world should locate philistia outside of israel, obviously
it is the overlapping of the blocs, overlapping of the countries which makes for the perpetual world war,
this said while turkey is so sloppy as to overlap into syria

--- shootingrubberbandsatthestars

gaza, west bank, east jerusalem MOVE to the Semitic State of Philistia south of syria and north of jordan,,, and if philistia wants to take Al-Aqsa along with them:
so be it, (make it so)

Al-Sakhra and the tiny sort of pagoda mosque right next to it,,,, take the whole compaund as well,, its fine

erdogan if you are still saying that philistia should be inside of israel you are a moron, and you are not learning from history

the 78 endo-philistia conflict camps and the 34 exo-philistia conflict camps need to coalesce in their own country which is NOT inside of israel,,, do not repeat the same hype which has been repeated again and again for about 75 years now,,, wake up erdogan,, the coalescing is best done with the traditional mosque as the center point - in philistia - not israel

if world locates philistia INSIDE of israel world institutionalizes concentration camps with war tactics of surround and divide and occupy and blockade air land and sea and occupation,,,,,,,,,, and only make more official perpetual war,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so wake up,, be VERY careful with what you say as a "leader" and do not abandon philistia to be inside of israel as that clearly does not work as we have proven for 75 to 100 years now (106)

erdogan: more gently - all these "leaders" just continue to parrot out the same old broken words which mean to leave the countries overlapping,,,,,,,, re-learn what to say then go ahead and harp away [bully pulpit] - learn the lexicon,, compassionately, carefully

German Politicians Condemn anti-Israel (anti-Pharisee) and anti-Arabaic (anti-Islam) Protests as "anti-Semitism" (

the hebrews are not the only semites, in addition to hebraic-semites there are the arabaic-semites [which speak arabic],
there are other types of semites, for instance christ's mom was an aramaic-semite from judea, not israel,,

most of the semitic languages are now "dead" languages like latin,

asymmetrical to refer to arabic speakers as "arabs" and not call hebrew speakers "hebs" - if one of them is anti-Semitic then BOTH are anti-Semitic, else both are just abbreviations for the peoples involved

basically through the first 3 seasons of DS9 now,
and basically the call to, ya know, suspension of disbelief, too often made,, too many parallel dimensions, too much [catfish] symbiants,, way too much kira (ew), there is no all-star player (spock, data, 7 of 9),,,, the wormhole is great, and the DS9 station is great - it is TOOPID that they operate with cardassian (cardassinian) computers for way way too long, no one would be that - allowing compromise - they dont read the cardassian language i mean duh,,,,,, they should have ripped out all but one of the cardassian computers, starfleet lcars, starfleet replicators, the starfleet transporter,,,,,, excessive bajor,, i like odo,,,,,, i have several seasons to go still .. so...

what i want is 365 / 24 all the time startrek live streaming, of course,, like cnn all the time

i was thinking about doing something like this,,
my choice,,
but the idea is to just volunteer corporations etc by showing what their advertising logos would look like
on the side of the international freight containers,,, this one is gray, imagine this the orange w/logo of Home Depot,,,,,,
smaller,,,, but i take away the gray and put the corporation graphics behind the mask of the lines of the containers,, no big deal but it is time consuming...

so if i did say 100 of them,,,,,, and put them on their own page displayed here on this page by way of iframe...... kinda like wish list sponsors of the project and using the ability to make the thumbs like in the page:

Harry Stamper: i swear i will move that mosque

about 160 feet wide as it is at rest, if the lower angled roof is removed, then if the 8 walls are moved one at a time,.. then there is going to be a too tall center mass which is about 54 feet in diameter,, the dome is ontop of this mass,,,,,, my thinking is to move the various layers like a cake,,,,, moving the dome last and reassemble in philistia (farthest mosque),,,,

it takes about as much effort as this to get the people AND the mosque into the right LOCATION, which is not inside israel

people of the world, and national leaders, we cannot label philisti concentration camps inside of israel as a state, for to do so is for the nations of this world to institutionalize the concentration camping of philistia,, the concentration camps get formed whenever israel continues to defend its own little chunk of land and surrounds and divides philistia,,,,,,, so the nations of the world that are saying to go ahead and label philistia as a state do not finish the rest of the sentence, and let's not make it a life-sentence any longer,, the rest of the sentence is WHERE is philistia to be recognized as a state ? again answer: WHERE ???,, be specific and draw and publish a map of WHERE are you saying to locate philistia,,, right now the various nations that say that philistia should be recognized [labeled as a state] without saying exactly where means they are recognizing concentration camps towards the center of israel, in other words the world sets up the institutionalized concentration camps as being a state making the world into modern nazis using the israeli nation as a proxy to retain the concentration camps, shame on all of you nations................. there is land enough in the middle east, in syria to accomodate the state of philistia, that land is NOT INSIDE OF ISRAEL, also the philisti people will need their mosque with them, which should also be relocated harmoniously and peacefully and with dignity and care (compassion) in the new whereabouts of the state of philistia in what used to be syria's southern tip,,,,,,,,,,,, the state of philistia is not to be just a state of mind inside of conflict-refugee camps,, we must answer the question of WHERE the state of philistia is to be located - and no matter what else you "leaders" do -- do not be so stupid as to say that the state of palestine should be located INSIDE the state of israel - only a moron would say such a thing as that

i have read recently about a stone they are referring to as gabriel's stone recently found, let them take to philistia the stone as well, also the stone rock underneath the current al-Sakhra - help them take as much of that as they want to take with them, it was supposed to be the 'furthest mosque' if i recall correctly,,,,,, the move makes it the farther than before,, do you see? humanity makes the journey to the mosque even further than before

is the meaning lost in translation ? we can make the mosque be the furthest than where it was before, go to every extent

in all the world there is a concept of 'geomancy' so great care should be taken to place the mosque in the correct place which may or may not be in the geographic center of the new philistia's land boundaries,,,,,,,,, basement levels should be built and proper number of stories in elevation,,,, there could then be raising the mosque up to the correct level and situated perfectly

