"The right of the people to keep and bear...arms shall not be infringed. A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country...." (James Madison, I Annals of Congress 434 [June 8, 1789])

human right, natural right, god-given right, inalienable right, universal right, sovereign right, utopian right to bear arms, civil right, moral right, legal right, constitutional right

the NRA seems to have never heard of an infringement that they didnt like
or couldnt get all warm with after a good deal of time and pressure,
this while simultaneously claiming their "support" of the 2nd Right

'if you wish to gun control your own gun, that is your right,,,
when you wish to gun control my gun - you have just started Civil War'

we still got two outta three branches of the government workin' for us, and that ain't bad

well what are antsy pantsy nancy pelosi and chuck "red" schumer going to counter with? $2 dollars?
fucking space cadets - not a military mind between them, over their heads

hell they WANT the criminals breaching the border [constituency]

unable to make competent military decisions, it is good the
founding fathers provided for a Commander-in-Chief to make these hard decisions for them
[since nance and chuck lack the aptitude/responsibility to make this sort of military decision]

and i understand that the military budget anticipated this episode,, the wall is already funded, and all it took for pelosi / schumer fiasco to ruin their reputations was $1

are they, in all of their arrogance, going to pass on all the sweeten-the-deal items also? i'm not certain they should be in govt

q, look at my electricity machine, get voltage to everyone on earth, cooperate with your creator's designs for all the species, free the earth, make every person on earth more and more sovereign, each plot of land more and more sovereign, dont pretend/deceive the ppl into thinking my electricity machine was given to you 1,000 years ago by extra terrestrial aliens, give proper credit where it is due, overdue

apparently q intends to leave cnn [turner/abc/disney?] foxnews [murdoch] msnbc nbc [rockefeller] cnbc googlenews huffingtonpost abcnews cbsnews ap upi haaretz etc in place as the state media and leave the false state/bank textbooks in place churning out the same goyem and this will receive the false-label of: "the great awakening"

as a primarily partisan "movement" q is already set up to fail

q falls flat on q's face:
q's absence of history correction re: what is pharisee and what is jew
q's absence of firmament
q's absence of flat earth
q's presence of globe earth
q's presence of extraterrestrial aliens - no et let inside of the firmament, the idea is antithetical to a benificent creator, this thinking is barbaric like unto the circus and the bread mentality
trump's anti-American attacks on 2nd right of the bill of rights - which ends "trust"
q's presence of successful moon apollo shots when in fact they could not get out of the firmament
q's presence of successful mars rovers when in fact they could not get out of the firmament
q's presence of successful voyager I and II leaving the solar system when in fact they could not get out of the firmament
with disclaimer of: disinfo/misinfo necessary - which means disregard all info on qanon.pub page
what is necessary is for gov/mil to cease the deceptions
we dont buy your bullshit
and btw: w had a D5 envelope sitting upright on the back of his seat, not that it really matters all that much,
if the whole criminal nature of US govt [d&r] is kept covert, never making it to the textbooks - there is no "great awakening" and not all that much difference between all the modern admins, the target audience is at least 7 billion ppl, not solely deep state dorks

q = bunch of fucking amateurs

1. science - rowbotham, known mileage of equator, distance ✕ miles² = curvature
2. science - theodolites, earth's measurable proximity to moon and sun [less than 300 miles]
3. science - nsa/mil/nasa own docs which admit these facts
3.1. http://www.testingtheglobe.com/media/FE-Military-Gov-Docs.txt

nsa fbi dia cia dea cnn foxnews msnbc cbs abc nbc snl-weekend-update cnbc cbn googlenews huffington post washington post new york times = legacy deranged conspiracy theory cult, self-evident 9-11, columbine, sandy hoax, 7/7 in uk, aurora theater, church hoax, police, marshalls, sheriffs, fire dept, mayors, city admins

democrats: watch which dogs ya run with

democrats: [you're on the wrong team; martin short, chevy chase, steve martin, david letterman]

Dinesh D'Souza, gently: we find it disingenuous for you to feign a lack of expertise re: our 2nd right in the Bill of Rights, we must have the 2nd Right - without all of these infringements imposed which negate our 2nd "Amendment" Rights. We need your thinking on this Constitutional subject. In the masterpiece: "Hillary's America.." you go so far as to refer to Ida B. Wells and the utter necessity of blacks to have their 2nd Amendment rights in place to be able to defend themselves from the attacks of the kkk-dems..

