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New World Border


to the UNALISAF commanders: let us make the proportion 10:1
that is if one jet crosses the International Peace Fort System the offending jet is either confiscated or scuttled, and nine more are also confiscated or scuttled, this way the punishment will be true "decimation" meaning but multiplying - similar enough to rome for consideration, whre in if one soldier did not perform from a platoon or quantity of soldiers) then every 10th soldier would be slaughtered. we do not want slaughter. but taking out ten cannon for every cannon fired in war, taking out ten helicopters for every helocopter involved, taking out ten naval vessels for every naval vessel involved, taking out tens jets for every breaching jet involved, taking out tens tanks for every tank involved - will stand down any militant group like the Pharisees or the Islamics,,,,, this 10:1 is a two way street i mean if the war comes from israel and flows out to the neighbors of israel the 10:1 rule applies, and conversely if the war flows from the neighbors of israel into israel then they also shall have 10:1 taken,,,, again the military hardware might be confiscatd for use by the intl community fighting forces like th DEA does when they find equipment at some of the bigger drug dealer / cartel busts - they take the cigarette boats or the helicopters or the dune buggies or whatever is felt appropriate by the UNALISAF commander,, this method will work, no need to write this down nor sign it - you will remember well enough - a paperless grand bargain by which you keep the peace, no need for negotiations, we should discuss the random whacko old timer who walks into his backyard and shoots off a few rounds over the International Peace Fort System once this peace has been established,, there are a great number of tools at your disposal but for the moment i will just mention one, i have been praying for this aircraft: i believe is an AC-130 Hercules gunship can be used for all sorts of duties, which basically revolves around the whacked out old man with what they call ARC light, right then and right there he is put to death for warring where this earth's civilization is through warring, this for both of the blocs, the western block (israel) and also the Middle Eastern Bloc (israel's neighbors),,, so i dont mean just one of these hercules, just as many as the job requires, there are other tools but soon everyone will get the point,,,,,,,,,, also the countries have every right in the world to make tunnels - but not under the International Peace Fort System, no end running the IPFS, no flying over the IPFS, no tunneling below the IPFS, no punching through the IPFS, no ballistics of any type over, through, nor around the International Peace Fort System

meanwhile the reconstruction of the following semitic countries proceeds:
Semitic State of Egypt/Sinai
Semitic State of Palestia
Semitic State of Jordan
Semitic State of Syria
Semitic State of Lebanon
Semitic State of Israel

is 10:1 seared into you consciousnesses now, do you really need to write it down for some bizarre reason, recall that time fairly recently when the defense of aleppo (in the Semitic State of Syria) was in question and the Israelinians were silly enough toi send an F16 to terrorize th Semitc State of Syria, and it was shot down - let me see if i can find the URL:
this shows that if the radical Pharisi Israelinian terrorists get their proud jets shot down even by stinger missiles the Pharisees are smart enough to not send anymore, and if nine more are taken as well it will fairly well shut down that kind of warfare right at the source of th warfare

quneitra not aleppo

this very pro-Israel and very pro-Pharisaic and pro-Semitic and pro-Palestia and pro-Islamic and pro-Peace which is good for all concerned in this 105 years old anti-Semitic perpetual war - which needs to stop so everyone can enjoy peace and safety and security and tranquility (normal life not at war), no one asks for permission to build the peace, there is no conversation in which anyone might object to the peace, no one asks permission to make war and no asks for permission to make peace either

let me add that israel never asked the semitic state of philistia for permssion to make war on philistia
israel never asked for permission to make war on philistia's long-time ally the semitic state of judea either

so when the states of this world (i think there are about 194 at the moment) go to make peace between the two blocs - especially using [United Nations Assistance Force / United Nations Armed Forces] and League of Arab States [Arab League Assistance Force / Arab League Armed Forces] and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization / International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) there is no need to ask permission to make the peace,, and also the EU European Union too - not trying to exclude them either, the EU role militarily though is taken by NATO/ISAF and so the role for EU is more on a diplomatic basis, the European Union is having to deal with a lot of the overflow of millions of refugees spun-off by this century old war - and it needs to stop and EU should have a say as they are part of the bigger picture

we should go ahead and get the military architects and the millitary engineers and the military city planners to get some of the early homework rolling on a giant big dig like this is that i am designing - it is going to be expensive and so be it, the decision of whether or not to make a major highway linking through the semitic state of palestine from gulf of aqaba through the International Peace Fort System through syria to link up with the turkey - let me refer - istanbul - this gives all the eastern traders - like china and india an overland route to get to the customers in europe and russia,, then also at the palestian 'T' at gulf of aqaba in the road the highways goes across the egypt suez canal onto the customers in africa - this overland highway does not just mean auto traffic, railways and fiber optic cable, electricy, gas, oil lines, this needs to be designed well and not just happenstance and btw the fanatic state of israel should not have the valve which turns off the whole worlds free flow of trade of all types --- this is a lot of planning and i just wont do it on my own

a precedent:
this is the same as when the fanatic state of israel captured and occupied the suez canal and eisenhower told israel to git - israel should not have veto power over other states free flow of commerce and transportation and communications and oil and everything, the world is tired of being held hostage by the pharisee state of israel,

[no one relished the thought of the Israelinians being in control, like a valve, over who does and who does not go through the suez canal - too radical and uncivilized for that much responsibility - holding hostage 112 anti-Semitic concentration camps chocked full with the citizens of the Semitic State of Palestia] they dont even know whose business this is saying "America should mind its own business" and moronic things equally as stupid for all the world to see

that is all

if you are dumb enough to give israel the valve which may constrict or cut off the flow of (or toll or troll) commerce and communication and oil etc - for an example of how the world will turn out just look at the semitic state of palestine to see the shape israel would leave this world in, wanting to "dominate" the world in all of Israel's self-imagined superiority
grammar 101
Austria Austrian Austrinian
Palestia n, proper noun (Placename) a Republic in the Middle East, (formerly: Philistia noun 1. an ancient country on the Eastern Bank of the Mediterranean.)
Palestian adj (Placename) of or relating to Palestia or its inhabitants.
Palesti adj (Placename) of or relating to Palestia or its inhabitants. (formerly: Philisti)
Palestinian Palestine Philistine
Israel n, proper noun (Placename) an Apartheid Republic in the Middle East
Israelian adj (Placename) of or relating to Israel or its inhabitants.
Israeli adj (Placename) of or relating to Israel or its inhabitants.
Israelinian Israeline Israelite

two different religions (tanakh and talmud)

Israel 2nd Talmud Pharisaism
500 AD to present
not old testament

Judea 1st Tanakh Judaism
2000 BC to 100 AD
old testament
talmud alone equals pharisaism
talmud plus torah equals pharisaism
talmud plus tanakh equals pharisaism
tanakh equals judaism
the adherents of judaism are the ONLY people with the right to call themselves jew, jewish, judaism, judaic, jewess

this is both a political AND a military peaceful solution for two states and two blocs,

anyone who tells you that the only solution possible is a political solution derived by "final" negotiation and there is no military solution doesnt have their heads on straight, to exclude the military from the solution is not dealing in reality,

this is both a political AND a military peaceful SOLUTION for two states and two blocs, not the militant lack of solution we see out there in the field right now and for all our lives (they dont know what they are doing)

The Armenian Quarter
The Christian Quarter
The Jewish Quarter
The Muslim Quarter



UNALISAF IPFS International Peace Fort System
UNALISAF Fort Jerusalem
Central Park, NYC
UNALISAF Port Jerusalem
Safety and Security
De Facto Grand Bargain
UNAF United Nations Assistance Force
ALAF Arab League Assistance Force
ISAF International Security Assistance Force
Peace Plan
Agricultural Strengths
Military Strengths
Political Strengths
Technological Strengths
Cultural Strengths/Weaknesses
Land Weaknesses
Strategic Logic
Medical/Dental Strengths / Hospitals / Clinics
Sports Strengths, Exercise / Parks / Bike Paths
Administrative Strengths
Industrial Strengths
UN Headquarters
proxy firebases

UNALISAF IPFS International Peace Fort System

UNALISAF Fort Jerusalem

Central Park, NYC

central park, where the residents had to be relocated in order to build the park

UNALISAF Port Jerusalem
Safety and Security
De Facto Grand Bargain
UNAF United Nations Assistance Force
ALAF Arab League Assistance Force
ISAF International Security Assistance Force
Peace Plan
Agricultural Strengths
Military Strengths
Political Strengths
Technological Strengths
Cultural Strengths/Weaknesses
Land Weaknesses
Strategic Logic
Medical/Dental Strengths / Hospitals / Clinics
Sports Strengths, Exercise / Parks / Bike Paths
Administrative Strengths
Industrial Strengths
UN Headquarters


Israel is no longer required to share a border with any other state.
Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty - ISAF confiscates the nuclear warheads to be moved to Kirtland AFB New Mexico for safe storage, and yes i am aware that the Israelinians never signed the NNPT treaty - whereas Iran has been so civilized as to lawfully do so (sign the NNPT), we wish to cease the nuclear arms race in the middle east, as we always have stemming from the leadership of JFK who forbade Ben-Gurion to get nukes about 3 months before his assassination, the Day America Died - to avoid this present nuclear arms race,, this is good for peace and stability in the region
the water that is salinated, with out desal process, must be kept away from the water table so any runoff or system has to have like basins/tubs where you dont let the salt-water get into the salt-free water table - it is its own hassle and probably not to be used for the most part in this gigantic two systems of desal sort of deal - to get the cheaper prices for massive amounts of equipment - and not have to arrange for two salty systems AND pay for two non-salty systems - it just doesnt make sense

to be clear - not all water must be desalinated to be useable by the crops,, but it will take more effort and more expense to set up two systems of water - one with and one without salt,, just may as well set up the systems for no-salt systems in the first place and avoid greater expense in the long haul

