let's see that asshole alec baldwin
talk about our economy being up 50%
6 million new jobs
3.1% gdp
getting the 9-11 payments to the people expeditiously, nypd nyfd families
opening up the m1a1 tank factory again tanks tanks tanks
lowest unemployment among the african-americans
lowest unemployment among the mexican-americans
lowest unemployment among the asian-americans
lowest unemployment among the women
more Americans at work than anytime in our history
bringing the keystone oil field online
clearing isis out of syria,, no more obama gravy train
real appreciation by wall street - they want 4 more years
all the mega-corporations moving back to the US after farming out nafta nightmare
ford, gm, volkswagen locating brand new plants in America, or refurbishing new plants
building/finishing the wall we all started in 1994 with $17 Trillion dollars of drugs flowing across that border since then
increased salaries
improved health care
fixed the vets: CHOICE so they get timely medical care
low prices at the pump: is like a raise in salary
golan heights a must have for israeli defense
free speech on campuses
lowered taxes, deregulation
jobs jobs jobs
repealing the unjust federal cannabis law may it burn in hell throughout eternity in the after-life good riddance
lets see baldwin choke on the facts along with the side-kick junior varsity biden for that matter
and try to switch focus to goddamn john mccain and his treasonous acts...

backwards nz pm endangers the ppl who need to protect and defend themselves with repeating firearms

  1. sovereignty

    1. safety and security and all the protection and defense of ourselves and our country, peace and tranquility are pretty well summed up by the word: sovereignty. Sovereignty and making the citizens and lots of land more and more sovereign is the role of our United States of America and all the governments around the world
    2. there is one pinnacle top of the bell curve apex item we do first, it is to digitize the world's libraries and provide access by the world's peoples via the internet to the world's library. The world's peoples have access to the world's library. Below i will refer to this digitizing the world's library several times as it relates to important component ideas
    3. as the law now stands regarding libraries - it is very old law, outdated and archaic - basically 19th century law which has at its core copyright law. We alter the copyright law by about one syllable and free up the illumination of the people in general. In this age of information we no longer lag behind with regards to our library system which has yet to make it out of the 20th century on the whole
    4. if you as an end-user go online to thomas or loc and you maybe have the title to a book, or else the author, or subject of a book, or even if you have the dewey decimal system number or even the isbn number of the book - well you may look it up online, and what you came with is what you leave with - the books are not available to 7 billion people. This Is Ludicrous. And the point is it advantages the rich who barely notice the cost of their private libraries in their homes, while simultaneously disadvantages the 7 billion poor. This ends. We make the world's library available to the world's people. This has many many benefits as we begin to teach the earth in earnest
    5. in the United States of America democrat rebel southern states slavery was enforced by making it illegal to teach a slave to read or write or copy. This kept the people uneducated. Our laws concerning all printed and recorded material are tied to this period of our history. Copyright law was and is meant to keep the books and the literacy away from the poor. We must change this fact to truly enter the 21st century with the right direction and guidance in mind. We free the information in the libraries and in so doing light up the minds of the people. The walls of the Library of Congress no longer jealously keep captive all that information
    6. a good example of a book online: synergetics by r buckminster fuller

