part. Quit your warring israel, aint nobody all that impressed anyhow. Quit spying on the United States of America. Become a friend, do not seek to buy a friend with money fleeced from that friend in the first place. I describe Victory israel, which is at your 180

  2. philistia

    1. the US and uk have been trying out some experimental foreign policy items in the middle east since about the time of uk gen allenby (watch "lawrence of arabia"). Some of it was a bit of a fiasco but we have secured a real and viable israel. This was and is necessary for all kinds of practical reasons but also to play our part in fulfilling bible prophecy. However there is still a great deal to be done: philistia2020
    2. before we go any further with this section - i want to impart to you that this is the deal. I mean this is a doable, functional, rational, possible, feasible, best of all ideas for where to locate philistia. There are none better. What's more: mubarak has given his covert nod to the whole operation. And it is big. Egypt will allow the move. This move and where to move philistia to is truly like the end of the marshall plan that was stalled in this theater. Timing is everything here. The cosmos must come together with the right cast of characters and etc
    3. dont worry in the slightest this is gonna work. And all the little politicians around the world and in the united nations will be able to contribute funds and equipment and materiel and political support that have made a career of saying those words which were so hollow: "Two-State Solution" ... understand that the two states in the solution are philistia and egypt. From eqypt's point of view this is a win win win situation. Egypt (sinai) gets out of this X number of nuclear plants. Further sinai gets X number of desalination plants. What mubarak and egypt see happening eventually is the greening of at least the sinai in triple canopy jungle with a good bed of thick soil put on the surface which now is arid and been made weak desert. We can beat it. I can beat it. This does not happen solely in the new philistia. This greening eventually makes it around basically the whole of the sinai peninsula - and possibly across the suez and into the main part of egypt if egypt remains motivated enough. This operation requires several items, let me start something of a list:
    4. nuclear plant(s) for electricity, if my electricity machine turns out as good as we hope then it is just a matter of removing the hot rods and putting my huge dynamos in the plants,, not that big a deal - like niagra falls dynamos but notice how there is no falls to be had. We dont need them: voltage
    5. quite a number, say in the 1,000s of tractor-trailer beds of desal machines, much smaller than these sort of plant usually are thought of incorporating pumps to pump the newly fresh potable water uphill to catch basins. These 18 wheelers size trailers are spread along any coastline: desal
    6. plumbing from catch tanks at top of mountains/hills to distribute downhill to irrigation/sprinkling valves on the particular sites that are being worked on that day. The arid land is prepped with holes punched into the ground the water is worked into the soil
    7. in the next step barges are deployed are deployed to just go a little ways out in whichever sea it is: the mediterranean sea or the aqaba gulf, and sea mud is scooped off the floor of the sea with large caterpillar type bucket machines. The barge gets pretty well covered. Then the barge is pulled into the proper port on the coast. Then the mud is front-end loadered into dump trucks. The dump trucks take the sea mud to each lot of land being worked on that day
    8. the hydromulch trucks spray that foam onto the new soil at the particular lots worked that day which is already being watered by irrigation and sprinklers to every lot, and green surface grass grows within a few days. Further seedlings are planted and watered for a great number of types of trees and shrubberies. Corn. Maze. Soy beans. The world's best seed crops come to be planted into the soil. The soil is good and strong as it came from sea mud which is teaming with anaerobic life from the centuries of being at the bottom of the sea. Egypt takes care to rotate the crops to not wear out the soil. Life is good. The desert is greened literally. This is showcased for around the world replication of the systems
    9. roads are built into philistia. Streets are built into planned neighborhoods - in America this is called: 'divisions' and homes are barged in probably from germany like this light weight low square footage home
    10. in this detail i used to write that the united nations should help to move the people out of samaria (west bank) into their new homes in the new location of philistia. Now i hesitate to say the u.n. should take care of this detail. I know the US ARMY could handle it. I know the USMC could handle it. The u.n. forces are on a chain of command and it is political and a sort of risky prospect. UN is an unknown factor. With US forces we know what we got. The idf and iof should of course not be in charge of the move as that has too many fresh memories of occupation and concentration camps and identity politics. Israel needs badly to stay out of the newly constructed philistia. Israel never invade, never surround philistia anymore. Ever
    11. examples of commercial buildings for philistia in sinai:
    12. various private contractors and US Navy Construction Battalions and US Army Corps of Engineers are deployed to build a lot of what needs to be built to facilitate the barges/ports and various items for the new country
    13. no agreement needs to be signed (extorted under duress) by the nation-state of philistia. Israel do not seek to hold philistia hostage anymore. If it is desired the Al-Aqsa Mosque can be moved a little further by the US ARMY and USMC to an appropriate location inside of the new whereabouts of philistia: mammoet