Maginot Line Type Buffer Zone Border Between Western Bloc and Middle Eastern Bloc,
No Residency In Fort Jerusalem, the last time i was writing this i probably was saying something like no residency in the whole fort system,, and this is important and please follow the thought for a moment, in approximately 70 AD the Romans were hired to exit both Judea and Israel from their respective countries, leaving the rich Pharisees in the vicinity of Jerusalem (who had all this brand new real estate available),, the point is that the folks who were living in Judea and Israel and in the vicinity were kicked out of their countries, (the words: nation, state, and country are western language words),,, anyway this is a severe fucking over of the people of Judea and the people of Israel to have been kicked out of their countries, then about 1841 years go by (to about 1911 easy to remember) in which the Palesti citizens moved into a lot of those emptied houses, formerly and rightly owned by the Judeans and the Israelians, this is like receiving stolen goods or some crime similar, as of about 1911 the Israelians and Judeans, having had their books of worship changed from Tanakh (old testament judaism) to Talmud (israelian pharisee manifesto) while they were on Diaspora were boated from Europe to Palestine (Palestia), this began an invasion of Palestine which goes on to this very moment, in which there has been a major amount of Israelians kicking Palestians out of house home and country and establishing concentration camps to imprison the Semite Palesti citizens,, inside of Palestine it is 78 anti-Semitic concentration camps (endo-Palesti-semite), and outside of Palestine (in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan) it is 34 anti-Semitic concentration camps (exo-Palesti-semite), all of this kicking people out of their homes where they have lived by the romans and by the israelians has burnt peoples feelings badly, everyone feels deeply fucked over, and this gets back to what Christ was saying about the putting new wine in old jars (casks),,,, we need a fresh start, for real, that doesn't leave this feeling of extreme depravity in its wake, we need a good start, when they built central park in nyc, there were houses and brownstones and people that had to move off of the land - this is why i say No Residents In Fort Jerusalem to make the peace and provide homes elsewhere and make room for a new international city with Capitol Buildings and places for Religious Tourism etc,, it also is like Disneyland or Disneyworld, when the lands were bought to build the two Disney places - they had houses and apartments and stuff that needed to be removed from the land - so visitors did not have to the the squalor in which people have been living and to real dress out the environs and make it very special a place to visit - none of the religious sites should be demolished now, i mean just the the residents get moved to brand new homes which there will a great deal of homes to choose from. North of Fort Jerusalem (as i describe FJ) will be where the Israelians will move and south of Fort Jerusalem (as i describe FJ) will be where the Palestians will move - all of this facilitated and enabled by the UN forces in a very gentle and patient process - no shots will be fired. We just have some re-arranging to do which ends up making for world peace for these people to move to nice new homes in brand new neighborhoods with their kinsman being all around in their neighborhoods or kibbutzes

it is a little impractical for the International forces to have to barracks-garrison like out on boats or something of that nature, perhaps the best idea would be to garrison underground in golan port, golan run, golan fort, jordan run, and have everyone that is in fort Jerusalem be awake and aware and at general quarters at all times, something of that nature where no one feels like their neighborhoods in Jerusalem were clobbered so that a bunch of foreign troops come and sleep --- again if we can think about this in terms of greatly improved hills and valleys very much like disneyland/disneyworld and look at the long range goals of doing all this - this is done to make international peace and nothing short of that task will do

and the same model-of-reconstruction goes on for cities like say jenin and ilat, for ramallah and beersheba, the idea is we all get on the appropriate side of the border and stay there in our nice new clean neighborhoods and new houses - to make world peace and to cease the discontiguity time bomb which churchill and roosevelt and sharon handed us with no good strategy, they had strategy - they had bad strategy to make discontiguous the Semitic State of Palestia and make discontiguous the Middle Eastern Blocs by taking that infamous sunday drive in the terror tanks down to the Gulf of Aqaba (Al Rashrash)

let me eat some breakfast - brh, i can help a little bit but you humans are essentially going to have to decide this thing for yourselves - are you interested in surviving the death of the earth, are you interested in the peace that is required, have you developed to the stage where you feel you can make peace - see: peace doesnt mean war where you slap a label on it like a las vegas convention name tag which says "peace" if it is war for real in the real world it doesnt do any good to call it "peace" which means continued perpetual world war,,, you have to quit making all the forms of offensive war and defensive war if you are going to have real peace, (Recommended)

let military minds decide - like underground barracks for the UNALISAF fighting forces underground in Fort Jerusalem (as i describe FJ) - no residency by either nations israel nor palestia [i vote for underground UNALISAF barracks in fort jerusalem as i have drawn it from the mediterranean sea to the jordan river]

ft jerusalem should be like boston's big dig for a certain amount of time,, by this mean a great deal of civil construction that facilitates life-at-peace in this part of the world - and watch out - this may be inspected if/when the Almighty comes to earth, and the earth is well served to have done a good job on this whole project

we the universe and we the world are not interested in fixing what is broken between palestia and israelia (palestine israeline) and then for the israel junta idf (israelistan defense force) terrorists to destroy what everyone has made for peace nor pdf (palestistan defense force) terrorists to destroy what everyone has made for peace, as of these strategic moves both Israel and Palestia are to fall in line, take orders, be orderable, and be team players that work for the peace and for no further terrorism on both parts (israeli part and palesti part) -- this is seen thus far as the worst kind of nazi-terrorism-vandalism in this holocaust in the holyland since 1948 at least

to begin with:
our greatest strength is our ability to farm which gives us plenty of good food,
nature does a great deal of the work and works with us - but nature cannot do this alone,
and so we use that technology in the form of land management, which is to say we turn desert lands that are a waste of space into good useable:
1. three layer canopy jungles
2. crops
3. cattle/livestock
4. urban/suburban neighborhoods with all the grasses necessary in all the yards in both countries

if we do not have sufficient land, if we do not have sufficient crops nor cattle - there is a reason to make war - for everyone's survival's sake. So we fulfill the sort of good intentions of making the deserts green, only it takes a lot of doing. A great deal of construction in both countries. We remove this need of warfare for land and for food. We get that taken care of right off the bat - from the word go. Believe it or not we must increase the strength of the navies of the western world to make damn sure that food and supplies can reach this part of the world which is essentially a projected, forward stance by any operation we in the western world intend to back. This may mean a great deal of merchant marine type of ships to keep the supply line open, I am very concerned that we in America have just reasoned that we could get by on hundreds of less ships, even though they are more lethal now - and i speak not only on the subject of warmaking ships - but rather i am speaking (writing) of the other types of ships we need to pull this mission off. And it is very much like the constructive end of the Marshall Plan, not the bombing end but the end of the Marshall Plan which was for rebuilding. Israel and Palestia must be reconstructed. In, let us say the last 75 years or so we have seen the destruction and reconstruction of Europe, but we have seen only the destruction with no reconstruction of the states, the multiple states of Israel and Palestia. It is proper to call Palestine Palestia as their former name for thousands of years was Philistia. It is improper and shows poor protocol and poor statesmanship to refer to Palestia as Palestine or worse yet the typographical error "The Palestinians."

so we bring barges, preferably from the east coast of America to basically three places:
1. israel
2. palestia
3. gulf of aqaba

i am not saying bring 3 barges, i am saying maybe bring as many as 75 barges to these three sites, 25 barges per site.
on these barges we transport however as many dump trucks as we can fit on each barge. We will need more dump trucks than these 75 barges bring with them. The dump trucks are teamed with bulldozers (front end loaders) to be used for transporting sea mud dregged off of the sea floor onto the barges - to bring the mud to every single acre of land in the State of Palestia and the State of Israel.

Simultaneously we build three sets of desal systems, and all the piping and tanks that are involved. We are gonna fill the "Dead Sea" with desalinated clean water to be renamed as the "Sea of Life" if you are willing. The same setup for the Sea of Galilee or sometimes known as Lake Tiberius (sometimes knows as Lake Madalene). The water is pumped through thousands of trailer size pumping stations at the coasts (that look good) and pumped up several levels to the tops of the mountains, thereafter to be distributed around to the two countries by way of gravity feeding the irrigation systems which go to every street and every lot of land in the two countries. Sea mud, teaming with anaerobic life is splashed onto each acre of land or each 1/2 acre of land, which is fed by the water. Good clean water, no salt in general. About 6 inches of mud, and grasses and seeds and seedlings are spread to all of the places available on these two countries homelands. Notice how i am saying mulitples of everythings. This is not just for Israel. This is also for Palestia who we hope to make peace with as this process continues.


land use
we develop a simple set of rules for each nation whereby the land is not worn out, this has to do with rotating "crops" this means that the ranch lands are switched with the crop lands periodically to enrich the lands with the animal fertilizer - this is to be done at an administration level working with the ranchers and the farmers - wherein they find themselves teamed up with one another in order to keep the earth good and rich

i realize this is a great deal of expense to do all this, i realize that trucks will have to be bought, i realize that welders will have to be hired to weld, that truckers will have to be hired to truck, nevertheless we are stopping perpetual (goddamned) war in this effort and that war costs us a great deal presently and has already cost us a great deal in the past, we buy god only knows how many concrete trucks for this project, thousands of concrete trucks, we locate the quarries for the ingredients to make good concrete, we buy the steel which is necessary for a project this huge, we hire contractors and sub-contractors - and no one gives us any crap either - what i mean is this thing that sometimes there is a sort of sabotage that can come when things start to get constructed - the industry knows what i mean, maybe some of you in your cars have driven to work and you will see a group of guys wearing orange and there will be one of them shoveling while seven others watch the one guy shoveling - meanwhile traffic is back up to god only knows where pokipsie or some place because they dont have 8 shovels getting the job done,,, we pay by the job not pay by the hour - no kind of motivation to make this take any longer than it has to

we build:
roads, roadways, highways, railways, railroads, railcars, trains, fiber optic cable lines, gas lines, oil pipes, telcomm, buildings, day cares, rec centers, malls, post offices, gas stations, convenience stores, walmarts, home depots, hospitals, concrete ponds, parks, play grounds, sports stadiums, soccer pitches, football, basketball courts, county seats, sewer, telephone lines, internet service particularly for palestia as they have none of their own presently

United Nations Building Fort Jerusalem
about the new united nations building, in jerusalem - where both israel and palestia can have their capitol buildings if they want - no residency in fort jerusalem

in trying to consider a motif for the united nations building, which no longer needs to be taking up prime NY real estate set aside by the Pharisee Rockefellers, it probably should be the international map, so in PLAN VIEW or TOP VIEW should be something like the map which is,, let me find it... (one moment please),,,
this building should be hardened in case the Israelinians or the Palestinians start shooting at it in all of their adolescent behavior we see each year thus far, with a landing strip airport on top... with batteries of raytheon defensive shields and batteries of anti-Aircraft guns, patriot missile batteries and etc,, looks real good but more important wont be knocked over by the idiots with their weapons down on the ground or up in the sky, maybe the olive branches down on the ground or no higher than like 2 stories, and the concentric ovals to be built up to height, say no more than 50 stories or so

tramway trams

this begins to think about the
depots and the garage and
interaction with things other than
the railways themselves
here where i am using the word 'tram' i am meaning suspension railway
i don't think anyone wants to call it: "suspension railway"

i'm thinking this may be ideal for looking at the zoos

when i was talking in previous years about redesigning the old ft jerusalem,,, i was talking over and writing about the kind of astrolift that they used to use at texas state fair - and i want to vote no on general use of these for lots of reasons. i think this other system is so many times better than the astrolift type of transportation system,,, just in every way ,, no ski lifts either really

you know, each of the tram lines (railway lines) i have talked (written) about so far wouldn't necessarily have to be only one single tram line,, it is possible to have two lines fairly easily - but, the thing is this one line is so minimal and it allows for the view to be largely uninterrupted by a bunch of sky trams lines (the horizontal parts),,, light on the footprint, but where this paragraph might be relevant is like on the long stretches like from Port Jerusalem to Old Fort Jerusalem it might be appropriate to double up in a T configuration, or like from Jordan to Old Fort Jerusalem for the long stretch of railway a T configuration - meaning in the upright posts (vertical) might be preferred

time out,, munching

the T's could be Y's

i suggest bullet resistent acrylic in the windows, and in the fuselage of the tram like a layer of lightweight ceramic armor just in case, also the boarding of the passengers should not be done in open view, we dont want anyone sniped, what we want is to have normal safe operation of transporting the people to the holy places, perhaps we tint the windows some good way, maybe two-way glass i think it is called, they use this in las vegas security extensively, rope ladders in case of emergency. each car to have a driver and a caboose-man, very simple operation with backup systems - we want no pellham 123, radio, control towers, first aid kit, fire extinguishers, we practice and drill on a hostage situation with UNALISAF swat tactics for the trams

and if the cars are this small there is no way 4 cars for the Israel Line for instance will be sufficient,,, and there has to be a way to get off the main track and take the car into the garage for refitting and repair,, but if the cars are this short then we are talking about 25 cars per line or something,, i need chart and graphics and stats to try and estimate this.. the cars only pause at the stops,, and then keep going soon to make way for the next car - okay no one wants to wait

