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Instant Voice Messages
Short audio messages.

Voice Messages

1. Right-click the name of a person who is online in the Buddy window, or open the Send menu.

2. Select Send Voice Message. The Instant Voice Message window opens.

3. Click the Record button and speak into your microphone. The Recorder displays the volume and the duration of your recording. The message can be about 45-60 seconds long.

4. When you have finished recording, click the Stop button.

5. To hear your message, click the Preview button.

6. To cancel the message, click Cancel.

7. To transmit the message, click Send.

8. The person receives your message and can play it, reply to it, and delete it.

Remember, if you want to use the Voice Chat and Instant Voice Message features, your system must have a microphone and a sound card. When you want to talk with a person instead of typing, there are two ways to do it: Request a Voice Chat session and Send An Instant Voice Message. You can use the voice features to talk with any of your Buddies who use this program or other messaging programs based on the PowWow technology from Tribal Voice, Inc. (You can invite your AIM and MSNMS Buddies to try Instant Voice Messages and other PowWow-based features. Pass it on!)

Mark Masters PowWow