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When you request someone's Personal Profile, Picture or Home Page, you're requesting an information transfer, very much like a file transfer. Sometimes the transfer runs into problems and you'll see one of these messages in the status bar:

Error during [personal profile] transfer.
Transfer of [picture file] declined by remote host [host name].
Timeout during transfer.

Basically, all of these are timeout problems. That is, the delay in the connection between your computer and the other person's is so long that the software stops the transfer. In the case of Transfer Ö declined, making the request again often is successful. In some situations, the transfer doesn't take place and no message is displayed. In general, this will be when View Picture is selected and the file on the other person's system is not available (it has been deleted or it is on a drive which is not available).

Connection Information Information

Connection Information

This option displays a person's user account address, Screen Name, IP address, and Time Stamp. Click the Copy to Clipboard Button and paste ito a word processing application such as NotePad. See Abuse.

View Picture View Picture

View Picture

When you select this option, the personís picture loads and appears in a window on your desktop. To see how to post a pic go to Personal Profile Tab.

Home Page Home Page

Home Page

This will pop up the user's home page if they have it avaiable. The place to enter your home page is in Personal Profile Tab.

View Profile View Profile

View Profile

This is for getting familiar with a person, it is the basic information that says their interests and offers each user a chance to tell a little about themselves. To edit go to Personal Profile Tab.

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