Al-Aqsa is about 160 ft wide,,,,, however that dimension describes the octagon perimeter,,,,,,,,,, the 8 walls can be temporarily detached from the octagon roof, the roof can be brought along in sections, and each of the 8 walls can be brought along individually 1 at a time,, carefully,,, then the central section of the Mosque w/Dome can be brought as one piece,, gently with everyting strapped down,,,, this gives a great coalescing point for the philisti community as they gather at the new location of their mosque in philistia),,,, the idea would be to design and build a tremendous geometric dais,,,, to receive the mosque,,, remember that the US Capitol Hill did not just come off-the-shelf like it sits today

a new home for philistia..
i support a middle east solution contingent on the recognized state of philistia being located outside of israel,,
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reconstruction procedures
  1. The United Nations (Security Council and General Assembly), the League of Arab States, and the European Union resolve to no longer retain the citizens of Philistia inside the State of Israel, furthermore it is resolved to relocate the State of Philistia into a new whereabouts south of Syria and north of Jordan. Namely Daraa and As Suwayda are the Governorates to which the Semitic State of Philistia is relocated.
  2. The 195 or so nations talk things out reasonably in private concerning recognition of statehood of the State of Philistia contingent upon being located outside the State of Israel.
  3. At the United Nations eventually the points of view of the 195 or so nations are expressed publicly concerning recognition of statehood of the State of Philistia based on being located outside the State of Israel.
  4. The United Nations resolve to no longer retain the middle-eastern bloc Philisti camps on the interior of the western bloc Israel.
  5. The United Nations General Assembly recommends and the United Nations Security Council decides that the Philisti people are moved from Israel to Philistia and the map is changed such that there is no region of Philistia to remain inside of Israel. Concurrently the new boundaries and borders are drawn for the State of Israel and the State of Philistia which alters to some small percentage the footprint of Syria.

    syria: 71,498 mi² pre-move
    philistia (new): 4,061 mi²
    syria: 67,437 mi² post-move
    as of the movement of philistia to the new whereabouts of philistia the land bought from syria and granted to philistia is about 5.68% of syria original land
    67437 is what percent of 71498? 94.32%

    b = 100 * 6743771498 = 674370071498 = 337185035749 = 94.32%

  6. At the United Nations the official papers and legal and binding documents are drawn up establishing Israel legal rights to all land inside of the boundary and border of Israel.
  7. At the United Nations the maritime charts and boundaries are drawn up to adjust the Israeli legal ownership of the Mediterranean Sea section adjoining the Egypt, UNALISAF Port Golan, Lebanon, and Cyprus maritime boundaries. This will make the presently disputed pipes under the present Gaza, Philistia offshore sea beds become resolved carrying petroleum and/or natural gas from Egypt.
  8. At the United Nations the official papers and legal and binding documents are drawn up establishing Philistia legal rights to all land inside of the boundary and border of Philistia.
  9. At the United Nations the State of Philistia is fully recognized as an UN Member State and is no longer classified as a "non-member observer State status at UN" contingent on the move to the new whereabouts of the State of Philistia.
  10. A letter of intent is written in tandem and declared at the United Nations for the UNAF United Nations Assistance Force, the ALAF Arab League Assistance Force, and the ISAF International Security Assistance Force (UN AL ISAF) concerning the reconstruction to occur regarding Israel and the neighbors of Israel: Egypt, Jordan, Philistia, Syria, Lebanon.
  11. The League of Arab States recognizes the legality of this agreement to establish right of ownership of these two individual nations Israel and Philistia that are no longer inside and outside of each other, no longer overlapping each other.
  12. The European Union recognizes the legality of this agreement to establish right of ownership of these two individual nations Israel and Philistia that are no longer inside and outside of each other, no longer overlapping each other.
  13. The Quartet on the Middle East recognizes the legality of this agreement to establish right of ownership of these two individual nations Israel and Philistia that are no longer inside and outside of each other, no longer overlapping each other.
  14. The Bilderberg Group sees the wisdom of this new era of peace beginning with the Philisti move to the new whereabouts of the State of Philistia and lend every effort and influence to the accomplishment of these tasks.
  15. The Rothschild Empire sees the wisdom of this new era of peace beginning with the Philisti move to the new whereabouts of the State of Philistia and lend every effort and influence to the accomplishment of these tasks, especially the task of Mission Statement by UNALISAF after 100 years of the Balfour-Document written to Rothschild has taken place.
  16. The world need not sit through another dog and pony show at Camp Shangrila (Camp "David") knowing that at the end of "negotiations" somebody will not like how somebody else belches or farts, and we all stand up and go back to perpetual war which the west starts on offense and which the west maintains on offense (invasionary offense), this is the Great War which has never stopped since it was started at the port of haifa 1911, and to ever make the Great War cease we have to be men, not play-acting pretend leaders (politicians) that only go through an act every once in a while before the world stage and then slip right back into the same old slog. The Israelinians need make no agreement with Philistinians, the Philistinians need make no agreement with the Israelinians. Let them not agree, just so long as they dont agree from within their own countries which do not overlap nor make war on one another - who really gives a [**** ***] damn whether they agree or not. The world should not let the Philisti/Israeli disgreement keep the world in perpetual world war any more that a kindergarten teacher should not let two students keep the class interrupted by the quarrel between the two kindergarten students. Simply separate them and resume class. (Two desks not just one desk) for two students by analogy.
  17. Israel need not recognize Philistia, no negotiations are necessary. The world should not be kept slogging along in this world war nor be held hostage by an Israeli inability to negotiate due to the disfunctionality of Israel as an interlocutor. The world does not ask Israeli permission to make the peace.
  18. Philistia need not recognize Israel, no negotiations are necessary. The world should not be kept slogging along in this world war nor be held hostage by a Philisti inability to negotiate due to the disfunctionality of Philistia as an interlocutor. The world does not ask Philisti permission to make the peace.
  19. These are Military and Diplomatic operations and procedures, any of the so-called pundits or philosophers which say words to the effect of, "The only way there can be peace is by negotiation," and "There is no military solution," are incorrect in their assessment. Any "solution" which does NOT take into consideration the military aspect of this subject is no solution in fact. This move of Philistia and establishment of UNALISAF Port Golan/Fort Golan is a de facto solution and requires no particular agreement by Israel with Philistia. Agreement would be nice but is not essential, and let us not step into the hypothetical where that is possible.
  20. For about 75 years the United Nations has made decisions which have often led to humanitarian crises. Europe is having very real trouble with the vast numbers of war refugees that do not just appear from a vacuum in space, the refugees come from the Middle East including the north of Africa. It should probably be pointed out here that the "Middle East" extends from Morocco (west coast of Africa) possibly to Pakistan (west of India) depending on how you figure things. This is immense. The United Nations should take an accounting of itself, particularly the Western Bloc nations - and quit making offensive war on the Middle East after having added and subtracted everything up in the accounting. The United Nations now feel the flood of these refugees which the United Nations, the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization being answerable for with so much offensive war on the Mid-East. United Nations, US, UK, Israel, NATO - stop making your war against the Middle East and be good to this planet and all of her peoples. The West should learn there are repercussions to all of the bellicose actions that the West takes up. To the West i say that what goes around comes around. An eye for an eye. What you do will come back to you. What you say will be yours to deal with someday. Roosevelt decided that he did not like how things were going in the League of Nations, he probably did not like the human empathy he saw directed towards the Semitic State of Philistia which has never been properly addressed as the State of Philistia. Being the horrible anti-Semitic Pharisee President that he was he shoed away the League of Nations and installed the United Nations to do his anti-Semitic bidding - in this case to show prejudice against the Middle East nations which are largely Semitic. There are the Aramaic-Semites. The Ethiopic-Semites. The Arabaic-Semites - not just the Hebraic-Semites. When the West makes offensive war on the Middle East - in general this is an anti-Semitic war which the West has such a lust to continue. Now the United Nations take up the role of the League of Nations and fall flat on their face with all of the irresponsibility shown. Correct yourselves. You the United Nations have a big project which needs closure in the Levant, where there still remain a great number of Bantustan camps, in particular in the State of Israel. We are going to have to move these people into their own home if we are ever going to see the Great War finally conclude.
  21. The Semitic State of Syria now has ____________ amount of foreign troops, ____________ amount of foreign tanks, ____________ amount of foreign attack jets, ____________ amount of foreign attack helicopters in the state of syria, any "agreement" which is made with syria can be rendered null and void by any just court as syria is under duress and pain of foreign armies, mercenaries, and terrorists. Any agreement might be seen as extortion.
  22. The State of Syria recognizes the legality of this agreement to establish right of ownership of these two individual nations Israel and Philistia that are no longer inside and outside of each other, no longer overlapping each other.
  23. Two-state solution: the two states in the "two-state" solution are syria and philistia, very much like the Gadsden Purchase