this next part is very important so let us try and get it right (this time)
i have it pretty well visualized in why my sculpture teacher called my mind's eye,,
that is pretty good isn't it,, last name of Daniel

okay let us think about presentation - how do these various religions present themselves,, and we are talking about cinematography and fitting everything in the frame and not being jammed too close and for the buildings and the whole old fort jerusalem (old city) to be a presentable and well thought out which is a bit of what they call "geomancy" which is like geographically putting the buildings in the right place properly oriented,,, so the locale of the Western Wall Synagogue (Talmud/Torah)is key,, like a bulwark, and we will develop the south end of the long arches such that it makes for a god presentable face to put on the building (the synagogue) then to the west from there but not too far is where the Tanakh building (larkin) building should be positioned,, okay so think of the helicopter view and the photography - it is like a family portrait so far,,,,,

don't be afraid and get used to this terminology, judaic tanakh, pharisaic talmud - these should just role off the tongue easily and we do not have to sit down and have an argument and a feud and a battle and a war over it - get over it, get used to it, these are two different and separate religions that have participated in a several thousand year long religious war, now we go on in the truth of the matter,,,

anyway: the tram as i am thinking should come from around the west side of the old ft jerusalem,, its still outside but the tram curls all the way around the south side of the OFJ old fort jerusalem, okay so you see these two fronts of these two buildings as you approach pretty high in elevation aboard the tram,, the tram track just simply steps over the fort walls aiming to arrive between these two building, this is so good - i think it oughtta be electric tram, but visualize basically two stops - where the doors on both sides of the tram open up at the first stop, and people are let out of the tram and if they go to the left that is off toward Tanakh (larkin) and they are at the entry which is kind of a side entry to the larkin building it is perfect as is - and if they exit the tram to the right the path leads to the western wall as it has been traditionally at the southern end of the western wall, ok that is one stop, then the tram moves up to about halfway up the long western wall synagogue to the depot which has like the bookstore and visitor's center etc, then the tram goes into a gentle loop around the left and goes around the ocean side of the tanakh building and steps back over the fort walls and rides along (concentric) with the inbound track, going the other way now we are outbound and the entire track makes a loop,,, say if it was 4 or possibly 6 trams,, this is variable because we don't know how large the tram is, capacity,, let us just say for trams on the track on the whole system, and it goes always in the same direction,,, and loops into the Israel parking lot where the intl forces interface with the israel forces in a well planned out security checkpoint - to keep the whole operation running smoothly,, basically the parking lot for Israel can be outside the wall that keeps separate the central park like new Fort Jerusalem which is about 550 square miles of very Central Park NYC kind of a setup, and inside the wall is the security check point like at the airport or whatever the process is with the seeing with the beep wand if there's metal,

i have never been to disneyland nor disneyworld, but i have been in Six Flags over Texas, and for everything there is always a wait, lots of people want to go and do the thing,, so their are lines which go up and back and up and back and so what i am trying to get to is if their are many but shorter lines with more workers (security) this can be done a whole lot quicker,

but anyway first is the Israel Defense Force check point and second is the UNALISAF security which is quickly finished and the people enter the tram whose turn it is, and it is air conditioned and heated, and the doors close, and the tram starts to flow forward - and kind of swoops along but slows a little once we start to get near the old ft jerusalem wall, and gets very slow when you are able to see both buildings as you approach from between the two from the south, and the tram stops, and ya know, it is get out and play time, you don't HAVE to go to church or whatever,,, i think that all over the park - wait i should say all over the new Fort Jerusalem which is like 550 square miles so that the Intl Forces Commander can defend the fort from anything under the sun which might happen, i think there should be golf cart pools - like motor pools, there should be zoos and arboretums and awesome every type of plant on the face of the earth and the schools that are to stay where they are and more are built and there is the knisset which gets is own road simply for getting to and from the knisset and elsewhere in the new fort jerusalem 550 mi squared is the government building for Palestia,, just not right next door to the Kneseet sorry am gonna have to take time to look up the spelling.,, and these paths should never cross and both can use on their addresses:
capitol building (knisset-israel-govt) jerusalem, israel zip code
capitol building (palesti-govt) jerusalem, palestia zip code
and it is simply not a problem at all. separate post offices , separate everything - this should not be all that big a deal once it is all set up, everything functioning normally

see: there is more to write and more to do - but the war stops

back to the trams,,,, there is still some question in my mind about elevation of the tram,, what is the perfect elevation and this is hard to guess at for even experienced onsite surveyor's with lazing visual levelers --- the tram needs to come in high enough to clear the fort walls, but when the doors open up it needs to a straight shot to walk out onto the pavement or roll out in a wheelchair and be able to do all of this is just plain difficult to be able to tell from my position here, it will take a great deal for the engineers and architects to hit just the right elevation, not only for the tram but for the floors of the Pharisaism Western Wall Synagogue and the Judaism Temple --- it is a great deal of work and has to be done right,, their may be danger in parts of the ancient western wall collapsing especially if the little hovels are removed and a lot of digging gets done down to some of the depth of that wall at its base,, we gotta have some professionals to do this stuff and there is no just "winging" it if you don't know what you are doing, there are lots of ways to support a weakened wall part - like buttressing etc if a piece of the long wall starts to buckle - remember in NY when they removed the rubble of the WTC how the "basin" had to be strengthened so the (i think it was the hudson don't quote me on that) didnt rush in,,, i am not in-the-know about how integrally strong the western wall as a whole is,,,,,, everyone just don't mess it up and you don't have to treat it like an archaeological dig with a brush and a trowel - but be very careful and let us preserve the wall and make repairs where necessary

the knisset should have its own tram with similar parking lot like the tram we were just discussing

the palesti counterpart govt building should have its own tram with similar parking lot like the tram we were just discussing, only on the palestia side

we should build a tram for the Muslim Quarter from the palesti side - stand by for route
we should build a tram for the Christian Quarter which may, if it is not too much trouble, have a Luxury Liner which is usually docked in the Port of Jerusalem, this luxury liner acts as a sort of independence from the surroundedness that Israel has exerted which has prohibited the free flow of another religion - sort of like prejudice use of power (military might) to keep away from the Christian place of worship whomever the Israelian junta has wanted to keep out - for instance Bishop Tutu, the role of the guards is to guard and not the role of censorship on a political basis. This luxury liner is to be kept sea worth and replaced from time to time with better and better models of sea craft, but one of the reasons to have this here specifically for the Christian Quarter is to not break the rule of the no residency in the International Peace Fort System...

i hope there is enough room for a luxury liner and the aircraft carrier(s) we might have there semi-permanently stationed for a duration of time as yet undetermined, i don't know if it is a deep water port - so this might have to be edited if we find it just impossible to get cruise liner up off in there

there are certain Christians that will be living in Palestia.. Perhaps they enter on a tram called Forest Palestia Tram

but the route for the Christian Quarter is very simple i think: say the Christians fly in to that airport inside of the new Fort Jerusalem: either "Exceedingly Bad City Planning Intl Airport" or the other one: "Infamously Bad City Planning Intl Airport" which is pretty near the current Settlement but not a Neighborhood called ashdod which i believe is scheduled for demolition (Gated Kibbutz titled: "Terrifically Badly Planned Illegal Kibbutz Ashdod") so that is to be demolished - ashdod is currently part of occupied gaza, palestia which palestia has to release for this new Fort Jerusalem 550 sq miles or so

so the Christians arrive at the aiport and travel on the first tram to the luxury liner cruise ship port/depot and then walk on to the ship and get assigned their cabins during their stay,, and the typical route goes: they leave their cabins and walk or those in wheelchairs roll to the port/depot and get on the tram, the doors close and the tram goes preety quickly on a west to east direction (inbound) and the tram probably goes underneath the Israel Tram sort of weaving together but not interfering and the tram approaches the old fort jerusalem from the west, the tram steps right over the old fort wall and stop adjacent to the new Christian Church (Imperial Hotel of Japan - FLW) basically to the south of the new church,, in the orientation of the hotel my initial thinking is to hold the two wings (of offices etc) like St Peters in Rome basically towards the Dome (koran), the Synagogue (talmud/torah), and the Temple (tanakh) -- ok centered up now and that gives a central line for the pool and the two wings, these are like open arms very similar to the Vatican in a way - ok so this means it is going to be little off from suns angles but i think this is more important to get this relationship right, with the opposite side of the building (not pictured) fairly snugged up into that north west corner of old fort jerusalem,, so the worshipping service takes place and if the Christians want to go back to the ship and take a little nap they get back on the airconditioned and heated tram and the door shuts and they loop around the christian church and head behind the church and soon get back to a parallel track being (outbound) and get back down to the ship port/depot and the doors open and they go to their cabins and fall asleep after saying their prayers,

there should be a great deal to do available in the old ft jerusalem, they might get on a van for a tour of all the facilities, or they might get a golf cart and sort of putt around and look at the gardens - we are all getting old and so their needs to be some really organized system of maps and water fountains and shaded cool places with the misting and the windfans, it is a lot to write at one time, a lot to see at one time, but

the war has ended, and they will go home and tell more to come - not a breath of terrorism by the Israelinians nor the Palestinians anymore - it is a wonderful experience and people ought to try it... word of mouth,,, all sort of recreation 5 star golf, places to eat. gorgeous, amusement parks, lakes,, place meant to be so beautiful that people propose in this place, right now no one wants to come to this part of the world because of the perpetual world war that goes on here that is denied by so many - it is a horrible environment as is --- i mean the place is overrun by concentration camps for christ's sake, makes old vets and whatnot ask themselves what bozo is in charge of this fiasco

let me look at the map again, at old fort jerusalem --- and try and figure the best route possibly the best suggestion for the location of the additional new mosque..

we gotta re-plan where to locate the new mosque and depot in the muslim quarter,,,,, ok but this looks easier than the christian quarter - there will be plenty of room

the tram enters the old fort jerusalem from east side - the tram just steps over the fort wall and then loops around the new mosque,, no big deal at all not difficult,,,,,, ok but this tram arrives at the depot between the Dome on the Rock and the new Mosque which is farther to the north - so disregard what i said earlier about the new mosque might be located southeast of al aqsa - that was no-can-do,, let us not forget jordan in all this routing of trams, jordan get jordan's own trams, palestia gets palestia's own trams,, jericho as i recall gets sort of disregarded so if there are some people to move to palestia this is handled the intl community professionals and we do this peacefully, and if their is any claim or counter claim by palestia these claims are by the inception date of this plan absolved i think without looking to confirm that part of this land of jericho becomes Israel - i will reconfirm another time,,

but the way the journey goes for palestia they arrive in their parking lot built for this purpose outside of the Fort Jerusalem and built right in the wall itself and walk or roll in wheelchairs to the security where they meet Palestia Defense Force security first and then the UNALISAF security second all this is quickly done and the get into the depot and enter the tram, and the doors close, the tram is air conditioned for summer and heated for winter which heads basically north and the make a gentle swing toward the west and approaches the old fort wall from the east

then the tram slows dowm and stop between the Dome on the Rock and the New Mosque basically to the north of the Dome and west of Golden Gate. the Mosque is a little farther north and on the north side of the Mosque is the Jordan's depot and tram with its own loop,,, i don't wanna require a marathon of walking in this, and by the way to get off the tram and make it to Al-Aqsa is a longer trip that old folks wont be able to handle all that well -- it is like we need supplement four wheel vans or trolleys to get the people where they want to go, they have these at six flags in the parking lot but..... i am kinda getting these paths of trams mixed up - i know how to to the mosque it is the outbound details i am floundering on at the moment

to those of the Holy Koran: do not worry that Israel is going to crush the Mosques - this has been a diversion while they discovered whether or not they were going to be - allowed - to have their own religion and their own synagogue,, once they figure out this very threatening part of the equation is provided for Israel will sincerely not mind at all this new Mosque i am describing. If Israel was interested in smashing the Dome etc they would have done so long ago (it is real estate they are not so much interested in) so it is okay and the point is you never will have to run into the Jews nor the Pharisees too much at all - the war ends and i'll just say Amen to that

