[emergency voltage]

fresh screenshot of 911V and i think the 3D models are supposed to be in the .dip

well i exported dxf from diptrace w/3d models to acad,,, the layers seem full but it is still not 3D,, so..
if you want a 3D preview it is available in diptrace i think..

i tried autodesk fbx convert the 3d models from .dip to .dwg and no love,
i was trying to drop and drag into 3d solid models for acad andAutoCAD just ignored the file,
i opened 3ds max and imported 2kbp.wrl [one of the 3d models from the above list], good results
so i can make in AutoCAD 3D versions of a circuit board, but i dont think i will because no one would use acad to print up the pcb and i mean i dont need to prove that a 3DDWF can exist of a circuit board - but it is there if i want it


this is not perfected okay,
but there might be somebody with a soldering iron heated up that can throw together the components on the board and have a trickle of voltage when the lights go down,, the deal is: after the USB you go from usb into inverter and thereafter you have 120v,, warning: the power company's voltage flows through the breaker box, which has breakers -- in this design i have put no breakers so be careful to use this sparingly without accounting for a short or whatever - be careful not to overvolt your phone's electrical system and end up with a little cloud of smoke, be careful [be careful:achtung]

if you wanna get into this: just put a breaker inbetween the wall phone socket and the in part of the kayak board, so if there ever is a problem the 911V just shuts down rather than melting your phone lines,, but like in that national geographic show "american blackout" there are times when we just need a few volts and this might make the difference,, maybe slide this into your backpack or purse or whatehaveyou,,,,,,, recall that a lot of elevators have phones in them, i'm just saying

i got the idea by looking at kipkay's apporach on youtube,, let me see if i can find it,,
FREE Hidden Electricity!

btw it looks as if the in from source is 60V so if you did not want a usb 12v you might just add a faraday transformer to your board and via conduction go from 60V to 120V,,,,,,,,, lots of ways to get the voltage to 120v not only a transformer


it has been years since i [invented] this and i do not yet see where i put the 3D phone in jack nor the 3D USB out port

this image shows the correct configuration of the 3D phone in jack nor the 3D USB out port, but do not pay attn to the circuit board which is not ideal:

it looks to me like on the below image i have put two usb ports, and not a phone jack,, so disregard the image below majorly,,,,, i have lost my models apparently, so: for what its worth

just so i had said this somewhere: this 911V phone line alternative source of voltage is not my electricitymachine,, not by a long shot,,,,,,,,,, i feel like i have gone into the time tunnel with regards to the real machine

the electricitymachine is just a generator, not connected to any grid, a stand alone source of voltage