    the H-Bahn i am sure is a pretty penny
    the Nuclear Power generated in UNALISAF Fort Golan and then distributed to Lebanon, Syria, Philistia, Jordan, Israel costs a pretty penny
    the Desal Water processed in UNALISAF Fort Golan and then distributed to Lebanon, Syria, Philistia, Jordan, Israel costs a pretty penny
    the land, made sovereign legally costs a pretty penny
    the homes themselves for about 8 million people (not 8 million homes but -- everyone of the populace does not need their own homes -- some family members live in the same homes) -- it all costs a pretty penny
    the roads, streets, highways, exits, on-ramps, cloverleafs, bridges, tunnels cost a pretty penny
    the neighborhoods (roads, sidewalks, curbs, alleys,) costs a pretty penny
    the sea-mud and the hydromulch costs a pretty penny

    Loosely estimated costs costs run upwards of $100 Billion dollars, however on the bright side: Israel and the Five Families are at peace. The war ends and good riddance.

  25. Contingency Map IMG:
  26. The United Nations establish and administrate UNALISAF to man Port Golan and Fort Golan with the necessary forces and military equipment, hardware, armaments, materiel, munitions to prevent further war in, under, through, around, or over this port|fort region.
  27. Troops are drawn up for the UNAF United Nations Assistance Force, UNAL Arab League Armed Force, ISAF International Security Assistance Force and trained together to perform their duties in tandem in FORT GOLAN.
  28. In Fort Golan troops are garrisoned in the same concrete re-enforced barracks together - in other words these are tandem forces that train together and live together and patrol together and if necessary enforce the operations which may occur together - the troops are not to be set into different barracks according to UN nor AL nor ISAF categories. They live together and they work together to promote unit performance. The male troops are separated from the female troops.
    1. Male UNALISAF
    2. Female UNALISAF
  29. UNALISAF and NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the US 6th Fleet establish a beachhead and build Port Golan south of Lebanon and north of Israel.
  30. Contractor barges bring the Texas "T" Barriers to line the port, corridor, and the perimeter of Fort Golan to be placed by UNALISAF.
  31. (i am unsure of the water depth and dont know just yet if Port Golan will be a 'deep water' port - there may have to be underwater excavation, earth moving)
  32. DESAL international shipping container units are setup in Port Golan to desalinate a huge volume of water for now to the foreseeable future.
  33. PUMPS are setup in Port Golan.
  34. PIPES are laid out and constructed to carry clean desalinated water to water towers or water tanks (depending on elevation) in Fort Golan for Lebanon, Syria, Philistia, Jordan, Israel and also to feed into the Sea of Galilee.
  35. TOWERS, quite a great Water Towers system reckoned in the numbers of Towers, teamed with pumps/pipes project the desal water well in to Lebanon, Syria, Philistia, Jordan, Israel. Water is pumped from the Mediterranean Sea from Port Golan to Fort Golan. In Fort Golan the salty water is desalinated and becomes desal water thereafter. The desal water is then pumped in the 5 directions to intermediary towers as far as the system of towers can reasonably take the water. The desal water fills the last in each chain of towers and the desal water is gravity fed (downhill) to the various irrigation systems in each of the 5 countries. The desal water is pumped away from the Mediterranean Sea inland from one tower to the next tower to the next tower etc through each of the 5 chains of towers. So long as the 5 nations: Lebanon, Syria, Philistia, Jordan, Israel want the desal water (and voltage) to contnue to come down the line - so long will be the motivation to cooperate with the UNALISAF and be at a lasting and sustainable peace between the (5 families) the 5 nations. So long will the 5 nations support the UNALISAF fort golan and protect fort golan. This builds an integrity or a cohesiveness between the 5 nations. Unifying effect. I did not say the United States of Levant, and the 5 nations begin to share intel and watch out for each other's best interests. Strength in numbers. This is not an adversarial relationship.
  36. VOLTAGE is supplied to Lebanon, Syria, Philistia, Jordan, and Israel via at least one well protected UNALISAF nuclear reactor located in Fort Golan.
  37. UNALISAF does not allow military overflights, military endruns, military tunnels under, military breaches nor ballistics of anytype by any of the adjoining nations states countries upon military penalty of law and scuttling or confiscation of military equipment as the UNALISAF Commander sees fit. This includes Philistia which the international community goes to a Great Deal Of Effort to establish for Philistia a peaceful place to live and do not wish to see Philistia attack anyone nor be attacked by anyone thereafter. God willing.
  38. UNALISAF makes it clear that Israel is not to make any further war over, under, through, or around on the middle east neighbors upon military penalty, confiscation or scuttling as the UNALISAF Commander sees fit. Further that the UNALISAF is not to be used as a shield, from which Israel makes offensive war and then retreats behind the international shield.
  39. Israel, you need to be told to quit making war and you need to learn to obey.
  40. PDF Philistia Defense Force of Philistia draws up and trains with UNALISAF advisors the conventional forces in the new whereabouts of the State of Philistia, as any healthy country should, and PDF assists UNALISAF with the placement of the Texas "T" Barriers along their border with appropriate openings for checkpoints at roads for the Philisti defense and security in the national neighborhood. The ill-concept as President Obama put it that the demilitarization of Philistia could go on and somehow that would add up to "peace" is superceded by reality in which everyone has a right to self-defense and self protection. Philistia is not demilitarized, just like no one says, "Ok to make peace now we demilitarize the Israelinians."
  41. Philistia Defense Force acquires regular army attitudes, and also the uniforms of a regular army meaning the field dungaress and field jackets and boots etc, also the dress uniforms. To the field uniforms judging from the satellite photos i take it that the earth itself, the soil, is kind Plum colored,,,, not say the greens of Viet Nam, there is some gray in there,, just over the border to northeast is a big swatch of land that looks volcanic ash colored,,, anyway get the right uniforms for distinction which fit into the environs. Lead the way in exhibiting very small insignia which is generally overdone in the militaries. Be conservative.
  42. Philistia Defense Force go through basic training, UNALISAF will help you get setup and on track. Go through everything they say; they have experience in these matters. Go through the analogy of the Obstacle Course.
  43. Philistia Defense Force, after the move to the new wherabouts of Philistia, trains for two basic missions:
    1. Defense on a domestic front, this means internal actions of PDF to the interior of the border around Philistia, the interior of Philistia may have terrorist activity - be ready to put down any terroristic activity in the new Philistia - make videos of the operations and learn from your mistakes - get better, improve, excel, develop.
      1. Study the FM 90-10 Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) by Petraeus on this subject,, train for it, drill for it, there will be tests and pop quizzes.
    2. Defense on a foreign front, this means keeping foreign forces out of the whereabouts of Philistia, man and patrol the Texas T Barrier walls {i mean the concrete T walls pieces that you place around your country] around Philistia and handle the various routes entering and exiting the land of Philistia at checkpoints.
  44. Philistia Defense Force will likley be called upon for the phsyical protection of your state's political officials in the executive, legislative, and judicial vines.
  45. Once moved Philistia should see to getting hired and trained a police force and firefighting force which improves and gets better and better as time unfolds. The PPF Philistia Police Force and the PFF Philistia firefighting force should integrate well with the PDF Philistia Defense Force.
  46. Philistia Defense Force get your esprit de corps going and never seek to set up a cycle of revenge/vendetta with Israel or the West in general. Seek to make allies, not enemies. Seek to establish normalized stabile relations with all the neighbors in the national neighborhood and all the nations of the world. Do not be a rogue state, to the contrary show you have your minds right on this subject.
  47. UNALISAF solely has dibs on the acronym 'UNALISAF' like a trademark ™ or copyrighted © or registrated ® insignia or logo, no other group can come along and usurp/imposture/subjugate the UNALISAF acronym upon military penalty of espionage.
  48. UNALISAF has its own Courts Martial chambers on the premises of Fort Golan and sit on a Military Tribunal with seven JAG Judge Advocates General that are drawn up from their own UNALISAF ranks.
  49. UNALISAF in Port Golan and Fort Golan draft up a document to be published in a manual the International Code of Military Justice which reaffirms the Geneva Conventions and Human Rights judiciously and with military wisdom and common sense.
  50. UNALISAF in Port Golan and Fort Golan write up, to be in the same manual, ROE rules of engagement for the forces to know their duty as combat may occur each moment - this is important as three forces [UNAF ALAF ISAF] serving in tandem, shoulder-to-shoulder, and pretty much representing the civilized world need to have their role made clear to them. Tell them their mission clearly.
  51. UNALISAF in Fort Golan has its own jail facilities where appropriate incarceration takes place.
  52. UNALISAF in Fort Golan does not allow any residency in Fort Golan by Lebanese, Syrian, Philisti, Jordanian, nor Israeli citizens nor military.
  53. UNALISAF does not torture, and enhanced interrogation techniques are torture.
  54. UNALISAF in Fort Golan has no less than 500,000 troops at all times.
      [here i kinda need some pro experts [[mattis]] to write out a list of what is needed by UNALISAF, number of 'redball express' trucks meaning 3 axle troop heavy trucks, number of hummers, number of helicopters, number of attack jets, number of stinger shoulder fired rockets, number of the raytheon defense shields, number of armory small arms, number of tanks, number of armored cars, number of striker vehicles, number of naval craft, aicraft carrier(s), number of howitzers (artillery), number of tomahawk missiles, munitions, ammo, ordnance depot, number of hardened physical buildings, bomb resistant - possibly underground or 3/4 underground, trenches to be dug and roads to be laid inside the trenches ]
  55. UNALISAF mission parameters:
    1. UNALISAF supplies power (voltage) to Lebanon, Syria, Philistia, Jordan, Israel.
    2. UNALISAF supplies desal water to Lebanon, Syria, Philistia, Jordan, Israel.
    3. UNALISAF provides security and assistance to Lebanon, Syria, Philistia, Jordan, Israel.
    4. UNALISAF provides military justice in this region so absent any justice for so many decades.
    5. UNALISAF prevents war between:
      1. Israel attacks on Philistia
        1. Israel no longer attack Philistia, dont get blown out of the sky by UNALISAF nor have your soldiers/people arrested by UNALISAF nor your armaments confiscated / scuttle by UNALISAF. UNALISAF can confiscate monies from your banks as well so be careful. UNALISAF can confiscate your land as well so be very careful.
        2. If Canada dislikes something going on in America, Canada is not free to go fire up Attack Jets / Missiles and bomb hell out of America as that would be terrorism by Canada. Likewise it is terror when Israel bombs Philistia.
        3. Israel cease your terrorism.
        4. This is the scene where Israel joins up with civilization and quits making offensive war on the world as a whole. Quit making war Israel. Do your homework.
          1. Love thy neighbor Israel.
      2. Philistia attacks on Israel
      3. Israel attacks on Syria
      4. Syria attacks on Israel
      5. Israel attacks on Lebanon
      6. Lebanon attacks on Israel
      7. Jordan has good relations with Israel now, and Egypt has good relations with Israel now.
      8. UNALISAF considers flyovers over Jordan for example to get at [attack] Philistia to be a form of end-running which UNALISAF forbids under penalty of military law with punitive measures including scuttling or confiscation of Israel's military equipment etc as the UNALISAF Commander sees fit.
      9. UNALISAF takes up daily humanitarian aid in the region and helps with Reconstruction of the infrastructure in all these countries that have been at war for so many decades now.
      10. Israel, no longer be mortally afraid of peace.
      11. Israel your neighbors: Lebanon, Syria, Philistia, Jordan are semitic, your lust to attack them is an anti-Semitic lust. They are Arabaic-Semite, you are primarily Hebraic-Semite. You are both Semitic groups. Israel cease your anti-Semitism.
      12. US UK and Israel cease imposing your anti-Semitism on the Semitic State of Philistia held hostage in 'bantustan' camps.
  56. Contrary to the fad-like abuse of the words: "Offense" and "Defense" there is no particular Right of Offense anywhere in the Universe.
  57. IDF Israel Defense Force assumes a far less forward stance-posture respecting the sovereignty and borders and boundaries and thereby Israel's security and safety are increased demanding less counter-warfare by the neighboring countries. The offensive invasion by Israel of Philistia ends, thus the counter-warfare by the middle-eastern bloc on defense against the western bloc on offense also ends. The catalyst for this Great War begun about 1911 at the port of haifa, palestine is ultimately ceased by this move of Philistia into the new whereabouts of the State of Philistia. This makes for far better Foreign Relations for Israel.
  58. Israel has a right of self-defense.
  59. Philistia has a right of self-defense.
  60. Israel has right of self-determination, freedom, independence, safety and security.
  61. Philistia has right of self-determination, freedom, independence, safety and security.