.it is a lot to write - and i know i am leaving off with out being complete on the jordan tram details, i will see to it that i will describe, i am thinking of working this out in autocad or else rasters,,, working it out visually,,

but i describe amusement parks,,,,, and those of the holy koran have a sensibility which is different from other religions,,,,, let us take a water park for consideration,, and please forgive my ignorance of your ways,,,,, my idea for a water park for those of the koran can be two water parks if it is necessary, one for the males and one for the females if that is desired - this means with the water slides and the water like surf wave and the water tubes and whatnot -- and there is the issue of Cover which is not present in the other religions, still though i would like to get the proper rules worked and have this place - inside of the new Fort Jerusalem to be a joy to you that still fits in with your sensibilities,, like for instance you might wish to not be able to see any other water parks, or something of that nature, and there is also the kind of amusement park with roller coasters and

i saw a young palesti woman, an athlete who was a swimmer,
i saw another young palesti woman, an athlete who was a runner,
both of these were olympic athletes and they made a real effort at cover and being reserved and still to participate in sport, and i read some rumblings from the more traditional ones. I ask for you to reconsider any condemnation of these athletes who are very faithful and loyal and have the right spirit to be athletes. Let them have their sport please, without criticism. Support them in what they do. And their uniforms are very perfect for the sports they are involved with.

Let the people play and be happy and enjoy life and then have to take a nap you know how swimming in the sun always makes you sleepy. Without guilt and without shame.

Pharisee Synagogue (Talmud/Torah) Jerusalem, Israel:
For thousands of years Israel has been at war with Judea (for the better part of 4,000 years). For the most part this was Israel attacking Judea. Check me on this, or fact check me please. Judea was well established and later on comes Israel. Judea was in the mountains in the vicinity of Jerusalem and Israel lined up in the lowlands near Haifa. These two main countries, and there were many more countries in this play, and there was a border between Judea and Israel. Judea established the religion of Judaism something like 2,000 years prior to Israel establishment of their religion which has a named of "Pharisaism." Both of these religions should be honored and respected and they are not the same thing as the other. Judea's religion is called the "Tanakh" in Hebrew which translation is Old Testament. Israel's religion is called "Talmud/Torah." These are well said to be state religions, only there is no State of Judea existing and not many participate as adherents world wide to the religion of Judea which is Judaism meaning Tanakh. Both of these religions need to be correctly identified as what they are, and there is the ongoing thousands of year war between these two states and these two religions. There is subterfuge and espionage and all of the deception that goes on in this religious warfare practiced through all of these centuries during this war of Israel vs Judea meaning the Pharisees vs Jews this can also be expressed at Pharisaism vs Judaism. In this religious war, in this war for real estate: the Pharisees of Israel have stolen the name and religious demonym of Judaism. The Pharisees of abducted the name of the Judaism religion. I say this is partially due to Israel's fear of divine retribution for having seceded from Judaism. The Pharisees did not and still do not feel free to conduct their religion their way and fear if they dont steal away the name of Judaism that their individuality and their uniqueness as Pharisees will be swept away by the Almighty or by man or by nature. Pharisaism should set aside their fears and acknowledge and recognize that in all of Israel and the Pharisees fear Judaism is being swept away by Pharisaism an by Israel.

Both religions have a right to live under the sun. Pharisaism does not have a right to the name of Judaism which is a different religion from a different state from a different kingdom from a different people which share the same Hebraic language (Hebraic-Semite). The term "Jew" is Judaism term, not Pharisaism's term. The term "Jew" which may be spelled "Ju" is short for Judaism, not the different religion which is know as Pharisaism or Talmudism. This is like product branding in our modern world. Texaco has no right to call themselves Exxon. Coke has no right to call itself Pepsi. Camel cigarettes have no right to call themselves Marlboro. For Israel's Pharisees to steal away the name of Judea's Jews is subjugation and not unification - and is essentially highway robbery.

For anyone to refer to a person who is NOT a Jew, meaning a practitioner of Judaism which means Tanakh, as a "Jew" makes war on Judaism. If you call a Pharisee a Jew you make religious war on Judaism. Modern-Judaism is in fact Modern-Pharisaism as the Pharisees study and adhere with the Talmud - which is Pharisaism not Judaism. For these reasons we need to build a Judaism Temple which teaches the Tanakh, and no Talmud inside the Old Fort Jerusalem fairly near the Pharisaism's Synagogue on the Western Wall. This necessary to stop this oldest of wars. We must have two buildings. One building a Temple for Judaism meaning Tanakh, and another building a Synagogue for Pharisaism meaning Talmud/Torah. This is to respect both religions. We need to prompt the Pharisees to no longer continue their lie that they are Judaism and Jews, which they are not. For the Pharisees to call themselves Jews of Judaism continues the war tactics against Judaism, which war is an anti-Semitic war.

Bottomline is we build the Synagogue for the Pharisaism on the Western Wall, AND we build the Temple for the Judaism pretty near to the Synagogue. Any observer must see it as peculiar that no Synagogue nor Temple is built. The reason is not the rock under the Dome. The reason there is no Synagogue nor Temple up there right now is that the Pharisees dont want to see their religion swept away - no matter what it is called. The Pharisees have not wanted any Temple teaching Judaism meaning Tanakh, and Pharisaism has not wanted to be outlawed or some such nightmare - and so it has been thought of as expedient to not have any Synagogue nor Temple - rather than risk losing their hard won Pharisaism. I say to the Rabbi's of Pharisaism: you have a RIGHT under G_d's law to make your own religion. You do not have a right to us another religion's name or religious demonym, that is somebody else's in all respect. To the Pharisaic Rabbi's: be brave, say who you are - tell the Truth. Sometime in private take in a deep breath and holler it good and loud and if you have neighbor's that overhear then let them overhear: "I AM Pharisee" with power and conviction (chutzpah). Get used to saying it. Relish the thought of finally finding enough freedom after all this history to get to have liberty and freedom to worship in your unique way. Be proud of it if that is allowed in your religion. Like football. Shout it. Not always but say it like you mean it: "I AM Pharisee" the Alm_ghty will respect that a whole lot more than theft of the word: Judaism, Jew, Jewish. Pharisees of Israel: no longer subjugate Judaism. Pharisees of Israel: no longer make your religious war on Judaism. Rabbinic Pharisees of Israel: no longer subjugate Judaism. Rabbinic Pharisees of Israel: no longer make your religious war on Judaism. Do this by correctly identifying your religion as Pharisaic.

okay this photo is not the world's best and let us look for some better ones as we go along, but i have felt like this is the number one best design for the Pharisees with the hexagon being the repeated motif,,, i also think that this kind of a geodesic which opens up on the ends like this one does is also ideal - this might be snugged up to the western wall, the western wall can be an integral part of the design and how the Synagogue functions,, like let us say that there was a podium/rostrum i dont know the correct words but anyway the ideas is the podium stands say a certain distance from the wall and the western wall is the backdrop behind the rabbinic speaker at the podium,, ok wit the seating of comfortable pews? or chair" i dont mean to say the wrong thing here, and with the geodesic dome swooping overhead,, it would be just gorgeous,, so i think a great deal of plants/shrubs/palms and water worked into the design, remember the greening of the desert, with little bridges and like a tram - if seen as appropriate by our Pharisee brothers and sisters a tram also like golf karts types of transportation, the Pharisees own little road to access in/out the Synagogue, really well dont like disneyland/disneyworld,, they need never come into contact with the other countries as the paths do not cross on another, this should be rather pleasant and peaceful to carry out - the experience, and the idea is they can still get behind the podium which is set far enough from the backdrop of the western wall to give access to the people of the faith to be able to put the written prayers into the wall,,, see but i am designing such that the personal homes (residences) be moved out of there.. ok so the part where the Pharisees will have the access to the western wall will be a greater expanse,,

let me go further: the geodesic is the thing,,, i like as in the black and white photo above the kind of geodesic which is two layers of hexagonal modules, however i would like to look at various models to determine if there is possibly a way in which we might prefer to not use a dome - but an elongated arch geodesic, with parallel tracks to act as (piers?) for the great arch,, this is a shallow arch - this if for extending northward like maybe 100 yards or so with this low arch being set on a greatly larger western wall area,, right now they are very crammed for space,,, and this should be seen to,,,,,,, and just look into the prospect of it,, i think that the glass or plexi inside of the dome/arch modules should be transparent - the idea being like to recreate the tradition that all of these years going to the "Western Wall" has become should not be covered over by some - you you a brick and mortar roof tiles or anything like that, to keep the cover overhead with the openness that they ar used to now,,,,, i think this idea could work,,,,,

okay i came up in baptist sunday school,,,,,, and so in the first baptist school they have different areas for the children than where the grownups (congregate) if that is the right word,, and i do not know if this idea is appropriate and withdraw it if it is not - but the idea is this: along the greater length of the Western Wall, the residences get removed and there is a much longer western wall so out of ear shot the children might have their own service in a repeat of the wall-space-behind-podium-podium-seating,,,, again i dont know if in the Synagogues there are pews or what the seating arrangement is,, but still this sort of leans towards an arch repeated many times along the length of the wall - so this would not necessarily be a dome, but a long arch,,,, and the Pharisees should decide for themselves, the tram might enter the complex from the west and loop around and exit to the west - will have to look at this to be sure ------ in America i have just noted in driving around over the years a lot of different Synagogue designs -- and i dont know of any rule which would indicate this plan (of a an arch rather than a dome) should be disagreeable in any way,, it could be very beautiful if you ask me,, so if the arc was stricken from let us say at the base of the western wall, repeated X number of times, and then the arch swoops out towards the west to be stricken at the other side of the arch,, i used to know what this is called,, umm where the tow points of an arch are stricken,,,, anyway this module is just rpated and repeated and repeated however many time is convenient or appropraite - i believe this is a better design concept that just a symmetrical dome,, and i will hear all cases on the matter, or everyone who has anything at all to say about it should be heard and the opinions should be weighed, to get at the right design,,,,,,,, then if this design did find favor then the concept might be occasionally repeated in distant lands also,, possibly ------ this is my very best thinking on this subject ,,,,, there should be plenty of room insde the arch system which allows for free food and drink and facilities of all sorts, also the water misters that are so comfortable should be placed (spaced) periodically along the length to keep evrone cool with fans/mister combinations,, very modern and i have just always had the idea that it would be hewn stone flooring,, perhaps this might have some treament on the floors,,,,, please talk about this idea though and see if it gets good response at the Synagogues not just in Israel but around the world,