  2. education

    1. educating students in colleges and university is unmanageable considering that what we want is 7 billion students. We want the earth's peoples to develop and educate themselves preferrably - the point is that they do ultimately get an education or two, however..
    2. the costs of 7 billion brick and mortar educations is a fortune times 7 billion people, and this cost prevents the majority from learning all the subjects that need learning. Costs run $100,000, $200,000 to $250,000 to become a physical doctor, psychiatrists phd's cost some $300,000 to $350,000 and what we end up with is a sort of ransomed doctor who cares far more about somehow getting out from under that type of debt rather than on the specific needs of any patient. The patient comes in second place or last in the final analysis
    3. minimum costs as the dems would have it to educate the earth:
      x $100,000
      that is at minimum $7 Hundred Trillion dollars to educate the masses, this is at the low end,,,, towards the upper and of the scale it is $2,100,000,000,000,000 meaning $2.1 Quadrillion dollars --- this is too much for earth or the economies of earth or the economy of the United States of America to handle, and i have a practical way to teach the masses for next to nothing, keep reading and i will show how
    4. when jerry macguire wrote his famous "memo" in narration/intro to the movie he said when he was a kid there were just 3 Billion people on earth. It is reported what we are up to 7 Billion in population. Do the math. The population increases as we go along the timeline. We must reduce the costs of getting a good competent and sound education which does not cost so much
    5. the difference between republicans and democrats in this topic of education is: the republicans (reps) dont have a plan of change to educate the masses, and the democrats (dems) want the cost to remain the same and for the rich to pay from the rich's own pockets by way of excessive taxation to pay for the poor to be educated. So herein i input a plan which works for both republicans and democrats alike which leaves the colleges and universities still running like they are, and still requiring for payment of tuitions and books and the whole nine yards just like they are now - the schools never take a step backwards as schools - and we still educate the 7 billion people but not in the brick and mortar campus setting
    6. you will recall that in the section: 1. sovereignty, details: 1.2 we digitize the world's libraries
    7. digitizing the world's libraries also means digitizing the textbooks and curriculums and syllabus of the world's finest institutions of higher learning. Here is an important bullet point: we digitize by scanning and then we use optical character recognition to first make raw text and second to transcribe to HTML, not PDF. HTML is open and free and PDF is proprietary. We want open and free and we are not interested in proprietary
    8. there are mountain caves in Ethiopia which hold library books. The world never sees them in their Amharic script. In India. In Laos. There are quite a number of one-of-a-kind books. As time goes by, and as atmospheric corrosion continues - we eventually lose the libraries due to old age, and we need not continue this degredation. We have the technology and this is the Age of Information
    9. remote virtual classrooms, the desk is in the home (the refrigerator is in the home) maybe the desk is in the form of a kitchen table, the desktop or the laptop is in the home, there is connectivity to the internet, there is electricity.. okay so connected at the other end are classrooms attended virtually in various schools. At the school's end there are cameras for streaming visuals/optics and a microphone. You may sit-in on a physics class at MIT around breakfast time, and sit-in at a class at Oxford on history near lunch time, and sit-in on a class in Tokyo on calligraphy in the evening hours. You become a student wherever you need/want and you never left the premesis of your safe home. This requires some small investment at the school's end for the camera and for the mic, the lighting, perhaps an electronic-whiteboard which gets connected to the net as well, but let's put it this way: it does not cost $2.1 Quadrillion dollars, you-know-what-i'm-sayin' this is absolutely a bootstrapped operation and the de facto state of things is: you go to school from your home all over the world and you never opened up your front door. This is within our grasp, Maybe you opened your door to the pizzapizza guy with the 2 liter bottle of pepsi
    10. somewhere in illinois: southern illinois state university or illinois state university, one of the universities is offering online curriculums and making it possible to earn a degree completely online. They are still charging the tuition at a high rate, for then, for now, the tuition is the tuition - as is their right - but as more and more less-expensive ways are opened up online to get the degrees the illinois university may reduce their prices for tuition which may change by way of competition. If the student finds another more free metriculation or path to degree - then that makes the schools compete for the students. This competition in a CAPITALIST republic is healthy and correct, right and proper as it should be. Developing smart capitalists that do not waste a fortune of capital to acquire what we require is what we want to do.
    11. core classes different from specialized classes,,,,,, brain surgery, pottery, mechanics, many classes simply require hands on training in a traditional setting, some subjects you can learn anywhere on earth, and what we eventually end up with is an overtrained over-educated population on earth. This is what they sold us in the 50's 60's 70's etc,,, we were sold on the point that computers would make life relatively easy, that automation would leave us more time say each week for recreation and play and walks in the park etc,, we have a need to not have the over-educated populous of the future have doctorates while simultaneously they remain homeless, car-less, land-less, elecricityless. I will write more on the task of figuring how to avoid these problems below in a section named: decentralization. Let us make sure we stay on track here and look at the Community College which is not a university. There are a great number of core classes offered at brick and mortar community colleges that are seamlessly transferable to a more expensive and more reputable university - and these community colleges could be another location for the inexpensive testing that will likely be required to maintain a school's integrity and reputation. The subject of cheating needs to come up for conversation. How to avoid cheating when there is ample opportunity to cheat if we are not very careful.
    12. i reference here a microsoft brick and mortar school that was run early in the ms history, i am not going to try and find it right now. But there might be lessons-learned about the experiment and for instance doing all homework via the email. That sort of thing. We search for and find practical answers to these huge issues of our time. Remember: this is the Age of Information but we have yet to fulfill that great calling