  62. The state of philistia, once the move has taken place, must have millions of homes be brought to the whereabouts of Philistia, also to avoid resentment and a reverberation or after shock if there is population backflow from Philistia into Syria or Jordan or Lebanon - their states may need to be provided a million surplus homes also. [in other words as-suwayda residents pick up and move elsewhere since here come the palestinians] These are architecturally retrofitted international shipping container homes, that are suited out with living rooms and kitchens and bedrooms and bathrooms, electricity and plumbing and insulation and air conditioning and insulation and interiors: wall panels and carpeting and recessed lighting. To America and England and Europe and to Saudi Arabia - these are the costs when we say: "here let us just pick up the population of this demographic (israel-in-europe) and move them to another bloc, damn the torpedoes" i mean this makes for ripples or repurcussions - this is the cost of doing what we are doing between our blocs, when John F. Kennedy says, "that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend" here the cost is when we stop blowing air.. .. This is what it costs, to set up israel with israel's own safe place WITHOUT bantustan camps towards israel's center, forever smearing israel's good name - this is what it costs to fix the problem which we created in the first place. It is hardly fair for the other parts of the world, you know the 195 or so nations to all shoulder the costs - they have their own costs to have to deal with, their own natural disasters, to pay for our man-made-disaster (fiasco), such that it is.
  63. The state of philistia, once the move has taken place, gets its own telephone system, its own satellite television system, its own internet service providence system, clearly independent from the israelian systems. No utilities war.
  64. The State of Philistia gets its own broadcast television and radio station and towers, its own COM tower(s), its own terrestrial dishes, it own satellite dishes. SOP (stater of philistia) does not broadcast terrorist crap, but puts out wholesome good media and has smart public relations teams that guide what is put out over the waves. Philistia do not make war over the tv and radio waves. Let that part of history blow away with the next wind. Gently.
  65. The State of Philistia, as of the move, gets its own solar panels fields, these are in the gray ground eco-system to the east (looks like MARS out there)--- this means collection but batteries must also house the voltage. This is if my Electricity Machine does not work. If my electricity machine does work then Philistia is granted many millions of the machine by the international community. Dont get hopes up now it most likely does not work. If my machine does work it is just short of a major miracle, so - we know that solar panels work, with all the limitations and the difficulty and expense of the 12 volt batteries plus inverters to store the energy,,, and i suppose if the panels are too far from the point-of-use there is voltage drop - requiring repeaters,, but tis CAN be doen and be indenpendent from any other nation for electrical power (a gotta have)
  66. I was thinking - both Walmart and Home Depot might be willing to open a store each inside of the FORT GOLAN,,, which could feed into lebanon, syria, philistia, jordan, and israel if this was handled correctly - like maybe you shop by way of internet and then go and pick the merchandise up from a (post office?) at the opening of a wall opening built for this purpose,,, or maybe UNALISAF delivers very much in the UPS or FEDEX mode,, let me think on this
  67. I prefer Church's Fried Chicken to Kentucky Fried Chicken, i prefer Pizza Inn to Pizza Hut, i prefer Pepsi to Coke, i prefer Wyatt's to Luby's (cafeterias), i love 7-11 (oh thank heaven for seven eleven) but these things are truly not up to me, perhaps the State of Philistia might attract a number of franchises to Philistia,,,, Bonanza is good (buffet), Cracker Barrel is good, Grandy's is good, Taco Bueno is excellent (a lot better than Del Taco), get you some Shell and Mobil and Exxon gas stations.
  68. State of Philistia builds at least two major hospitals and several smaller clinics.
  69. State of Philistia builds a number of firehouses and several police stations.
  70. The State of Philistia builds two major structures or else one major structure depending on traditions of which i am unfamiliar. What i mean is a government building and/or a religious (Mosque) building. They could be consolidated. But this should be a new building for the new Philistia which is modern in every way. Further there should be pools of water (with fountains of fresh water for the drinking or refreshment of the feet and hands and faces) encircling the building(s) with walkways and plenty of trees and grasses and whatnot, shrubberies all beautifully designed in an integral sense. Shaded areas like carports on the walkways with park benches. The CIA used to have some pretty good looking carport type structures up at Langley.
  71. Levant H-Bahn linking the cities: beirut, damascus, golan, salam, amman, jerusalem, which may lead to a unit cohesiveness - across state borders
  72. Levant H-Bahn Map with Routes and Stations
  73. Salam, Philistia
    سلام بلاد الفلسطينيين
  74. LAND prep
  75. ARCHITECTURE: i advise using these retrofitted international freight containers for both residenttial and commercial,
    KEY to this operation is the LANDSCAPING and good design sensibilities:
    1. HOMES:
  76. There is a great deal of deliberation as to the size, dimensions, and national shapes of the boundary(boundaries) and border(s) of Philistia - the illustration is a general placement of philistia and is not meant to be empirical nor absolute.
  77. Israel is no longer allowed to hold any Philisti camps, nor prisoners, nor Philisti citizens, this is obvious. The hostages are rescued from the hostage takers which are humanely and safely liberated by UNALISAF.
    1. Like Germany, Israel lives with the historical fact of Israel having held hostage 78 anti-Semitic endo-philistia concentration camps and expelled to 34 anti-Semitic exo-philistia concentration camps the Semitic nation of Philistia as a stain or blemish on Israel's historical report card. This report card is a very pro-Israel and pro-Semitic accounting of the anti-Semitic offensive actions and attitudes of the Israelians imposed upon the Semitic State of Philistia.
    2. By the way on the report card let us point out that Israel held hostage the Semitic State of Philistia inside of the concentration camps about 11 times as long [since 1947 or so when the terror-tanks were smuggled into the port of haifa, palestine from UK and then more terror-tanks were smuggled into the port of haifa, palestine by the US - then the anti-Semitic terrorist tank commander Arial Sharon took those terror-tanks and terrorized teh semitic state of philistia by cutting across philistia down to the city of Al-Rash (occupation name: Eliat) in the gulf of aqaba which cut the semitic state of philistia into two camps: the north-eastern camp (west bank) and the south-western camp (gaza)] as the Germans held the concentration camps of Europe - if i recall correctly the whole World War 2 (they like to call it World War 2 even though World War 1 has yet to end here in tne Levant) lasted only 6 years.