Do not be afraid you of the Talmud/Torah. Do not be afraid that you are Pharisees. You should have your name be one of your strengths. Not be whispered timidly but to be affirmed and prayed with with courage and conviction. Our diversity is our strength. G_d love the Pharisees and help them find their place among the religions and help them to find their way in the Universe with Y__r guidance, Amen

ok i am looking at Google images at the moment and google images is being very un-redemptive at the moment --- trying to find what i am wanting to say -- i refer to two piers above, and i do not know if that is the perfect word at the moment, and so the western wall's length might be be one of two tracks,,,, on each of these two tracks might be set the (piers?) which have the arch sprung from the piers,, these piers can be of differing heights depending on what the client wants- does the client want to see piers, does the client not want to see piers,, but all in all we should go big and bold and no longer show any fear of Pharisaism, Pharisaism is a good thing and we should not hide it underneath Judaism. We need people of vision. We need great builders to accomplish these tasks. Long to do list. Highest possible priority. We need the grand scope and abilities and talents to build on a disney like scale of things and we need to build like boston's big dig - we need to reconstruct the holyland like a marshall plan, for safety and security and last but not least: peace

this means things change, the leaders change, what you see when you look out your kitchen window changes - it all changes and it is all for the better - immeasurably better and finally, ultimately, at peace, no kidding the REAL peace, we need to get the international community forces between israel and israel's neighbors so that this war stops, never to return to warring again, and we keep our UZI's and our Desert Eagles and we improve the lay of the land and if they dont like it to heck with 'em anyhow, i say making underground basement shelters for each house (it is so common sense) sometimes linking the underground areas (safety first) good tunneling

and this is not a task for the weak of heart to get the internatioal forces between the Western Bloc and the Middle Eastern Bloc AND to cease the war, it is gonna take a lot of doing, not kidding at all here - the United Nations can easily enough push some paper, be sure of that, [in fact the UN can push the paper right up their ___ if they want to] but getting the Maginot Line (a lot better than maginot ever dreamed) and get the forces deployed like NATO/ISAF/LAS/UN to cease and desist the war and build the defenses for both Blocs, not just for the Western Bloc - is gonna be expensive and is gonna take some time and we must be brave in all of this and know that at the end of it is the most valuable treasure of all - peace at home..

let me be man to man with you a moment: i hate what roosevelt and churchill did to Israel, i mean specifically to set you down and give you war implements and set you on war mode and it never occurred to these presidential and prime ministerial assholes to set you down in a condition of PEACE, i am highly suspicious of the anti-Semitic natures of roosevelt and churchill, i am highly suspicious of the united nations, i am highly suspicious of the anti-Semitic natures of balfour and rothschild and their intent on setting Israel down in a warfooting and just going: "well another day another dollar" after they had swept the Israeli-Europeans out of Europe, dont get me wrong: Israel having war implements is fine (recommended) but setting Israel down with a need to use the war tools was insanity, think of the bloodshed on both sides between the western bloc and middle eastern bloc, think of all the treasure it has cost us all as well.. See roosevelt and churchill did not HAVE to leave the war in place between the two blocs - it was something they WANTED to do and it may just have earned roosevelt and churchill a place on my shit list, we could have been today about 65 years or so into building more momentum in the peace, but hell no with roosevelt and churchill "leadership" we still slog on on this damned and damnable war - sorry for cussing so much, we must no longer hold the concentration camps with the palesti-semites - this is bad, which means we must get the intl community (lets call them UNALISAF) between Israel and Israel's neighbors. This must be done. This does not mean divison nor surrounding Palestia, oh let's not go into that again right now. We - this grinds me so - we have to make peace AND we cannot make peace with out international assistance in that peace, we cannot make peace alone is what grinds like sandpaper,,,, we cannot do it alone. In order to make peace we must have the help of the intl community to accomplish the peace - which should have been done from May 14, 1948, ok so man to man still: why, exactly, why doesnt the US and UK make the peace and keep the peace through NATO and LAS and UN, ask yourselves precisely WHY ? and the answer if we can sherlcok holmes this is that the US and UK in secret dont want Israel to be at peace - and it is anti-Semitism whether they will admit it or not, oh the US and UK will hand you any weapon of war you want - they just wont hand you peace. The US and UK sent Israel as boat people down the Meditarranean past the Rock of Gibralter to be rid of the Israelis. Balfour meant to disappear Israel. And if it was going to cost some years of world war and a trillion bucks Balfour was prepared to do it. The word must be said in secret by US and UK: "Send as much military as can be sent, give Israel enough rope and Israel will ... just dont make any peace for Israel to flourish in." That is their sentiment in US and UK. Review: the US and UK only provide Israel with weapons and money - the US and UK never provide Israel with peace with fancy little slogans like: "We must never impose peace on Israel" this is said WHILE the US and UK impose war on Israel and Israel's neighbors. The US and UK do not fool me. Bill Clinton does not fool me. They say with their lying mouths: "America is Israel's best friend" while they wait patiently for Israel to get rubbed out - and then America government will seek to blame it on whomever they have to and take none of the credit for keeping Israel at war. It is called plausible deniability. Israel beware the falsehood of the US and UK. Get 194 nations or whatever the number is between Israel and Israel's neighbors. Be smart. Dont put all your eggs in one suspect basket. Why dont they say with their mouths in the US and UK: "We must provide peace for Israel" instead. The US and UK governments do not want peace for Israel, as is evidenced by this perpetual world war.

what about this:

we use the david's star as a repeated motif in the arch,,, this would be hard,,
ive got autocad and all these projects take so long to get done but,, let us just talk about it for the moment,, talking about the design of the Western Wall Synagogue which is extending much father northward on the western wall,,, and,,,, this just might be the unifying element to the design using david's star like this,, let me ask about the sensibilities - do the Talmud/Torah adherents is the repeating of david's star too overt or blatant for them to accept the star as a good design element for them,,,,,,

note for later: design the shape of the piers, what is appropriate, obelisk, truncated cube, circle (cylinder), i am going to write something now and i do not wish to insult or irritate anyone with this but it should be also considered as a design element: please do not take offense and i mean no offense i am trying to discover what shape of the piers would be most appropriate and desireable to the Talmud/Torah folks okay:
what about the cross section of the railroad track - the idea being that this is part of the history and we never want to forget ---- is that too overt or ,, i dont know the word - ominous - or something - this is Israel showing to Israel what Israel wants to say in their most central Synagogue - and it depends on the sensibilities, what is good to show and what not to show let me get a graphic please, ok like this but quite a number of them,, iron, not painted,

i realize this is may be disapproved and the piers can be made in lots of different shapes

this is for the bottom of the arch spans - where the arch touches the stone floor, with treatment, there has to be some kind of a way to pin the arch to the stone floor,, this is not me telling you want you oughtta have, this is you telling me what you want from a variety of motifs and styles of form,, it is like i am your jeweler for the moment and you are deciding the kind of item you want,,, the iron might be encased with concrete and there might be tiles over the concrete or no tiles,,, there are quite a number of people to decide for and getting input may turn out to be difficult to do,,,,, so

to further the idea on the piers - there is mostly just open space, the piers appear just like a ruler, evenly spaced apart from one pier to the next pier, ok,,, so on the stone floor we might put stone of any color, including blue, between each one of the piers,, like the flag of the State of Israel,,, i am unsure about how far north we might go with the whole Western Wall Synagogue, there might be traffic flow requirements to the north or to the south, this is why i suggest bringing the tram from the west and looping it around, one track with many trains that all flow in the same direction,, i mean an elevated tram

i do not suggest making a flag on the floor, but that can certainly be rendered if you want, no problem that can be done, but it is like the oval office, remember that on the rug on the floor of the oval office is this presidential seal which it seems like to me that you wouldnt want to walk around on it - it is so beautiful,,,, anyway there is also the symbolism involved like not letting the flag never touch the ground and things of that nature - it depends and i am not trying to tell y'all what to do in this regard - trying to offer options and you pick and choose and what you want is what you get, do you want rough hewn wood, do you want smooth highly polished wood, do you wish to have cedar wood, and things of this nature, but the blue like sidewalk between each of piers might be appropriate and their would be two of these great sidewalks, i assume blue, the stone might be kept very whiteish with the proper treatment, you know the sweeping and polishing of the floors,,, and i am not intending to ignore or forget the Menora, if their was one fairly giant Menora about the size of a tree the children might be allowed to climb around on it, or their it might be raised on a sort of dais so people could sit and this might be at pretty much the geographic center of the synagogue,,,,, lots of items to think about

we can de-emphasize the piers as well. this means cutting down into the floor stones and securing the arches' piers basically out of sight out of mind sort of an arrangement

like if people who looked into the creation of this synagogues might offer the crit that: "well the synagogue isnt supposed to be a holocaust museum" and this gets back to the sensibilities of what the people are wanting,

the piers may just look like a bridge meaning the mechanical civil architecture look, and not have any specific symbology attached to it at all - i kind of like this idea the best but (really i take a step back) and you Israelis decide, decide if want a synagogue at all up there at the old ft jerusalem, i would, if i were you,, the arch in general is a very strong architectural tradition, and the arch being made up of the gorgeous geodesic david's stars motif repeated could look gorgous as well,,,,,

i humbly suggest that there be an official book store/post office where the stamps cost a ₪ sheckel, which might sale Talmud and the Torah and possibly the Tanakh and Maps and Videos - and that this book store be okayed by the Angels, and if Christ does not like the book store Christ does not have to buy books at the book store, nor go postal on the people congregated, i humbly suggest that there are many religious homes and remind Christ that a little further around the block is the Temple of Judaism meaning Tanakh which has no bookstore if He wants. But the bookstore in the Pharisees Western Wall Synagogue should be allowed, with no sin involved, in distributing the books and materials according to the Pharisi Rabbis' direction - this means cash, cash-and-carry basis, this means capitalism, and they may give for free books and maps and video free as well if they want, this means currency inside of the Western Wall Synagogue Arch, like perhaps very near the visitor's center and the tram depot, as seen as appropriate. Amen. They might make change if that is okay with Heaven.

i think i would like to get out a map of the old ft jerusalem, and sort of jot in what i am thinking about to help improve and smooth out everyone's experiences at this holy place,