  3. anti-semitic pharisaism vs judaism religious war of subjugation in America today

    1. in the diaspora circa 70 AD when the romans removed the judeans from judea and the israelians from israel to move to europe basically - they mostly carried the tanakh (old testament) with them on the trip. This is judaism. The tanakh was and is and will forever be judaism
    2. the israelian religious sect known as pharisees which wanted to be different and separate from the judean jews had not developed their own israelian talmud yet, so some israelian pharisees carried only the first 5 books (torah/pentateuch) of the tanakh to europe. The term: "torah observant jew" is oxymoronic because the only torah observant adherents were pharisi, not jews
    3. some of the richer israelian pharisees stayed in jerusalem while the poorer judeans and the poorer israelians were taken to slavery in europe, the pharisees did not call themselves "pharisees" until about 140 BC, but israel had been at war with all the inhabitants of the levant since abraham led them out of babylon north along the euphrates coming to stop in the lowlands near haifa
    4. israel wanted to surround and divide and occupy and conquer the highland jews of judea which is a very anti-semitic thing to do. Innumerable wars took place between the two peoples which shared the same language, and israel was jealous of judea and judea's religion of judaism and judea's proximity to jerusalem
    5. this war lasts through to today, only no one protects judaism from the pharisi onslaught. When one is called a jew who is not a jew that makes anti-semitic war against judaism aiding and abetting judaism's enemy of the pharisees of israel. All sorts of espionage go on in this several thousand year long religious war of subjugation: infiltration, assimilation, disguise, imposture, stolen valor
    6. the few pharisi elites stayed in jerusalem which was quieter once the poor folk of both judea and israel had been taken to europe. The real estate in jerusalem once vacated was far easier for the wealthy pharisees to flip or raze. Time passed. Generations passed. Eventually about 200 AD to 500 AD the talmud manifesto was written. It was unseemly to name the talmud: "jerusalem talmud" because the rich pharisees didnt wish to reveal/expose their presence in jerusalem when all the poor from israel and judea had been exited from their countries. Some of the talmud was written in babylon. They can call their new religion whatever they want except judaism. That word "judaism" is reserved and means judean tanakh old testament which is a very different religion from pharisaism from israel
    7. in this several thousand year long war of pharsaism vs judaism, pharisaism vs islam [philistia], rome vs judea and israel, israel vs judea, the many diasporas, the nightmare of ww2, the slavery of the jews - let us remind ourselves that in israel's own unique way israel has been trying to fulfill prophecies along the way in their history. I say that any prophecy is extremely difficult to accomplish. Among these prophecies - here are chapter and verse - is the Return To Israel... They have been coming back. They were able to secure recognition of the israel state in i believe 1948. It is good that israel got statehood, and there has always been this subject of the golan heights which [due to a bunch of politician cartographers at the united nations that perhaps did not have the right military minds or simply did not know the lay of the land] that missed/overlooked israel's necessity of the golan heights - whatever the deal was: israel must have the golan heights inside israel's state land [including shebaa farms] in order to be able to defend and protect themselves. Israel's total land is from north to south about as much land as the dallas to austin run. It is a very small place and in fact year round they are overrun in a sense - i mean: a shoulder fired RPG rocket propelled grenade is fired from lebanon the grenade can hit as south as elat that is the gulf of aqaba. That is the full pull. What i am saying is with a bazooka standing in any of the neighboring countries the shoulder fired grenades can hit anywhere in israel. RPGs are cheap. There are muslim countries in almost 360 degrees. The USARMY USMC move philistia out of israel into north sinai, and in so doing we make the whole levant region more peaceful and functional - and we make life more safe and secure for israel at the same time. We defuse the situation intelligently
