i understand [read rumor of] that trump offers a more "natural" map than this one which is more of an "abstract" map,,,
still it is a good idea to move Palestine out of Israeline,, the "two state solution" now is between Egypt and Philista - so be it

i understand you ppl accuse trump of bigotry and anti-racism,,,,
if one is FOR a race that is Racism, if one is AGAINST a race that is anti-Racism - regardless of the way that these words' meanings are twisted by your uneducated/educated masses,,,,,,,,,,,, if you are FOR soccer that is Soccerism, if you are AGAINST soccer that is anti-Soccerism - check your use of human language ppl

let me now remind you of what horrible anti-Semtic bigots that the Clintons were, let me remind you of what horrible anti-Semitic bigots the Bushes were, let me remind you of what horrible anti-Semitic bigots the Obamas were,,,,,,,, as all of these occupied office and when they came to office the US by proxy of Israel held hostage the Semitic Palestia by nazi concentration camp walls throughout the terms and still held hostage the nation of palestine at the end of each of the terms [before during and after terms]

whereas trump has put forth a good plan for the israels and philistias to follow,,,,, it means moving palestine out of israeline,

trump has also forwarded the idea of a wall between the US and Mexico, which we need, whether or not you are bright enough to understand and agree with the wall [we need a wall not just an idea of a wall] we also need a wall between the US and Canada as this border is the longest unguarded border on the face of the earth, which happens to do a lot of drug traffic [end-runs] from the south of America even though the US Coast Guard, NSA, DEA, CIA, US ARMY, USNAVY do a great deal of interception on the attempted end runs to the north border by the drug cartels - it still goes on even though we do have defenses --- we need a wall between the US and Canada as well as we need a wall the US and Mexico

------------ the wall(s) should be coffered to use less concrete,, making a lighter module, whether or not anyone has submitted a coffered wall as a prototype ------------ i have the AutoCAD drawings of what should be built

let me find the wall drawings,,,,,,,,, and i will upload and link you to the drawing(s):

if you say that the Philisti nation is not Semitic - you are part of the bigoted/anti-Racist/prejudiced/uneducated group of assholes keeping the world in perpetual world war [since about 1911],,,,,, Israel is largely Semitic though not entirely - this is determined by the language that is used [like the English people speak largely the English language].......... this language is Hebraic-Semite, Philistia has a larger percentage of Semites than Israel as Philistia speaks the Arabaic-Semite language [Arabaic],,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and in general you are the type which needs to be educated about the nature of the nazi concentration camps with which the UN US UK and Israel hold hostage the Semitic nation of philistia (which is pronounced: Philistia - not Palestine, which is like saying Israeline]