    3. Israel witnesses (the Israelinians witness) that the Star of David flag assumes its place it earned with the other Nazi symbols such as the German Swastika flag, and the South African apartheid flag, and Khmer Rouge flag in their holocaust in the Killing Fields of Laos and Cambodia. We shall always remember and we shall never forget this Holocaust in the Holyland. Public sisplay of these anti-Semitic symbols is also considered anti-Semitic in nature andattitude.
    4. So long as the US UK and the Israelians continue by proxy to hold hostage these 112 anti-Semitic war camps of Semites (the Semitic State of Philistia) so long will the US UK and Israel remain anti-Semitic Nazi-Apartheid terrorists, and thereafter have to deal with these facts being on their record (report card). Like the Confederate Flag the flags of the US UK and Israel are meant to strike fear into the hearts of those that the US UK and the Israelians terrorized. This is what happens when you use a national symbol while committing nazi acts. The symbol gets imprinted on the memories, no healthy way to remove it. The US UK and Israel did this to themselves, but in general they dont care what the symbols mean.
    5. These anti-Semitic actions taken by the US UK and the Israelians against the Semitic State of Philistia were done (and are still being done to date) on invasionary offensive attack mode. This is not defense this is offense. I know it is hard to communicate with Americans [due to the cradle-to-the-grave goebbels-like propaganda program in the US) but their is a difference in the meaning of the words: Offense and Defense. The words do not mean the same thing.
    6. Israel does not accept any further US State Department Aid and pays back the loan of some $263 Billion dollars, plus interest, to the United States Treasury. Israel apologizes to the People of America for receiving the funds in the first place, but Israel never thanks the People of the United States for the loan.
    7. Israel agrees to paying 'US Federal Taxes' just like any other US State to the United States Treasury.
    8. Absolutely desperate to pay off the debt saddled upon the Citizens of the United States [as prescribed by the foreign owned "Federal" Reserve, see: Rothschild-Bauer] by the so-called Washington DC "Representatives" which persist to this day that they are actually representing us, the People wish to point out that we are quite bankrupt and just giving the money away to Israel like dollars grew on trees.
    9. Israel experiences an epiphany whereby Israel comes to understand that America is hemorrhaging money still fighting World War 1, which no American has the balls nor the ovum to see clearly as a World War 1 when the Western Bloc sends forces of anykind to the Middle Eastern Bloc to steal away a state from the Middle East Bloc - nor how that causes perpetual world war so long as that goes on. And it begins with the Invasion of Philistia as the Israelian (Israelese) boat people stepped off of the boats at the port in Haifa, Philistia in 1911 forward.
  78. There is great concern from all quarters that the religious sites and structures be compassionately cared for even is this means moving a number of them from Jerusalem to Philistia.
  79. optionally for sites that are appropriate the international community, the 195 nations, the United Nations, the League of Arab States see to the proper engineering to create the elevated trains from and to some of the neighboring countries, with appropriate security measures handled by the IDF Israeli Defense Force to ensure safety and well being of the tourists and adherents and visitors while visiting inside of israel
  80. it is pointed out to the press that this is not an ethnic cleansing by the state of israel, this is an international task of individualizing these two nations: israel and philistia, to where the two nations are no longer inside and outside of each other and the world removes the refugee camps in the process and the operation should be meticulously carefully handled by the United Nations and realize that these are mostly war numbed civilians that truly need some concern shown to them to get things straightened out and resolved
  81. the 195 or so nations of the United Nations recognize that israel must have enough space to defend israel against landwarfare and airwarfare, meaning the north of israel AND the south of israel, should battle ever break out again similar to the six day war, while simultaneously recognizing Israel must not be burdened any longer with as President Carter put it: "cage camps" and Prime Minister Cameron put it: "prison camps"
  82. various contractors are employed and deployed to build the PORT GOLAN for the internation forces to reach FORT GOLAN with acronym UNALISAF
  83. desalination (desal) units are setup at port golan in international shipping container sized units, and pumps are setup to pump desal water to the unalisaf fort golan to be collected in various water towars and water tanks depending on elevation
  84. desaled water is gravity fed to lebanon tanks, syria tanks, philistia tanks, jordan tanks, israel tanks, sea of galilee - okay here i must refer you to experts about whether or not by gravity the naturally formed river beds if sea of galilee filling up will feed down into dead sea or not, i am unsure of which one is downhill from the other,,,, it seems like dead sea could become the sea of life without too much trouble
  85. the United Nations moves by mini vans or suv all philistia citizens from israel and transports the philisti citizens to philisti international shipping container architecturally retro-fitted homes where the philisti citizens take up residence in a reasonable, orderly, peaceful, compassionate, careful process which is non-violent and dignified operation
  86. the United Nations clear all philisti citizens from gaza, west bank, jerusalem, and negev so that know one can claim that there is any part of philisita state still inside of the state of israel, this is a national individualization
  87. with certain exceptions of hospital, fire department, (gas stations) etc - gaza is razed flat
  88. with aid form the United Nations the former residents of gaza transport with them all the greenhouses and i beams and wood and glass etc they can possibly transport from gaza to the new philistia
  89. funds are allocated for egypt to build a great number of apartment units and some homes in sinai say west of Al-Arish on the coast for gazans who wish to still live on the coast - this will mean that egypt grants citizenship to the former residents of gaza from philisti to egyptian citizens, this is migration in a national sense and not just migration in a physical lovcation sense
  90. IMF International Monetary Fund experts and the World Bank aid the State of Philistia to re-establish their own mint and centralized banking system rapidly in the new location of philistia.
  91. a number of factories are established in philistia to draw workers from the philistia populace
  92. the United Nations transport from egypt, and israel, and jordan, and syria, and lebanon the great numbers - millions of them according the UN and delver them to their new residences in the new philistia
  93. philistia is irrigated properly
  94. sprinkling is done at night on each lot of land in philistia and hydromulching trucks come and spray the green mulch onto the ground
