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Protect youself and know how to get help.

If you are recieving abuse from a user in PowWow then you should document and report it, not only to relieve yourself - but also to help prevent abuse of others. Everyone on the internet has an IP or Internet Protocol address which is the chief tool in combating internet abuse. It is like a social security number or a street address on the net. For instance, right now if you are online you may look in C:\Windows\Winipcfg.exe or just press the following button and click the "Run this program from its current location."

this number changes dynamically each time you log on to the net. There are several things you may do to document the abuse:

User Info 

1) Connection Information - you may right click any name on the Navigator list and select Information. Click the Copy to Clipboard Button, paste into NotePad. See *

* You can also find the last known IP number by going to Navigator / Address Book / Recent Pages Tab and see the IP number to the right in the list. Make sure the Runtime Options Tab "Automatically save all connections" is checked if you are having a hard time keeping track of all chatters with whom you have chatted.

2) Screen Shots - similar to snapping a photograph of what is on your monitor. To snap a screen shot of the entire screen press the Print Screen key, and paste into MSPaint. Save as a .bmp file. The new image file is far more efficient if you take only the application's picture. To screen shot a single application press Alt + Print Screen at the same time.

3) Logging - You may make a record of conversations in the new Instant Messages and in Communities. To log an instant message just click Edit / Copy chat to clipboard. Then is is simply a matter of pasting into your NotePad or any wordprocessor. Logging of community text can easily done by clicking the Logging Button and titling the file something you will be able to remember, (also make a note of WHERE you are storing the file.) The default file extension for a log is .clg - I always convert my loggings to .txt although this is not necessary. Also, logging tends to take up a lot of resources like diskspace so should usually be done for short periods of time.

After you have compiled the connection information, and any loggings or screen shots then you should mail it along with a clear account of what happened to:

If you have not configured your email then you may find that you can not mail in this way. If so, go here to learn how to configure your email.

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