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This Entry Tab is for control of what happens when people enter your community. Just check the modules you want and click OK at bottom.

Show Welcome Message for writing a welcome and short description of what the community is about. This appears as a grey window during log in.

Chat: ok this means the community interface where the comunity chat occurs. You dont have to have it pop up automatically but most do. Checking this makes the community pop up when users log on.

Games: this is if you want to have the Games Module pop up everytime you log on. Most people do not play games that much so thoughts lean towards cutting down on log in time regarding this module.

Bulletin Board: this will make a bbs pop up each time you a user logs on. It is a great system and if you ask me would stand alone from the rest of PowWow as a great medium for communication. It is just simply long term postings. It does take a while to ever fully pop up and that can add too much time to your log in sequence, so try it and see if it fits your needs for a community.

GuestBook: this is great really. What this guest book will do is offer a way for a visitor to leave a "calling card" but like very automatically - one click on the Guest Book and your profile will jump in all the information fields. After a while this Guest Book can be a good resource to you and others.

Open URL to automatically start a person's Internet browser and open a URL when he or she enters your Community, check this box and enter the URL in the field beneath it.

OK Button
OK Button
After you have made your changes in configuration this button commits the changes to memory in your pc.

Cancel Button
Cancel Button
Clicking this will not record any changes in memory, and closes the window.

Mark Masters PowWow