  95. philistia draws up and trains with USARMY advisors the PDF Palestia Defense Force this is a regular army force as philistia will need to protect itself with the unrest in kurd region, iraq, and the terrorism that is going on nowdays along the euphrates - it is not okay to call the terrorists in eastern syria SIC "Islamic State" as the 57 OIC Organisation of Islamic Cooperation nations, which are bona fide authentic genuine islamic states, should indicate to the unknowing western bloc and the western bloc's unknowing and uneducated press and politicians,,, when one encounters a bunch of terrorists in east syria call them a bunch of terrorists - not "islamic state" just another example of the west's xenophobia
  96. texas "T" barriers are brought in and arranged all around the state of philistia by the UNALISAF forces to delineate exactly where the state of philistia is,,, with appropriate openings for the various routes in and out of philistia with the checkpoints and country to country relationships that are normal and military to military relationships which are normal
  97. the state of philistia issues its own passports
  98. the state of philistia issues its own currency and stamps its own coins
  99. the state of philistia has its own seat at the United Nations
  100. the US State Department and UK Foreign Ministry go to any length to provide expertise and assistance to get the new nation of Philistia up and running as quickly as possible
  101. the International Court of Justice recognizes the status of the state of philistia contingent upon philistia moving into the new developed philistia whereabouts between jordan and syria
  102. the International Court of Justice recognizes the formerly "gaza" and the formerly "west bank" and "jerusalem" and "negev" et al as being no longer held by the state of philistia but are now the state of israel contingent upon the migration to the new philistia
  103. the International Court of Justice recognizes that the state of philistia has no right to vote in any state of israel vote and vice versa, further the International Court of Justice recognizes that israel has no right to tax philistia
  104. the United Nations work with President Bashar al-Assad of Syria and the legislature of People's Council of Syria to come to an agreement on the land deal which must occur - this includes an understanding that the current residents on the land either become philisti citizens or else move to other parts of sysria in this accomodation and apportionment of land
  105. humans quit mis-pronouncing the "the Palestinians" as that is a typographical error,, Philistia is the proper noun word,, it is like saying Ethiopia or Philadelphia, saying "Palestinians" is like saying "Israelinians" and shows poor observation of proper protocols and respect, where one says "Israeli" one should also say, "Philisti" or the more formal, "Philistian" where one might say "Israelian" ---- Philistia has been their name for several thousand years - it is only when we witness the modern-education of man do we see the fumbling of the word: Palestinian - correct yourselves, discipline yourselves and call Philistia by its proper name with respect and dignity
  106. this United Nations relocation of the philisti people into the new whereabouts of the recognized state of philistia (outside of the state of israel) supercedes all previous armistices, treaties, summits, cease-fires, truces, agreements, plans, accords, pacts, liabilities, obligations, conventions, concords, arrangements, accomodations, contracts, boundaries, borders; furthermore any relevant prior cases brought in suit to the International Criminal Court on this subject are summarily dismissed
  107. Optionally moving Al Aqsa to the whereabouts of the moved State of Philistia from Jerusalem, Israel:
    1. Al Aqsa Mosque (measured from space) about 158.4 feet - this is not the best of news if we are required to move it, gently
    2. I will anticipate that there will be minimal support for moving Al Aqsa, and carry out my plan with the presumption that Al Aqsa remains where it is now..
  108. I anticipate the world and the unenlightened unknowing uninformed unaware gentile goy Pharisees will be kept in the dark about their religion being bait and switched on them during the last diaspora (about 78 AD to 1911 AD), Pharisaism (140 BC to present) = Talmud/Torah.,
    and they will resist the anti-Semitic truth about what happened with their religion which was Judaism in centuries past but is now Pharisaism (Modern Pharisaism) incorrectly called: "Judaism."
  109. I anticipate that the Pharisee subjugation of Judaism, (Judaism = Tanakh meaning Old Testament) will continue for now.
  110. Still the awareness that the Pharisees continue their religious war against Judaism will come to light eventually - and i will be long gone by then - so let me add at this time that there should be at least three or four major structures to be built inside the old fort jerusalem meaning the Old City of Jerusalem:
    1. Judaism Temple for the Jews (Tanakh) approximately the dimensions of the Larkin Building, to the west somewhat of the Western Wall - far enough west that the H-Bahn railway can pass through there between the two religions and between the two buildings (between judaism and pharisaism)
    2. Christian Church (Bible - Old Testament/New Testament) approximately the dimensions of the Japanese Imperial Hotel, larger main room
    3. Western Wall for the Pharisaism Synagogue (Talmud/Torah) bldg approximately 100 m transverse, and 475 m longitude
    4. The evidence of the presence of these three religions is in their founding documents (religious texts) or political manifestos (whichever the case may be) which point out the need for individual holy places of their own in the Old City Jerusalem for Judaism (Tanakh meaning Old Testament), Christianity (Old Testament and New Testament), and Pharisaism (Talmud and/or Torah),
      (Judaism (Judea) has been the subject of war brought by Pharisaism (Israel) in an anti-Semitic religious war of subjugation against Judaism which goes on to this very day - and requires no clarification - however Islam should be allowed to build a nice new Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem with out any hassle from Judaism, Christianity, nor Pharisaism)
      (Pharisaism should stop claiming the use of the word Judaism to describe their own religion, as that term is from another religion, the Pharisees should no longer be afraid to call their religion by its proper name: either Pharisaism or Talmudism, the words: Judaism, and Jew, and Judaic, and Jewish belong to another religion than Pharisaism, Israel cease making anti-Semitic war on Judea now), Judaism has dibs on the words: "Jew and Jewish and Judaism" and these words are not to be stolen away by the Pharisees who have their own Talmud/Torah religion - which is not Judaism. The Pharisees of Israel want and wanted their own religion SEPARATE from Judaism and achieved that separation in history about (140 BC) a century and a half before Christ's ministry, this is what the word "Pharisee" means is separate. It is blasphemy for a Pharisee to refer to himself or herself a Jew as to do so is to continue the Pharisaic anti-Semitic religious war of subjugation on Judaism.