    8. israel is a state (this is good), however israel is not a "jewish" state, this needs to be said and i am not anti-Israel and i am not anti-Semitic. Jewish means tanakh. Pharisi means talmud/torah. These are the facts of life
    9. judaism = tanakh = old testament
      pharisaism = torah
      pharisaism = talmud
      pharisaism = talmud/torah
      tanakh + torah = pharisaism
      tanakh + talmud = pharisaism
      tanakh + talmud/torah = pharisaism
    10. when the israelians and judeans began to travel back from europe [invade from western bloc into middle eastern bloc] they mostly came on ships from europe to swing around the rock of gibralter and headed eastward on the mediterranean sea to dock in haifa, [palestine at the time]. This was circa 1911, and it was and still is a slow creeping invasion. Among the passengers disembarking were the civilians, as well as the early personnel of the irgun and haganah which head count as insurgency. Anyway when israel and judea returned to palestine (philistia) they no longer carried in hand the tanakh (judaism) of judea they carried instead the talmud/torah (pharisaism) of israel. While in europe at synagogue 500AD to 1911AD they had their religion bait and switched on them. In general the adherents in israel now are pharisees, not jews. Hasidic pharisees. Orthodox pharisees. Conservative pharisees etc, What they call "modern judaism" is in fact modern pharisaism,. To call a pharisee a jew makes anti-semitic war on judaism
    11. "jew" is a term of rank in judaism,
      to be a jew one must participate in the religion of judaism,
      just speaking hebraic does not qualify as jew,
      just living in the same neigborhood as jews does not qualify as jew,
      pharisi = gentile, goy, other than remnant, other than jew, non-jew, uninformed masses - most pharisees are profoundly unaware they are not jews and are the mark in a confidence game run by the sanhedrin, see penn & teller
      samuel clemens: its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled,
      to find jews go to the rock-carved churches of ethiopia where they do have jews studying tanakh old testament just like they were supposed to
    12. today in israel they are no longer calling themselves socialist. Israel now calls themselves a unitary parliamentary republic. This is good. Better. So be it
    13. today in America this long con goes on in washington dc which makes war on judaism by way of aipac\mossad\israel and the pharisees of israel which influence and interfere with our US government and elections: timeline
    14. judaism
      tanakh (old testament) 66/66 = judea, judaism, jew, ju, jewish, jewry, judaic, temple, modern judaism, remnant
      no anti-Semitic concentration camps holding hostage philisti nation of semites,
      you can find jews in ethiopia studying the old testament, these are jews
      2,000 BC to 500 AD
    15. pharisaism
      talmud/torah 5/66 = israel, pharisaism, phari, pharisi, pharisee, pharisaic, gentiles, goyem, uninformed masses, not-jew, other-than-jew, synagogue, modern pharisaism, non-remnant,
      112 anti-Semitic concentration camps holding hostage philisti nation of semites,
      [99.9% of the pharisi people are unaware they are not jewish]
      500 AD to 2,019 AD
    16. in the following video the speaker says "we need to tell the world that zionism is not judaism"
      this is true, however what this speaker needs to be told and what the listeners need to be told is:
      pharisaism is not judaism. Pharisaism is talmud/torah. Judaism is tanakh.
      In all of their stolen identity, identity theft, they need to get to actually being jews and not just incorrectly claiming they are jews while studying/adhering with talmud/torah...
      in short: they must become jews, which they are not...
      they must shelve talmud/torah and take in hand tanakh and take in heart tanakh to become jews, of course...
      now bob and weave a little on that one..

