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Web Browser Tab
Automate community acquisiton,
and enable Web Cruises/Tours.

Web Browser

By Browser Select it means you are going to direct your pc where to find your browser. First hilight which browser you prefer in the upper white box. Then you must browse for the exe file whereever it is located on your pc below. This location varies from one machine to another, but remember that if you can not find your file, go to Start Button / Find, enter the file name and file type in this format: iexplore.exe or else netscape.exe and click FIND. Here are some paths to search if you can not find either exe by other means:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Internet\Iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\PLUS!\Microsoft Internet\Iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\Netscape\Communicator\Program\Netscape.exe
There is some text in the "Browse Folder and Filename" white box by default that will not work. You can not type the path in the white box, you must browse for it. Shortcuts to the exe files will not work.

The benefits of having this tab connfigured correctly are these: 1) You may click the Online Community Guide Button on the Community Tab of your Address Book and you will automatically go to and then it is a matter of simply choosing whichever community you are interested in. 2) You may either lead or follow in Web Cruises or Tours with up to 8 other users.

Browser File Select

This is an example of the path
C:\Program Files\Plus!\Microsoft Internet\Iexplore.exe

OK Button
OK Button
After you have made your changes in configuration this button commits the changes to memory in your pc.

Cancel Button
Cancel Button
Clicking this will not record any changes in memory, and closes the window.

Mark Masters PowWow