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Mark Masters / PowWow

PowWow by Tribal Voice
"To create a revolutionary communications medium using instant messaging and notification services, coupled with universal online presence detection."

The whole idea with this PowWow is that out of the box, (when you download it) it is unconfigured and uncustomized. In explaining this before I have said that PowWow is like a motorcycle or lawn mower straight from the factory. They come from the factory without any oil in the engines. So in the analogy you have to provide the oil to make it run. This means configuring several tabs in preferences which will enable your PowWow to do things like: automatic community acquisition, offline messaging, web-cruising etc. This site is about setting up these tabs, and about point-and-click help in that effort.


The first I ever heard of PowWow was from my brother in 1996. We talked about it some, and I found out that my daughter and former wife were skilled PowWow users. (always last to be told anything hehe) They had been talking with him using PowWow for some time at that point and learning all the net tips. So I decided I would download it and see what all the fuss was about. I was just amazed really! I couldn't believe it. It is really more than that to me though - it is like television, or the phone, or... it is very like the interstate highway system really. Ha Ha.

Here is the info off of the Corporate Web Page: "Tribal Voice is the leading provider of instant messaging, interactive communications and online community solutions based on its PowWow technology. Founded in December, 1994, by anti-virus software guru John McAfee, the company is headquartered in Scotts Valley, Calif. and maintains a development organization in Woodland Park, Colo. More than five million worldwide users participate in over 18,000 communities via the company's PowWow software."

Mark Masters PowWow