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Instant Messages
Short type-written messages.

Instant Messages

This is great really. These days the Instant Messages are displayed on a "thread" which means that the messages to one another are shown in the same sort of rolling format as the communities. All the text is seen on the same interface, and the flow of the whole act of instant messaging is greatly facilitated. You can use this option to create and send a text message directly to the person whose name you selected.

Send an Instant Message Composing an Instant Message:

In the Instant Message window only, you can copy and then paste text for both windows’ panes. For the upper compose pane, you can right-click and use the cut, copy, paste, and delete features. For the lower display pane, you can use the Edit menu Copy chat to clipboard and Paste to send window features.

1. Right-click the person's name in the Buddy List.
2. Select the Send Instant Message option.
3. The Instant Messages window opens. Type your message in the upper text area.
4. Click Send.


1. Double-click a name in a Buddy List.
2. The Instant Message window opens. Type your message in the upper text area.
3. Click Send.


1. Open the Send menu.
2. Select Instant Message.
3. Select the recipient's name.
4. The Instant Message window opens. Type your message in the upper text area.
5. Click Send.

Both you and the recipient see your message in the larger text area of the Instant Messages window. You can exchange Instant Messages with the person so long as the window is open. Your AIM and MSNMS Buddies will see your Instant Messages as coming from your AIM or MSNMS address.

Erase All The Erase All button removes all the text from the window. You still can send each other Instant Messages after you have cleared the window.

Hear The Hear button activates the Text-to-Speech feature, and "reads" the message aloud through your computer speakers.

Ads Advertisements may be displayed near the buttons. If you see an ad that interests you, click it. Your browser will open and display the appropriate Web page.

Note: If you send an Instant Message to a Buddy and you are not on his or her Buddy List, your message goes directly to your Buddy's Answering Machine. Why? Because when who has you on their buddy list recieves a instant message from you, a flsahing blue "page" icon appears by your name. But buddy list without your name can not add the icon to signal an instant message to you. Your signal goes to the answering machine, and the answwering machine button flashes the page icon.

Receiving an Instant Message When you receive an Instant Message or a URL message, you hear the alert signal and a small blue "page" icon blinks by the icon in your system tray to let you know that you have received a message. In the Buddy window, the "page" icon appears by the name of the person who sent the message. If the software sends the message to your Answering Machine, the icon blinks by the Answering Machine button. To retrieve the message, double-click the person's name or click the Answering Machine button. The software opens the Answering Machine Messages window and the lower pane displays the message.

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