  4. research

    1. US Military, US Intel, NASA on a flat non-rotating earth
    2. there is no need to ridicule the "globe earthers" or the "flat earthers" at all. Also there is no need to trust copernicus from what was it about 400 years ago when we have our technology today - which is vastly superior than in the day of copernicus. There is no need to say to yourself, "well this was all settled by 'scientists' 400 years before i was born, so therefore i dont need to do any of the scientific research myself." There is a need for you to do the research yourself. You must be the scientist. You can trust your own measurements and calculations, and this will mean much more to you than trusting whatever is stated by these religious fanatics which call themselves "scientists." And it is fairly easy to do these experiments scientifically. The cost for the instruments is not too great and the tests/experiments are fairly simple. There is no need to trust neil de grasse tyson with all his ulterior motives. There is no need to distrust neil de grasse tyson. In doing your own measurements your own scientific observations, in taking notes as you do so - you kind of push tyson aside and you get to the science yourself. Hands on experience

    3. proximity to the moon

      let us measure the distance from the moon to the earth's surface. This test will be repeatable and verifiable to anyone that cares to go through this measurement, we do this with the use of two theodolites. They have these theodolites in two kinds of models nowdays. The traditional theodolites are the tripod mounted units - they look just like the surveyors tripod and in fact i am unaware of any significant difference between the theodolites and the surveyors field glasses. The other type of theodolites are in the modern smartphones. Here are some links to where you can get the electronic versions for the smartphones:

      you as a scientist must get two of the theodolites, because the idea here is you triangulate (simple pythagorean math)... you will also need a partner to operate the 2nd theodolite. In this example i use: as the crow flies: Pentagon, Washington, DC to: Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, North Charles Porter Avenue, Oak Harbor, WA which is about 2,342 miles distant from each other

      so you triangulate using whidbey island and the pentagon and the moon. You already know the measurement of one leg which is the 2,342 miles. You enter that line length into your AutoCAD or if you are drawing this on hard copy paper with drafting board and rulers pen and paper make your line 2,342 units long. Each unit represents a mile. Next you and your partner get on the phone and are talking with each other and confirming you are both ready to test. This is at night i suppose when the moon is full or pretty close to full. You synchronize your taking of the measurement, and what you are going to measure is the two angles from the two positions on earth. I'll say to both you and your buddy put the crosshairs of your theodolites on the center of the moon. which is a certain angle from the earth's surface. This has been done countless times by people already. So you take the two measuring of the angles to the AutoCAD drawing or paper, and your transcribe those angles to the ends of the 2,342 unit line. Okay so where the new lines from whidbey island to moon intersects the line from the pentagon to the moon mark out that intersection. Then measure the length of the line from the intersection at the moon to the ground meaning a right triangle from the moon to the 2,342 line. What people are finding is that it is less then 250 miles, not the 250,000 miles that the deceivers tell you is the distance to the moon. Test it yourself. Dont trust anyone else's measurements.

      this begs the question: well, if the moon is only 250 miles away - why havent the US military and the russian military built bases there? The answer is they cant get to the moon. There is something called a "firmament" between here and there which they cannot get through. They use a code word here. They call it "van allen radiation belts" and we will find out in time that they never got past the firmament. In the bible on the very first page the firmament is starting to be explained on the 6th line. What they call "science" has decieved us. The apollo missions were fraudulent, they know this at the nsa and the mil intel and nasa and all. Nixon thought it was good to deceive us and call it the greatest achievement in the history of man. The russkies know the firmament is there also. The chinese. The asiatic indians. The germans have known of the firmament since before operation papercilp (rocket scientist vernher von braun). They know. They have sent craft and cannot get through the firmament. Voyager I. Voyager II. The apollo missions. All the science fiction we have been playing like got to mars. All of it false. This is God's earth, not the human liar's world. Dont be shocked. The government lies to us like they breathe. The "scientists" lie to us as if their salary depended upon the lie continuing. Let me ask you how much an astrophysicist/astronomer is worth if he cant even see that the "planets" are flashing lights that look like they are underwater in a dome of some sort. We'll get to telescopes later i hope. When you measure the distance to the sun by the same process and learn the sun is less than 300 miles away, how does this add up when "scientists" claim that the sun is 93,000,000 miles from the earth