5-15-2016-3.53p well it looks like i have made my first mistake,, i am now looking at a map of the old ft jerusalem and it turns out that the jewish quarter is in the south west........ so i will find where i was saying to extend out the porch and fit to the north the Judaism (meaning Tanakh)
and relocate it in the Jewish Quarter - i didnt recall this when i was writing before,, this works out better,,,,,,,,,,, and i see that there are a lof of residents to be moved into good homes in clean new neighborhoods - quite a project when we all get interested in making the peace,,,,,, just starting to look again at the old ft jerusalem

the old fort jerusalem i think they are calling "old city" but it seems like a fort to me,,, anyway it is a little larger a scale than i was thinking it was, this is good because there are a lot of buildings to keep in the design or reconstrucution of the old fort,,,, i mean to keep the museums and little chapels and temples and whatnot, the residents in all of the new ft jerusalem about 550 square miles or so should be moved to nice neighborhoods still to be built in their respective countries - like apollo mission built - and the spaces where the removal of the structures is done - especially inside of the old ft jerusalem should have new soil, new irrigation, and every kind of seed from around the world should have planted there, a horticulturist dream, with nice fountains

it is necessary after the diaspora by the romans and the dispora by US UK and the Israelinians recently - but it is necessary to make the peace the residents realize we must have no residency here to make the peace and to make the whole of the new fort jerusalem some 550 miles square to be cleared, peaceful with a great deal of intl assistance to do this --- in order for this plan to work, where vendetta is defused

this is not ideal,, but the first that i found of its type,, ok these would be like 50 or 100 of these is more on the scale that i am talking about,
we gotta talk scale, how wide is the floorplan, how long is the floorplan,,
this is nice:

this is not much but kinda similar to what i am meaning from a repetition of the structural element and we just repeat and repeat until we get to the right size:

further: we should talk about how the synagogue works in winter, so far i have been planning on keeping at least the western wall side very open - meaning no structure so if rain or snow fall on the wall, that is part of the character,,, but think of the two ends, and think of the opposite side of the arch (farther west) how to arrange this where it is not a hot greenhouse in summer and a windy cold place where nobody wants to go in winter,,,,, very open to suggestions here,, to be clear i am meaning the air space below the edge of the arches and above the level of the stone floor, we (can) make it all just disappear into the floor and have the edge come all the way down to the floors, but i think this would be frowned upon by the archtectural community - this means a whole lot, can you imagine going to all the trouble to build this synagogue only to open architectural digest or aia journal and have people bad mouthing it because you cant SEE the architectural engineering features, we will have planty of arch roof, but i think we need some front face,, like for the tram depot, and the bookstore, possibly the clinic, the rabbis' (talmud/torhah) offices and whatnot, the most senior to the south, the newer rabbis to the north - so to zoom out here - what i am trying to describe is facility, with penty of additional space for expansion should we need it specifically toward the north where we leave off building with glass,,,,,, their must be an example of this in modern architecture and i am unable to just think of one everyone knows,,, perhaps the north end might be used by some camping students with tents, maybe protesters, maybe someone wants to bring a soapbox and try and tell it like it is, maybe more like a green yard where people are just outside yet technically under the arch of the wsern wall synagogue - i need to make a macro,, ok dont laugh i thought of one everyone will know - the death star in star wars,, remember how it wasnt quite finished being CONSTRUCTED not deconstructed - but the effect is similar, but the point is that it is so far from the hearing range of the grownups section to the south

about your question on security, can you imagine, off duty idf, in civilian clothing, getting tired of hearing let us say the soapbox guy, simply carrying him like a log to the exit door, seeing as how the idf wanted to be in synagogue anyway let them be off duty not dressed for combat, you people should truly authentically love it there - i mean you build it how you want it to be, truly, and it gets like rugby at times well youve got plenty of men, and women should there be call for it to take care of business --- for now dont be worried about security, for once, it is going to be okay, just be in your synagogue the way you want it, you play your cards right and i dont see any problem with a storefront on the west end of the arches which was a recruiting office for idf, not to be having 10,000 armed soldiers sitting around with nothing to do, i have been in recruiting storefronts here and there were about 5 guys, 4 desks approximately - dont be worried about security, we are gonna bring the security it is something there is absolutely no need to worry about it - keep in mind this is for the peace

there might be one million to two million armed forces keeping out the bombs, keeping out the knives, keeping out the firearms - through the entry points and exit points and before anyone gets on a tram or a golf kart or anything we will not let all this fall apart after we have gone to every length to establish the peace, i can see the right to keep and bear arms - but not by criminals if you will review the situation - you are collectively currently war criminals with everyone one in the nation collectively in on it as you have been conscripted - forced military service - even the Hacedic, if you get to have guns and knives, so does anyone else, the entirety of the new Fort Jerusalem as i have drawn it - approximately 550 miles square from the mediterranea to the jordan is to be the NEW fort jerusalem, meaning a holy place, as the head commaner i would make it clear - no guns, no knives, no bombs etc and keep the zone free, what do you need a gun in their. Self Protection. Okay so does everyone else need self protection. Now how long should the penalty for the war crims be. Offensive war crimes now. The criminal may not carry the gun. War Criminals. On offense. How long should the punitive term be of no guns. How long do you jail a child for throwing a rock at a tank in HIS country, not Israel. Where you break the law to have your tanks in the first place. Is it twenty years. Shackled both wrist and and ankle. So how long should you be disallowed to carry a gun. Really. Israel is on offensive invasion stance. Palestia stance is on defense of the homeland. As Israel attests: Everyone has the right of self defense, and Israel is on offense. As you keep your weapons out, willfully, everyone else will keep their weapons out, and there is one million to two million armed forces from the intl community right there to keep you safe. You keep your guns. You keep your attack jets, You keep your tanks. You keep your helicopters. You keep your navy. You keep your satellites. You keep your up-armored HUMVEES. You keep your bulldozers. You keep your british leyland land rovers and so long as you do not use your arms against your enighbors your arms are never taken away from you. There is never any need to USE them. Believe it or not this odd condition being armed to the teeth and not using those arms is termed; "peace" --- if you will just go to synagogue and do the normal activities of synagogue you will find there is no one trying to attack you, try to not be paranoid it is going to be very expensive to provide for you this peace, just enjoy yourself and get some ice cream and sit down and just enjoy the peace and the wildlife and the variety of beautiful flowers and the wonderful foods and the tranquil setting all provided for you. By the way your next door neighbors also keep there navies, they keep their attack jets, they keep their tanks, they keep their helicopters and as long as they dont use them to attack you Israel their toys are not taken from them - they remain armed to the teeth so long as they do not use their arms against you, now they can fight against each other as it is their civil war in their sort of United States of the Middle East`

i am thinking it might be advisable to have like remote controls with the sunlight to be dampened,, what are those kind of sunglasses that get darker, but i would want it to be where it was controllable and i dont mean louvers, if you have never gone in a greenhouse go in to make a sort of test,,,,, it gets way too hot and by the way way too cold too

Let's find some better graphics what do you say, give a better idea about how to operate this design...

so what i was saying before - i think there should be a grownups part of the western wall and there should be a childrens part of the western wall, i have also thought of a third part it is long enough, i mean if the western wall is long enough which is like a purely academic part of the western wall, to receive students and people that are interested in more of a university class room for on the spot experience, again i do not know if this is appropriat or inappropriate and should be wighed if this is the sort of thing we want -------- so in that configuration the southermost part would be the grownups,, then moving northward next is the children's part, then further northward is the university classroom,,,,, all these have as backdrop the western wall, all with the transparent arch over head which harkens back to the history and tradition of the Western Wall and all that means.. perhaps the green oasis type parts should come between these 3 speaking areas so that the speakers may be heard well (earshot),,,, and i think that the Talmud and Torah or any writings the Pharisees wish to discuss could be laid out on tables say to the sides of the speakers,, boldly, and a great deal of study could be taken place in this manner,,, i am learning myself that there is the Written Tradition of the Talmud/Torah and also there is the Oral Tradition of the Talmud/Torah (forgive me please i do not know the correct terms) but -- see what i am saying is that if these need their own spaces for worship then that space is provided for by the length of that westernmost wall,, i think it could all fit into that area well if planned out properly and it is totally necessary for the residences to be moved to nice comfortable residential areas ---- i understand that the Armenians have a part in this so i will review that at a later time

Christian Church (Holy Bible Old Testament / New Testament) Jerusalem:

i suggest a different church other than the flw unity one with green roof i had here a minute ago,,, dont know what yet,,,,,,,,, just seeing about it, flw oak park unity is way too small - not that we are looking for like world record square footage,,, the right size is important and if i recall the christian "quarter" is upper left....... let me try and think of a good design, does anybody have anything, there was one out in California, i dont know the architects, a whole lot of glass, and it was beautiful, let us look at unbuilt churches,,,,, let's say as a place to start, none of these buildings do we want to be too tall, we want to be able to see all the buildings in a general view, no residences, people dont "live" in little shanty houses in disneyworld or disneyland

looking at larkin again - it looks to be just about the perfect size, i thought it was smaller than that

i like this imperial hotel of japan concept more and more, it is right in all kinds of ways - and if i can say this without it being too outta hand - it would be fantastic to resurrect these two buildings - larkin and imperial hotel - they have been destroyed where they stood once


Judaism Temple (Tanakh) Jerusalem, Judea:
the cubic space seems a little small, to fit in with Larkin's budget and needs at the time i'll bet, i think the same sort of proportions should be involved - but a deeper and wider and taller building - not gigantic but still an upgrade from this design is appropriate, there are some traditional requirements to be found in the Bible i think that must be seen to but i do not have those requirements in front of me at the moment.

Be careful here. The Pharisees of Israel want their new religion Talmud/Torah to be the only religion of Israel called Pharisaism - the Pharisees in error want to call their new religion "Judaism" which is not true. Judaism was establhed possibly 2,000 to 2,500 years before Pharisaism. The Pharisees of Israel (who in error call themselves "Jews") want no Temple nor Synagogue period rather than there being a Temple which teaches from old time Tanakh of Judea (this means Old Testament). If the Judaism Temple (teaching Tanakh) ever exists - this undoes the reason [other than financial gain and real estate gain] of conspiracy between the Pharisees-Romans to exit all the poor people out of Judea and Israel (known as the Diaspora - there were many Diasporas but the one that matters the most in this context was the one where Rome at the direction of the rich Pharisees have the Romans to do their dirty work to be rid of the poor in Judea and Israel - and who by the way stayed behind in a vacuated Jerusalem when everyone else was taken and sold to slavery and etc into Europe and other places], and this also on a spiritual level means that once again Israel started a war Israel was going to lose from the start. So if and when those the Judaism faith (Tanakh and not Talmud nor Torah) wish to build their Temple of Judaism then it is likely that Israel play their little costume game and act like an adversary: perhaps ISIS or Hezbollah or the Semite-Islamic-Palesti worshippers and Israel will attack or explod the Temple of Judaism (Tanakh). The Israelian Mossad may or may not have direct control over these terrorist actions. Mossad may hire out foreign mercenary operatives to accomplish the destruction and terrorism against the Temple of Judaism. Be warned.

Two places of worship should be built in this context.

