This is my Text Area Your Friends Text (Right Click for menu of options) Status Bar Scrollbar Scrollbar Answering Machine Indicator Hang Up Send File Sounds Voice Chat Homepage Picture Information Communities Hear Screen Name Private Address Book Communities File Send Web Touring Voice Chat Erase Window Sound Menu WhiteBoard Last 25 PowWow Logins Games left click = text color, right click = background color Current Text and Background Colors Close Maximize-Restore Minimize Chat Menu Configuration Menu Utilities Menu Window Menu Help Menu Hang Up Edit Menu This menu pops up when you right click (Boots') text entry field. Add to Address Book Add to Blocking Book Request to be a Buddy View Picture Connection Information View Homepage View Profile Private Chat Request Voice Chat Send File Hear Text - to - Speech #Sounds Hang Up Frequently Outgoing Pages Recent Incoming Pages Address Book Buddies Currently Online Last 25 Logins to PowWow Add Current Connection Answering Machine Private Chat Hang Up Close Personal Communicator Preferences always starts out with the User Info Tab Create New User Create New User Create New User Send File Web Tour Sounds Macros Voice Chat Hear All WhiteBord PlugIns Help File About System Information Technical Support

Mark Masters PowWow 4.0

Mark Masters / PowWow

Personal Communicator
Click on the picture to learn about the Communicator.


In Personal Communicator you can chat with as many as 8 other people at one time. This is true of the Tour feature, and also the WhiteBoard feature. Using the Tour you can either lead or follow in a tour of the internet. (You must have your Web Browser Tab set right to tour). The WhiteBoard is a drawing board which can be a lot of fun when several are drawing the same time.

Example of right clicking Boots' text area:

Click the pic to learn more.
Boots' Menu 

1) Add to Address Book, for ease in contacing the user next time. 2) Blocking Book, for blocking any further PowWows from a user. #) Information, connection info. 10) View Picture, Boots has no pic now so this option is greyed out. 11) View Homepage, showing off your website. 12) View Profile, checking out age, occupation, interests. #) Private Chat - for writing exclusively to a user. 5) Send URL, sharing websites. 6) PowWow, use of Personal Communicator. #) Hear Text-to-Speech, for hearing the text read aloud by the robot voice. #) Send Sounds, for sharing cool sounds. #) Hang Up, just like a telephone hangs up - for disconnection.

 Minimize Minimize
Every window including PowWow has a mimimize button in the upper-right corner that you can click to reduce the window to the taskbar.

 Maximize-Restore Maximize-Restore
Every window including PowWow has an maximize/restore button in the upper-right corner that you can click to either expand the window to full screen width and heigth, or click again and reduce to your user defined size.

 Close Close
Every window including PowWow has an "X" Close button in the upper-right corner that you can click to close the window and quit the program.

Chat Menu
Click the pic to learn more.
Chat Menu
This menu is good for managing your buddies, and also to shut down the Communicator.

Edit Menu
File Menu
The clipboard icon stands for the "paste" function. Using this is necessary when you are inserting a large piece of text, the usual Ctrl + v will not work. The Erase Icon will reset the text windows.

Configuration Menu
Click the pic to learn more.
Chat Menu
First is the Help Contents or Help File, I have this page built

Utilities Menu
Click the pic to learn more.
Chat Menu

 Always on Top Window Menu

Help Menu
Click the pic to learn more.
File Menu
First is the Help Contents or Help File, I have this page built so that you can access your real help file right here, just click the Help Contents and choose the "Open From Location" the which is in your computer C:\Program Files\Tribal Voice\PowWow32\Powwow.hlp The next options is the Technical Support Website for getting you started. Next is the System Info interface which is very useful for some vital info like your winsock info (can improve your connection). Last is the About which is useful for determining which version of PowWow you are running.

Erase Window
Erase Window
The Erase Icon will reset the text window.

Sounds can be added to the original default sounds. I have put a .wav file in with my sounds C:\program files\tribal voice\powwow32 and was able to add the sound through the Utilities / Add Sound menu. The song I added was way too long and tended to freeze me up, so from experience I would say to use discretion with the size of the .wav files. By the way, I have heard reports of much larger files than the long one I added are commonly used without any problems.

Colors Panel
Colors Panel
First is the e

Current Colors
Current Colors
These are the available colors, a click will change the text color, a right click will change the background color.

HangUp Hang Up
no you hang up

HangUp Touring
Web Tour

Private Private
This allows you to send only the user your text. (secret)

Home Page Home Page
This is a feature to let you see a user's Home Page. Really great for getting to know another user, and seeing or hearing what is of interest to them.

This is the picture feature, in the new 4.0 several new image types are allowed, and the old 10K maximum file size is not required. Files types are .jpg, .bmp, .gif. Animated gifs do not function, but i have tried it out with an animated .gif and found that your animated .gif will show the first cell, so.. all is not lost. If you have problems with getting a pic to post for you, try the Edit Menu / Auto Refresh.

User Information
User Info
All of the connection information such as: time stamp, IP address, user nickname, user address can be readily accessed through this feature.

User Info
This will make you join a community that your chat partner is already in. The other user's very top community is the one to which you will be "piggy-backed."

Hear Hear
This enables/disables the Text-to-Speech or robot voice. To adjust the voice gender, pitch, and speed go to options / configuration / preferences / text-to-speech tab, adjust voice rabbit/note.

Boots {Guide}
This is the Screen Name above every users text area.

Scroll Bar
The scrollbar moves or "scrolls" the list up and down, with 150 users in a room or so the list can become quite long.

Status Bar
This will show you a list of events in consecutive order.

The LED's in the lower-right corner of the system bar of the Personal Communicator are status lights, similar to those you see on a modem or network card. They represent, from left-to-right SEND, RECEIVE, and ON HOOK (or TX, RX, and ACTIVE, if you prefer the network card analogy).

My Text Area
Ok we'll call this area "My Text Area" but it is just an example of your screen. Your screen can have up to 8 other users plus you at once. Your screen will always be on top, the other users will be below.

Recent Outgoing Messages Recent Outgoing Messages
See who you have PowWowed.

Recent Incoming Messages Recent Incoming Messages
See who has PowWowed with you.

Add Current Connection Add Current Connection
This is to add the user you are chatting with to the address book.

Close Personal Communicator Close Personal Communicator
This is for closing your Communicator, you will not remain connected.

Close Personal Communicator Macros

This is an interface with which you may build macros, they can be spoken by the text-to-speech robot and also type written out automatically when you press your user defined character key sequence.

Mark Masters PowWow