      "Synopsis: A forensic accountant un-cooks the books for illicit clients."
      Israelian Pharisees making anti-Semitic war on Judea and Judaism for thousands of years now --------
      1. Judaism
      2. Christianity
      3. Pharisaism
  111. The Holy Koran has its own clarity and is not confuscated like Judaism and Pharisaism still are for now. Allow me here to say my thanks to Muhammed the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him, and that i would like to list out the Surahs of Islam's Koran in a similar manner to the way in which above i list out the various books of the Tanakh (Old Testament) and the New Testament and the Talmud and Torah. I understand that the Koran (Quran) was written by the Angel Gabriel and Muhammed PBUH from 609 to 632 AD or common era.
    Islamic Koran Surahs
  112. Optionally the Islamic Muslim religion might like to build another Mosque that is modern, this is fine as there is plenty of room in old city of Jerusalem.
  113. testing 123
as long as Philistia remains inside Israel, with Israel surrounding (war tactic) and Israel dividing (war tactic) then for as long as that goes on there are the Bantustan-like camps of Philistia and there is the war perpetuated,, in order to fix the conflict Philistia must not be inside of Israel - AND - Israel must have the north south east and west of Israel to defend Israel,, as is illustrated in this map which clearly shows Israel with too small a piece of land to defend Israel should combat break out such as in the 6 Days War.