1. A Temple of Judaism (Tanakh) should be made in the Jewish Quarter for the Jews to the West of the Western Wall Synagogue to accomodate the Jewish Judaism Temple for Tanakh.
2. A Synagogue of Pharisaism (Talmud/Torah) textual and verbal should be made for the Pharisees to the west from the Western Wall to accomodate the Pharisees religion (Talmud/Torah), a different religion than Judaism

this is not a zero sum game, this is not all or nothing, mankind's survival hinges on this point of the Pharisees backing off total obliteration of Judaism - this is required if we are to have real peace, not to be swept aside or under the rug to cover up, let the light of day in here and examine these truths i have told you, Pharisaism is not to subjugate Judaism. Nor vice-versa. Perhaps the UN could see their way clear to the Judaism Temple being recognized as the unofficial-observer status of JUDEA kinda similar to the Vatican City-State and its special status at the United Nations - i bet that would really get in the craw of the Pharisee-Israelinians (who dont want there to be JUDEA anywhere - not even in religion) the Pharisees are worse than the German Nazis about it, it is their oldest of wars which they cannot win and which they want to win so badly (Pharisaism vs Judaism) in other words: Israel vs Judea, they want to win it so bad that even if we go extinct as a species over the disagreemnt/argument they want to win that war. But they get into the after-life and find real Judean Judaism Jews and realize this is just a crock what they have been trying to do all of these hundreds of centuries. The Pharisees have no power to surround nor divide nor to occupy in the after life, which pretty much splits their guts when the Pharisees realize they are not Jews, and when the Pharisees realize they have been duped by the rabbi pharisis to make anti-Semitic war on Judaism, it gets to them pretty hard, in all of their grandeur and militant terroristic magnificence and majesty, when the Pharisees discover they are the Goi (Goyem) which they have ridiculed and manipulated on earth. So from the United Nations let us make a building sized footprint of the State of Judea [to be located to the north of Dome on the Rock by no more than say 50 cubits], and just watch as the Pharisees get all wobbly kneed at the prospect - being as insecure as they are and all, let us watch as the Pharisees rip open their shirts and expose there hairy heaving sweaty chests in revilement at there being Judea or Judaism ANYWHERE god bless them so, so insecure, so jealous of the Jews

the State of Judea - the size of the buildings footprint - need not have any kind of agreement from Israel or anyone else, no extorted written or verbal agreement - as the State of Judea is not the State of Israel's to give or take. The State of Judea is G_d's Country. Possibly a little grass yard, some park benches in the shade a fountain of clean drinking and wading water..

i think it was gabriel,, i cant recall, and thank Gabriel and bless gabriel very good work and all, but the Angel goes up there and pop's in where everyone can see and he bends the knee and places his hand on the ground and says words to the effect of "build the city here" or "build here" he was not intending for people to build only inside of his hand print - get the point - those with ears hear what i am saying, the Angel was meaning build in this vicinity, and he was not meaning for you to make your warring here, please understand in your souls in your little light that shines inside of you please cease your damned warring, quit your war

see: the Judaism Temple (Tanakh) has to be protected from Israel, believe it or not - that is how it is

directing traffic:

Islam Mosque
Islam Mosque (Holy Koran) Jerusalem, Palestia:

All blessings in the name of Holy Allah and his Prophet Mohammed Peace Be Upon Him,
In trying to find a larger more modern Mosque i looked for one that is yet unbuilt, and this Mosque to be built in Jerusalem but not disturb the already built architecture: i understand the name is Dome on the Rock and Al-Aqsa Compound. On the North side of the dome the land might be made to increase in elevation and provide some space for the Judaism Temple of Tanakh. God Bless them. I understand that the Pharisaism Synagogue - should the Pharisees decide to build one - should be from the "Western Wall" and extend basically Eastward. God bless the Pharisees of Talmud and Torah as well.

I do not tell you to build this Mosque, as you of the Holy Koran should decide. It is so beautiful, and i don't know if it conforms to your rules if there are such things in this matter. As to location of the new Mosque please find a good spot - convenient and practical - perhaps to the SouthEast of Al-Aqsa?

As i design the UNALISAF Fort Jerusalem extending from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, about 10 miles wide or so, i am saying for there to be no residents in the area at all. This means a brand new fresh park like Central Park in New York City in a way - they had to move some people and tear down some houses in order to build Central Park. And once this is done we can have Capitol Buildings for Palestia (Philistia) in Jerusalem as well as Capitol Buildings for Israel in Jerusalem. We should build things where they dont share the same parking lot so to speak. As i see it there need not be any day-to-day interaction at all between these two countries, God bless them both. I design that there is also a new United Nations building built in the new Fort Jerusalem, to which the United Nations staff may move from New York if they wish. The United Nations staff might work in the UN Building and possibly reside in Jordan, or Israel, or Palestia if they wish.

I understand that the League of Arab States has not yet drawn up the forces to take up this mission of helping keep the peace once the peace is established. I am assured in due course there should be an international force (UNALISAF), including troops from the LAS, between the Middle East Bloc and the Western Bloc in this context.

and thank you of the Holy Koran,
Peace, and

The location of the new United Nations Headquarters building should probably be inside of the new Fort Jerusalem, as i have draw in about quarter-way or so between Old Fort Jerusalem and the Mediterranean Sea.
Please also build a new League of Arab States building inside of the new Fort Jerusalem, as i have drawn it about half-way between Old Fort Jerusalem and the Jordan River. On the roofs of these two buildings should be a good set of aircraft runways and helicopter pads (like aircraft carriers on land) - which are operated by UNALISAF in tandem, to keep the peace. The buildings should be fitted for war - that is with flares and firebases, cannon, anti-aircraft guns etc, let us limit the height to say 50 stories for each of the buildings - they should have the same height i think

unification and subjugation
if the Israelinian Pharisees (Talmud/Torah) begin to whine that a Judean Judaism (Tanakh) Temple tries to split or break up modern "Judaism" which is in fact Modern Pharisaism, the opposite is true - a Judean Judaism (Tanakh) Temple means freedom of religion, if the Israelinian Pharisees (Talmud/Torah) folks dont like that religion they dont have to have it in THEIR Synagogue. The Pharisees are still after all these centuries of anti-Semitic war against Judaism trying to surround divide occupy and control what goes in the Judaism Temple, rather than minding their own business inside of the Israelinian Synagogue (seeking to further subjugate Judaism),, why is it that the Pharisees cannot deal with the fact that there is Judaism in the world, why do the Pharisees have to crush Judaism to be Pharisees. Why do the Pharisees insist upon stealing the name: Judaism, Jew, Judaic, Jewish and the answer is it is part of their adolescent lack of development spiritually that the Pharisees wont allow a Temple for Judaism to exist in the world and especially not in Jerusalem. They want ther domination even if it means mankind and all other life on this planet goes extinct. The Temple for Judaism should have over the DOOR the word: TANAKH, and inside of the building like Larkin, should have scriptures of ALL the books of the old testament TANAKH not just the first five books torah on each level in the middle like atrium parts. As a celebration of judaism, not pharisaism. See the Judaisms are not coming from the Temple to say what goes inside the Synagogue of Pharisaism. Why does Pharisaism come to the Judaism Temple to say what goes in Judaism. Judaism does not seek to control Pharisaism. Pharisaism seeks to control Judaism - unwisely. It is one thing for the Pharisees to want to be separate from Judaism. That is fine. It another thing for the Pharisees to want to have separation and distinction from Judaism and carry that onto wanting to subjugate and eliminate Judaism. And this is called "Unification" unfortunately, it is a horrible euphemism to call the forced subjugation of a religion like Judaism to be called, inaccurately now: "Unification." This is not right and i am glad i got to say it.

earth's many religions
if you will expand your vision just a bit and recall the Acropolis, with the variety of architectures and the Poly-Theism meaning more than one God. Okay this is supposed to be more than just Pharisaism, as God is not of any one religion solely. We learn from this example and i am not sure without checking to see if the Temple of Venus is on here or not, should be pretty small like at the front, but it was this variety. Our diversity is our strength. So everyone give up trying to dominate the Universe which will not be dominated nor corraled nor conquered by you. And realize God is meant for all creation - not just a particular divinophobic sect that will not admit who they are. It is I AM THAT I AM, not I AM WHO MY NEIGHBOR IS, WHEN I STEAL HIS RELIGION'S NAME. If you are Pharisaism (Talmud) admit that you are not Judaism (Tanakh), it will do you a world of good, dont be false, quit the big lie. If you are not a Jew do not claim to be a Jew. This means of Judaism. Do not lie. Let the anti-Semitic war end of Pharisaism vs. Judaism. This means you say truthfully what your religion is. Can anyone say the words. Do you have enough hootsbah. Go ahead say it: "I AM Pharisee." Not too much hootsbah? A little bit timid. Say it like you mean it. Excuse me while i clear my throat and spit a little. Just a little spittle. It is good for me. Did you forget what the word means in all that time in all those places. G_d love you. Tenderly..


the water tanks which are to be periodically place all over the countries countrysides are your basic tanks, sat on concrete foundations with pre-stressed rebar, the idea is not to wear out the pumps. Ok so this is mathematicaly calculable that a pump can only push so much weight.. so there cant be a great deal of weight on any pump - this equals many tanks, many pumps at the tanks are dotted up all of the elevations (hills and mountains),, then the whole system of irrigation/plumbing employs a gravity feed - to every place where water is needed - all over the two countries. We start out by feeding the two lands water. Sprinklers everywhere. Then come on with the mud from the seas. Then come on with the hydroseeding/hydromulching for the most part. So the whole landscape becomes greened. For real.

See this not a small weekender do it yourself project. It is giant. It is Marshall Plan on a big scale. It is huge. Requiring tractors and combines and assembly lines and it is not the task for the weak of heart. It is an economic boom from the first day we get the project going and it will take more than one administration (in the US 4 years) to accomplish fully. We must have agreement with the 194 nations of the earth and the US and UK and the Israelinians cannot stand in the way at the United Nations Security Council. We build this thing because it is the right thing to do - in fact we should have built it this way in about 1948 but no one had the vision so to speak.

we build homes, we build neighborhoods, with parks and streets and sidewalks and curbs and streetlights and stop signs and road signs for both countries,, when the new neighborhoods get completed we move people from appropriate homes in one place to apporpriate homes in another place, like sister cities, we change the signs and the names of the cities and we change residences - world peace depends on us doing this with class and not a bunch of bully ruffians, but we do this with air conditioning and amenities like favorite foods (libations) and we can do a lot with replication. Let us consider Elat (al Rashrash) and Jenin. Let us consider Beersheeba and Ramallah. Let us consider this a little kosher roadtrip with all the trimmings. Easy. Gentle. Smart. Nothing to be afraid of, just getting closer to home. With your good people next door and your good surroundings. There is safety and security and peace at the end of this trip and that is why we are doing this in the first place

talk about buildings replications,,, for the residents down on aqaba, they get just as good a places in the sister cities - with the precise same floor plan - and tell them world peace depends on them not living in (elat) as it causes discontiguity which makes world war so long as the discontiguity continues, they get thse man made rivers of fresh water all around their buildings like moats if they want - to replicate the experience of aqaba but without world war as the result:

tell them to have a heart and give the world a break, and cease their war of occupation of elat - the world is tired of fighting their world war for them down in elat and ashdod, tell them to have some soul, and prepare to move out when it comes time - with dignity and grace, no one barricades themselves into the buildings in elat-al-rashrash, no one doesnt cooperate - with class, no one tries to burn a building as it is left behind, give back to palestia, no scorched earth tactics of warfare - stop making war of any kind, no acts of terrorism - your UZIs go with you to your new homes, if i have to move you myself

united nations incorrect maps panel

working two states solutions

belgium-holland plan we have now
how do i write this, anti-Semite kerry and anti-Semite netanyahu think and agree that it is okay for israel to surround and divide (two tactics of warfare) the state of palestine, which they will not call the state of palestine or acknowledge that palestia is 99.9% semite, they think that it is okay for US UK and the Israelinians to surround and divide and somehow that is not just institutionalizing perpetual world war. They are wrong. I am right. What we have now is what is described as a Belgium-Holland surround and divide kind of states configuration. We have already proved, and if this states configuration is continued will further prove that this does not work. The belgium-holland type of states configuration in this context means perpetual world war which is executed on offense by the US UK and the Israelinian junta. What kerry and netanyahu (and like minded interlocutors) are wanting is fantasy. Military-fantasy as they prove out every day they are in office. We (the US UK and Israelinians) practice anti-Semitic war on the Semites of the State of Palestia and not one of us is man enough nor woman enough or has the balls/ovum or hootsbah to ever point out we are more guilt of anti-Semite than the Germans ever were. The germans held their anti-Semitic concentration camp for 6 years total. We (US UK and the Israelinians) have held these anti-Semitic concentration camps for 11 times that along, more actually i think it is 68 years since the land of Palestia was cut into NE (west bank) and SW (gaza) camps with Sharon's terror tanks, going all the way down and to hell with the consequences all the way to aqaba causing the discontiguity which is at the top of the list of what has to be fixed before there is any peace in this world. What's worse is that if you replace a kerry, or replace a netanyahu - they just get replaced by more goons that carry the same shit-for-brains ideas about how to cease the war which we start and maintain in the first place. The replacement(s) will do just be bad at what they are doing in the roles of President or Secretary of State or Prime Minister or Defense Minister. They all have the wrong idea, and are too unprofessional to admit that they have the wrong idea. We pursued the wrong strategy. We pursued a bad strategy which seeks to dominate rather than living in peace, like morons we pursued world war and destabilization and look who gets destabilized as the result. What goes around comes around. And refer again to the ticking time bombe that roosevelt churchill and ben-gurion handed at us on the page