"She made the remarkable statement
that what blacks actually needed
was Second Amendment rights.
Throughout the South,
when they passed the Black Codes,
they put in provisions that if you
were black, you couldn't own a gun.
So that means that the KKK
rides up into your yard,
you don't have anything
to defend yourself with.
So the Second Amendment
was very important to blacks.
It was something that she championed
because she knew that as long
as they were unarmed,
they would be prey to white racists."

1960 two amendments which re-confirm law already set into the Constitution and similarity to the current Bill of Reciprocal/Reciprocity; in other words a licensed citizen may travel from one state to another state with concealed carry when the supreme law of the land is supposed to enumerate that right in the first place

enforce the existing law in the first place

Dinesh: dont hide your light under a bushel,
all my thanks
--- shoots

national rights, not to be superseded by town, county, nor state laws especially not licensing nor permitting as these are infringements,

daniel boone walks from his fort in boonesburough, kentucky to his gunsmith in lancaster, pennsylvania to have an improved rifle design made - all the while he is well armed, traveling from state to state - just as we should be in america today, only now there are millions more ppl in america which increases our need to remain well armed, firearm in hand, we do not need new law to reconfirm the 2nd Amendment, in fact we need to enforce the 2nd Amendment which is constantly being attacked by the NRA and members of the legislature and judicial and executive branches who by the way take an oath to PROTECT the Constitution, not attack it

in no other case than the 2nd Right do you actually see ppl calling themselves "liberals" and "conservatives" who fight AGAINST our civil rights, the poor brainwashed livestock
sheep = dems
cattle = reps
baaaaaaa, moooooooo


francis calls US border wall immoral
border/boundary walls are a military necessity, fundamental to protecting our nation
what is immoral is NOT protecting our fine nation

military borders/boundaries of our fine nation

i think before they leave mexico - they must have maps of where they are going to go in america - like a safe house or a depot house,, an address, a specific point they are going to, and then from that point they have a ride pre-arranged/set up for whatever region/state they are going to live in,, i think it is far more organized and assembly line like,, it is like an infiltration machine, not so haphazard as like Born In East LA

organized like in The Sting, practiced, i also think that the word has trickled on to the grapevine that America cant protect the borders, they come from all over the world,,,, the globalists also dont want a Nation of the US, it is like the old technique of the doctors to "let" the patient,, slice open the patient

chuck "red" schumer and nancy "grossy" pelosi want america weak - for whatever is the reason, graft/blackmail.... something [illegal constituency?]

'eyes of history'

(re: q and the "great awakening")
the awakening is not great so long as that awakening remains covert/secret,
the authorship of the textbooks must be taken from the hands of the fronts for the banks like houghton-mifflin, history must be rewritten by a hand which is not partisan

the 'eyes of history' should have the accurate story before them to take in and get an A+

it all doesnt make a hill of beans
until it makes it into the school textbooks
so the old saying is: "the victors write the history"
which if q and the spooks never rewrite the history books
they havent done all that much,

this cannot stay secret and covert and simultaneously be a great awakening,

in at least the high school and college textbooks, it needs to explain how g h w bush participated in the assassination of jfk, and how g w bush participated with r cheney to defraud and attack america on 9/11

these are just two of the many items which need to be taught,,,

how the media news channels participated in the terrorism of america with all these fake school shootings etc

the thai cambodia concentration camps, the japanese concentration camps in america, the us and uk concentration camps more recently in iraq, the eisenhower concentration camps of german military, the hundreds of concentration camps in england of german military, the 112 philisti concentration camps of the nation of philistia by the pharisees still in 2019, oh and the european concentration camps of the pharisees or displaced israelian and judean populations for 6 little old years in what we currently call "world war 2" for all the wrong reasons

r murdoch, t turner, hollywood moguls as well are complicit in this fake school shootings etc terrorism and should receive punishment whether q is man enough to do it or not

qanons = cannons

search at d.tube seems as hacked as the yt cocksuckers


like horizon rollback rx replaces norton goback
like horizon drive cloner replaces norton ghost/clone
like advanced system care ultimate replaces norton utilities
like cloudflare public dns servers replace google public dns servers
like duckduckgo search replaces google search
like chrome replaces internet explorer at least for the present
what replaces: google, youtube, gmail etc
when the federal government will not protect us the people from alphabet's monopoly via anti-trust measures by congress