    4. temperature of moonlight/moonshadow

      it is taught to us that the moon reflects the sunlight to us. First: you can see right through the moon at times. Transparent. Anyway supposedly the moon reflects the sun's light to us on the the surface of the earth, but the point is: when you measure moonlight it is COLDER than moonshadow. Try and get your mind wrapped around that one

    5. flatness/curvature

      we can investigate the shape of the earth scientifically using available tools on the earth's surface. This is fairly straightforward hands-on research that does involve some basic math skills - but is handleable and if you do the experiments with your buddy's assistance you will know what you know when all is said and done
    6. get thee a couple of good telescopes. Non-electronic telescopes. You can do this with a couple of good sets of binoculars/monoculars too, but the capability to observe at great range/distance is sought after here
    7. to begin with we already know the radius/diameter of the earth at the equator. This is a known constant and we have measured the equator - how many miles the equator is - a zillion times. The most precise measure of the equator i was able to find is: equator radius 3963.1676 miles from the "center" of the earth to the surface of the earth. This is usually rounded off to 3963 or 3965 miles. Whether we are supporting the idea of a globe earth or whether we are supporting the idea of a disk earth this equator circle remains the same. On a disk earth model drawing the perimeter is just twice the 3963 x 2 = 7926 (diameter of equator in disk model) (7926 x 2 = 15,852 diameter of perimeter). Using AutoCAD i draw the globe starting with the diameter of the earth in elevation view, which is just a straight line for the moment, then i get the single longitudinal lines which gives the elevation of the earth like a profile view or side view. This is all describable in mathematical terms, but the important part is you can see the curvature of the earth in the globe model. That curve is said: 7.99360591 inches per mile squared. This is usually rounded off to 8 inches. This accounts for curvature so over a great distance the theory is you cannot see through the earth due to obstruction of view due to the curve of the earth. We test that in this experiment. You can test this on flat land like in kansas. Kansas land has a reputation for being very flat. You can also run your tests over a lake like lake michigan. The problem with lakes is they have so much evaporation which means water particles in the air above the water. A lot of pseudo-scientists show the weakness of the global model here by claiming that being able see objects at great distance with no curvature obstruction is due to "refraction" through the water particles in mid-air which allows you to see what you see in a straight line. They have ulterior motives to you seeing and observing and taking notes on your own (with your buddy). So you have the two non-electronic telescopes or else the two sets of binocs and you and your buddy need to get a good distance from each other. Here is my simple list of how much view is obstructed due to curvature IF the curvature exists at all. This list shows my calculations so if there are mistakes they are my mistakes. So in your experiments you and your buddy get 4 miles from each other. Get right down on the ground laying in a prone position with your telescopes almost sitting on the surface. Or if you are in water go ahead and get in the water and just poke out of the water with the telescopes to measure accurately. If you are running the experiment across a lake (whose water oddly enough is level) then you should have about 10 feet of obstruction from being able to see each other. If you run this experiment as many have run from east-west about 50 miles you should not be able to see each other by about 1,666 feet due to curvature. If you CAN see each other - then this earth we live on is flat (disk earth). If you are obstructed by the curving earth from seeing each other - then this earth we live on is curved (a spherical globe). No need to join the ranks of the unknowing by not running the experiments yourself. No need to ridicule one another. Why waste your time. Run the tests and see for yourselves what the truth is. There could be smog conditions, or haze. Mist. Fog. It has occurred to me to run the experiment at night using road signs. You know how when you point the flashlight or the headlights of a truck at the roadsigns they shine back to the observer. If you and your buddy have the signs right on the ground - like in the kansas scenario - and it is the dark of night, and you light up the signs directly with headlights or whatever - it seems like you would be able to see each other through the telescopes easily - IF there is not this mythical "curvature," Dont be brainwashed. Dont trust what you are told. Back yourself up by your own experiments and know what you know. Dont let them gaslight you. Dont be deceived by anyone

  5. usonia
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