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Add a Buddy
Building your list.

Add a Buddy

To add other people who use this service to your Buddy List, you must know their e-mail addresses. You can click the hyperlink to open the White Pages and search listings of registered online users.

1. Click the Add button on the Button Bar. (Located towards the top of the Navigator)

2. The Software displays the Add a Buddy window. Click on the tab for the messaging service that your friend uses. Note: No tab will appear for a service unless you have an account with it and are logged on to the server. To add Buddies who use AIM or MSNMS to your Buddy lists, you must have an account with that service and log on to the server.

3. Type the personís Screen Name or user name. If you donít know this name, simply type any name you want to use for this personís entry on your Buddy List.

4. Type the correct e-mail address (for users of this service.)

5. Select the category for the Buddy List entry: Friends, Family, or Work.

6. Click OK.

7. A Buddy Request is sent to the person you specified, and a temporary entry appears on your Buddy List, with a gray icon.

8. When the Buddy Request is accepted, the new entry appears with the online visibility symbol for that Buddy. Note: You can only add someone to your Buddy List if he or she agrees to be added.

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