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Auto-Accept Connections If this option is not checked, the host must approve each request to enter the Community. This option can be used to screen each person wishing to join your Community, although it does mean that a Community Administrator will have to be present to approve all requests to join.

Censor Profanity Check this option to prevent inappropriate language in your Community. Certain words will appear with an asterisk (*) replacing certain characters.

Disconnect Profane Users Check this box to disconnect users who use inappropriate language. This setting is significantly less forgiving than the Censor Profanity option. In this case, as soon as a person enters a word on the censor list, he or she is immediately disconnected. Important: The word does not have to be a stand-alone; it can exist embedded in a word. For instance, typing Mississippi backwards will cause the person to be disconnected.

Require Password You might want to use this function to restrict access to known people, such as family members if the Community is for intra-family communications, or only to members of the local model railroad club. Check the box to require people to enter a password to access your Community. (You'll need to let people know what the password is.) This password is the same for all users who access the Community. A user joining the Community will receive this example message:

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