as we look at the map now as it is this is what is gently described as a "belgium holland" type of map configuration. we already have that. we have had that for 68 years or more. this does not work to make peace this works to make perpetual war because that is exactly what this is as a configuration,, let me see if i can find a semi-worthwhile map... give a moment,,,, well this an unworthy map in so far as the top of occupied palestia is not shown nor the bottom of occupied palestia not shown - but you get the idea - a piece-meal type of map

now look at a professional army type of map:
do you see the difference, two states, two whole and complete states which do not surround nor divide nor occupy each other - this is the kind of professional competence which has to come about before we ever experience peace between the Western Bloc and Middle Eastern block - when the mideast bloc is not even invited to sit at the table by the AMATEURS of the intl quartet meetings (of the five families)

this not like say,, what is a good example... ok lets try libya and egypt - who are both of them in the Middle Eastern Bloc,,,,,,,,, this is war between two blocs - that is the Western Bloc (the away team) and the Middle Eastern Bloc (home team)

land weaknesses
first of all.. this piece of land is militarily intolerable that the anti-Semite balfour sent them to is just DOOMED from a military point of view,, hold one second please,,, even if the israels are able to by some miracle steal away the whole state of palestine the point is as follows:
if you stand with an RPG - that is a shoulder fired rocket - like a bazooka, if you stand with RPG in lebanon you can hit with sufficient accuracy alrashrash (occupied elat or the gulf of aqaba),,,,,, so the point is,, wait let me turn that around,, if you stand in sinai with a RPG you can hit lebanon,,, what i am trying to describe is a MILITARILY PIECE OF SHIT piece of land that the anti-Semite balfour sent israel to,, which cannot be offensively taken by force (which is contrary to the international law as prescribed in the United Nations Charter) without causing world war on a counter war basis, see when we look on one page at America map we see maybe the 48 contiguous states, then when we flip over to another page and look at a fiasco map of the State of Israel - the point is they are maps which are on different scales - ok,, like you couldnt with a shoulder fired RPG shoot from mexico hit canada - it is way way bigger than the range of the RPG,, these are different scales or different size maps,,,,,, when you look at the map of Israel it is about the the size from DALLAS to AUSTIN and that is it - -- it is so totally overrun by the word go there is no denying the desperate situation that the asshole balfour put Israel into,,,,, it is precisely like balfour MEANT to consume the Israels by sending them from Europe down to this just military-nightmare of a piece of land to try and defend, i will find balfour and make him pay when all this shit is through, over and done with,, but in the meantime - we have perpetual world war as the result of all this "foreign policy" for this last century,

i realize i am trying to describe with words - but you (the readers) are generally civilians - and you simply have no idea about what it is i am talking about, the piece of land, lets say all of palestine and all of israeline - the piece of land is on a giant leaning shelf, ok this is where the land goes down into the mediterranean and for the most part there are mountains towards the east - towards jordan,, and up at the top there are mountains to lebanon which is where we get into the golan area which technically is part of syria but the point is this golan HAS to be held either by the Israelinian (Horde) or else the international community meaning the UN the LAS and the ISAF - ISAF is NATO and is an international force,, the LAS (ALAF Arab League Armed Force has yet to be drawn up, the UNAF united nations armed/assistance force is mostly a denuded stripped back force that no one wants to give much force to them the world over because of the obvious fears nations have with there being ANY international force with a lot of power - the nations have had it up to here with forces of the world wanting to come and mess with their peace and tranquility)

let me,,,,,,,,, let me on a scale which anyone world wide will be able to understand see clearly explain this a bit,, think of the human body, ok on this scale is where we talk now,, you put a bazooka, you put an RPG on this body, and you can overshoot the whole of israel, or in other words there is no piece of israel you cannot hit with an RPG (a very inexpensive tool of warfare - we got them - they got them), it is that basic and plain, not only can you blow up any israelian building with the RPG or bazooka, but if they are "stinger" type shoulder fired rockets you can take out any helicopter or tank or jet or boat - i realize there are counter-measures to the counter-measures,,,,,,, my point is israel is sunk into perpetual war by the western bloc, and then the western bloc wants to do nothing about the perpetual war the western bloc has sunk israel into - this is world war - in which we (the western bloc) do not ever come and make the peace between the two blocs (western bloc and middle eastern bloc) hell the middle eastern bloc is not even invited every time we have one of our little quartet fake shows to make it seem like we are doing something about the terrible situation that we build in the first place

now because the western bloc will not provide israel with a peaceful environment - israel feels as if they must hold onto the death grip of the gulf of aqaba so this may facilitate/accessway anykind of airborne attack on the east - meaning on saudi arabia or iran or the smaller gulf states --- and it is this discontiguity (holding on to aqaba) which is the western bloc's main thrust into the middle eastern bloc which starts and perpetuates the world war in the first place - all of this stemming from the western blocs unwillingness to provide israel with a peaceful home to live with all the Israelian concerns for safety and security - so in all of the finger pointing that is to be done - the finger also points at the western bloc nations - and in particular the US and UK for having set up the Israelinians with this states configuration in the first place - one might watch the first couple of minutes of the Lawrence of Arabia movie as al-Lawrence (an englishmen-terrorist) paints with water colors what HE thinks is a good idea about how these states should be configured

safety and security
i know this is at the top of concerns for everyone involved with this epic change i propose,,
in this discussion we pay attention to safety and security in three categories:
1. israelian safety and security
2. unalisaf international forces safety and security
3. palestian safety and security
4. a fourth category is lebanon safety and security, syria safety and security, jordan safety and security.. which makes me think i should have said 6 categories,, but you get the point this is not just israel's safety and security and the rest of the universe gets ignore - we dont want that --
safety and security is necessary for everyone and this means a neighborhod of nations all of which are tranquil and well fed and for the states of the middle east to not feel as if the israels get an exclusive amount of everything, materiel and man-power and supplies and attention - and we dont want to create a destabilized/unstable environment like that

Contrary to the best advice from CIA etc in the US say the last 75 years or so - we do not want destabilization - what we want here is stability. We want well adjusted well financed well organized well developed neighbors to Israel which makes for a better neighborhood. This is obvious. If the neighborhood has no money no jobs no food no houses no clean laundry etc they are far more likely to bring on the war. A peaceful environment is a well developed environment - which means we beign to move towards construction and move away from destruction in what we do in this region. It is going to take the thinkers and military planners in Washington DC and London to grow out the Allenby stage of development and become more civilized.

We cease the war, get that and get it into your souls. We no longer make war here. War of anytype. Let us use as example say the united states in the reconstruction era. We stop making war between the north and the south. Get that. We quit provoking war (counter-war from the middle east). We (the western bloc) quit demanding war - and this has everything in the world with the offensive bad strategy of making the middle east and state of palestia discontiguous. We ultimately cease the invasion that gets its kickoff let us use the date: September 11, 1911. That is as good a date of demarcation as any in this slowly scooting along invasion of the State of Palestia for the last 105 years. Wherein 1917 saw a world war which was already begun between the western bloc and middle eastern bloc and the land-grab warfare that begins with the European Israelian boat people invading through port of haifa, slowly, quitely with the founding fathers of the hagana and irgun disguised among the civilians. Which invasion still goes on today. We stop the invasion and we do not hold the State of Palestia in an invaded state of war. We cease the surrounding. We cease the dividing. These are two offensive war tactics which must be ceased or it means just another day in the perpetual world war over this subject (the State of Palestia).

two blocs peace
We put the international fighting forces between the two blocs. And i mean specifically the NATO-ISAF fighting force. There will be more that i call out in a minute. But the ISAF is going to take care of this sustaining the peace more than anyone if and when further ballistics break out in the future. Let me list the three fighting forces to be put inbetween the two blocs (between israel and israel's neighbors):
1. UNAF United Nations Assistance Force
2. ALAF Arab League Assistance Force
3. ISAF International Security Assistance Force
These forces are to train together, live together and serve in tandem daily duties together and keep the neighborhood safe together.

This means primarily inside of the UNAF, ALAF, ISAF International Fort System which i have drawn on the map at the bottom of this page, i have taken the libery of building an acronym which shortens these forces names:

which seems a little more readable than the UNAF-ALAF-ISAF

So the units have their own uniforms from their individual armies. The UNAF and the ALAF still have yet to draw up the divisions to be trained for this task of peace between the two blocs, and their would be the above unit patch as least similar to the better one above --- in the US wehave a great number of unit patches created by Walt Disney Imagineers and they make the patches a heck of a lot better than i do. Anyay this is just to visualize for now. Three different types of uniforms wtih each type of uniform with the same unit patch. These units are drawn up to accomodate the international community, the middle eastern bloc, and the western bloc which will be necessary in order to cease any further hostilities or fly overs or endrunning or tunneling or ballistics thereafter.

And so we must talk some about some scenarios to understand whe these three fighting forces working in tandem are necessary to keep the peace.. let us take for example once the International Fort System is constructed and we get all of the desal systems going and we build up the neighborhoods in both states, and notice i am saying states here, not territories. What did i name the "International Fort System" before --- give me a second to refer,, well i cannot find the name atm - i wish i had my previous notes - i got the joy of experiencing data loss again,,,,,, so. what to call this system of forts which make peace between the two blocks ? and france calls out "maginot line!" no no i dont think so.. give me a moment,,,

[in number no less that one million UNALISAF troops year round in the fort system as long as this grafting of the blocs continues - unitl we must leave the earth]

trying to remember what i named this before,, i might have it on a textual list,, let me look around, brh

i see i named the fort system 'United Nations Fort System'
this is to inocorporate the:
Fort Aqaba
Port Aqaba
Fort Jerusalem
Port Jerusalem
Fort Golan
Port Golan
and i get something rubbing the wrong way (instinct) about naming the fort system 'United Nations Fort System' give me a few moments to think on this,,,,, i think this is just produce naming,,, like for instance i dont like it that they name a product "DIET pepsi" or "ARTIFICIAL sweetner" it is bad for business and what is the business in this context ? it is religious tourism which we can never get off the ground if the religious sites are covered up with 105 years of perpetual world war and barbed wired and concentration camps walls and fiasco ---- it needs to have a "catchy" name,,, gonna put this out - i dont think it is what to go but another acronym:
judge advocate general, hmmmm ,,

IPFS International Peace Fort System
that feels a little better - i dont want to mess this part up hmm,, this aint bad,, the rival acronym looks to be:
IPFS is a new peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol.
The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a new hypermedia distribution protocol, addressed by content and identities. IPFS enables the creation of completely ...
and let me point out that PDF is the acronym for Palestia Defense Force (Portable Document Format)

i am getting good response on that one, let us pencil in IPFS International Peace Fort System
and see if we like it,,,


barak fiasco map

barak map (better)

New World Border
UN Partition Plan peaceful two states solution map