bo jackson 4.12 marcus allen 4.59
herschel walker 4.22 tony dorsett 4.3
jamize olawale 4.53 ezekiel elliott 4.46
these were/are in the same backfield, and on their own merits make up excellence but at times, like al davis, they get hamstrung which is antithetical to the purpose of sticking them in the same backfield in the first place

become aware of your j.o. 49 again, look at what you have but will not use: dallas cowboys wake up, wakey wakey

jerry, wake up

i was saying the same thing during phillips, parcels, and garrett's time as head coach,,
i tell you: there is something not functioning properly in the heads of jerry and stephen - for some reason they dont take the best advice,, god knows what is the reason
unless jerry and stephen change this, we have to endure their ownership of America's Team no matter how long that takes,
i wish they would wake the fuck up and smell the coffee,
if they got bright enough to hire on aikman - they'll need to give like a jimmy johnson-like autocracy to aikman,
for instance if aikman gives them a list of ppl to acquire - they go get those ppl...
let aikman run the show..

bush,, your mission --- should you choose to accept it --- paint jerry a portrait of watson in a dallas cowboy #4 jersey,,,, get him and stephen to snap out of it
quickly, time is short, think of how much karma you got going