Live Update: Tracking Hurricane Maria Hit To Puerto Rico

macron 9-20-2017-2.58a texas time (AD)
if Kim Jong-un has a tag of rocket man, then what do we call the man-tan-man ?

flock of seagulls ?

i mean we have rockets too, we shoot them off whenever the hell we want to for that matter totally disregarding sovereign borders when we do (as steely-eyed rocketmen), we also have intercepting rockets which we impotently did not use to defend japan,, so isnt the man-tan-man impotent-rocketman himself,, i mean what, we couldnt get it up when it came right down to defending japan ? how does that work,, isnt he aware that those around him in Washington DC ordered the firing the of the "north korea" missile(s) - to draw attention away from the spotlight mainshow of nazism holding hostage the Semitic State of Philistia in concentration camps for our whole lives which is the catalyst of this world war one

its his vaudeville schtick: macho bellicose adolesent hypeing, and foreign policy and foreign relations suffer as the result,,,,, the anti-Semitism imposed upon the Semitic State of Philistia, the fantasy that we in the US UK and the Israelinians are not highest on the list of terrorist nations,,,,, what we need is intelligent wise leaders for a long time after having so many oaf-goons for so many decades in a row

it is sad, just pitiful we do not have better leaders in the executive branch and the legislative branch, the judicial branch,,, again it is a casting problem in the big show,, we have the wrong people and the right people are never offered to us,,,,,,,

how utterly repellent


looking around,, significant blow to mexico,, god bless mexico