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Mark Masters PowWow

Mark Masters / PowWow

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Community Chat

For your own free 100 user community click the button.

Community Menu
Community Menu

Add Current Connection Auto-Connect at Startup
This is for making the whole logging-into-PowWow-and-joining a community process very automatic. It has its pros and cons too. The pro is obviously not having to open your address book and selecting a community, but the con is sometimes you don't want to wait for that particular community to finish log in when your need of the moment is to get to a different community.
Add Current Connection Add to Address Book
This is a little intricate but understanding what PowWow is doing here just takes a second. Usually by default this icon is grayed out which means that the community you are in is already in your address book. The Community Tab in preferences by default has the "Automatically save all connections to Address Book" checked. So as long as this box is checkmarked you will automatically save any community address into which you log.
Add Current Connection Close Group Chat Window
This is for "hanging up" just like a telephone, but still remaining connected to the community.
Add Current Connection Exit Community
This is for "hanging up" just like a telephone, but disconnecting from the community.

Modules Menu
Modules Menu

Text Menu
File Menu

Add Current Connection Send
This is another Send for transmitting your text to the community chat. You have to actually have some text in the text entry area to transmit, but it works the same as hitting the enter key.
Add Current Connection Clear
This is for erasing whatever text you have from the text entry window previous to sending the message. Sometimes someone will answer your question before you have time to type it out, so this feature allows for a way to make the text disappear.
Add Current Connection Erase
This is for erasing the chat area completely. This could be helpful to an ascii text artist, or concievably to erase quickly because your boss just walked in or something of that nature.
Add Current Connection Change Color
This is to change your text color. Please only use the low-visibility colors for text, such as white, light yellow, light cyan, light green, light pink or light gray in the Personal Communicator of PowWow, where background colors can be altered via the color palette. Most computers have a default white background in Communities, which makes the light or neon colored text difficult for others to read. This is different than in Personal Communicator where you and your friends can use any colors.

Utilities Menu
Utilities Menu

HangUp Web Cruise or "Tour"
To initiate a tour of the Web with the people with whom you are chatting open the Utilities menu and select the Web Cruising option, or you can click the large web icon at top of the communicator. If your browser is not open, it launches and a connection to it is established. Once you are connected to the browser, the people you are chatting with are notified that you would like to lead them in cruising the Web. They can accept or refuse the cruise request. If they accept, the browser will be launched on their computers. Once the connections are established on both sides, whenever the Leader opens a new URL, all participants are routed to the same location. When you stop cruising, the browser keeps running and the browser connections are dropped. You must have your Web Browser Tab configured in order to participate in tours.
Add Current Connection Visitor Count
If you are the Moderator of this Community, this option is available from the Utilities menu of the Group Chat window. The Visitors counter keeps track of the number of visitors this Community has had since it was started. Select this option to reset the counter if you would like to track the number of participants who have joined during a particular time.

Community Help
File Menu
This will take you to context sensitive help in your Powwow.hlp file.

Tribal has built the interface to have advertisements for various products, goods, and services. I am seriously considering advertising with Tribal - i think it would be a gas to run one for say 6 months.

Text entry area.
Type here to add your post to the community chat. You must either click the Send Button or click the Enter key to transfer your post from your text entry area to the community text.

Scroll Bar
The scrollbar moves or "scrolls" the list up and down, with 150 users in a room or so the list can become quite long.

Close Personal Communicator Send
This is for transmitting your text from the text entry window to the community chat window. You may also do the same thing by just hitting the Enter key on your keyboard.

Close Personal Communicator Clear
This erases the text entry window (not the community chat window).

Close Personal Communicator Erase
This erase the main chat window, even the part already gone past that you don't see unless you scroll up.

Close Personal Communicator Help
This will take you to context sensitive help in your Powwow.hlp file.

Close Personal Communicator Logging Logging
Logging of community text can easily done by clicking the Logging Button and titling the file something you will be able to remember, (also make a note of WHERE you are storing the file.) The default file extension for a log is .clg - I always convert my loggings to .txt although this is not necessary. Also, logging tends to take up a lot of resources like diskspace so should usually be done for short periods of time.

Close Personal Communicator Hear Hear
This is for hearing the text-to-speech "robot". The words are read by the synthesizer, and if you wish to change the speed, pitch, and gender of the voice see your Text-to-Speech Tab in preferences.

Community Chat Text Area
This is the area where you post your messages in the community room forum.

Status Bar
The gray text display area at the bottom of the screen is the Status bar. This simply lists the last event processed by the application: attempted registration, accepted or declined registration, data received, and so on. When you double-click the Status bar, the Alert Log displays. This is a longer list of the last events that have been processed, and can be very helpful to Technical Support in troubleshooting your software.

The LED's in the lower-right corner of the system bar of the Personal Communicator are status lights, similar to those you see on a modem or network card. They represent, from left-to-right SEND, RECEIVE, and ON HOOK (or TX, RX, and ACTIVE, if you prefer the network card analogy).

 Minimize Minimize
Every window including PowWow has a mimimize button in the upper-right corner that you can click to reduce the window to the taskbar.

 Maximize-Restore Maximize-Restore
Every window including PowWow has an maximize/restore button in the upper-right corner that you can click to either expand the window to full screen width and heigth, or click again and reduce to your user defined size.

 Close Close
Every window including PowWow has an "X" Close button in the upper-right corner that you can click to close the window and quit the program.

Mark Masters PowWow