  3. health care

    1. you will recall that in the section: 1. sovereignty, details: 1.2 we digitize the world's libraries
    2. in a supply and demand capitalist economy we find that the cost of health care is great. How we fix this not to expect the rich to be overly-taxed to pay for the poor's health from over-stuffed and over-expensive institutional hospitals and hmo and clinics. Such is voodoo doctor economics. What we do since now the world's library is digitized and made available online to the world, since the schooling cost is so greatly reduced is: we flood the market with millions more doctor's per year. This means in a supply and demand economy we increase the supply of doctors and decrease the demand for those doctors, This occurs in a quite natural free market mode. At first it is too early to work. I mean we do not snap our fingers and presto chango there are suddenly doctors everywhere. For a dentist it is six years to graduation. For a physical doctor MD it is 12 years to graduation including residency. Correct me here. A phd for a psychiatrist with residency after the md so you are looking at 16 years. So: it doesnt happen that the prices go through the floor on the first year. We kind of go through birthing pains at first then somewhere down the timeline we start to see the fruits of the labor of training these doctors online, basically tuitionless. People become doctors from all walks of life and there are literally millions more every year. If we can have a little patience and wait for the first crop of doctors to be brought in we witness the costs of health care go down. Naturally. The graduation of more doctors and more doctors continues year after year, decade after decade. The fortune it now costs to get the degree in the first place now is what has to change. Now the AMA is probably going to object and they are quite a powerful lobby. Nevertheless this is what must happen even despite the objections of the ama/dds/ddm who do not do their job all that well with respect to ALL the medical care which must be seen to. The doctors leave untreated many of the illnesses untreated around the world as there are not enough doctors to get around to all the places they are needed. The ama must at some point ask themselves which is more important: the patients health or the ama's corner on the market. The patients have better health care if the ama's monopoly is ceased by a flood of new doctors. That is how it is.
    3. What i am trying to get around to is i got about the best care as an adult in california in the medi-cal system which i hear is only topped by hawaii's system of health care. In california (this is the reason for this paragraph) they had a booklet which had every medi-cal doctor listed by name and subject and location and sex - it was like a phone book of doctors. A directory of doctors or something like that. This booklet about the size of a magazine was instrumental in being able to identify/locate the types of doctors i wanted at the right locations. These are not available in every state. tl;dr
    4. prescription drugs seems to me to be a non-partisan/bi-partisan issue; happy hunting

  4. taxation

    1. the income tax is like in that movie, "pay it forword" wherein we pay it for a lifetime of working and from each salary paycheck some 25% to 35% out of each check and we see the benefits of the tax in our older age usually. So my point is: if we ever stop the taxation then there is all that money which we paid up front still out of pocket. To avoid open rebelion with tanks in the streets we must have the system survive the change from taxation to no-taxation. Social Security should not have been named "Social" Security. We are not now nor will we ever be a socialist nation. Perhaps it was renamed: American Security. Or possibly: Republic Security. We live in a republic, this aint no democracy. As far as i know there has never been a democracy on earth. If you say there has been one then go ahead and name it
    2. it bothered me deeply when i saw romney/ryan with the plank to their platform of: be rid of the Dependants. Maybe they should have checked with somebody who knows first. We do not be rid of the dependants. This is America. The dependants so called are 1/5th of our population. That is 20% of us the people. Most of the "dependant" population is people who have been paying taxes for decades. They have been paying taxes with their 25% to 35% of each salary paycheck just like everyone else. These are grandmas and grandpas. The elderly or retired. The sick or injured. The disabled. The vets. The injured vets. They have lived out the unspoken contract with the government of the United States of America only to find these young punks romney/ryan want to reneg on America's contract with the people. This is unChristian. To the republican parties foreverafter leave that plank in the past as it is not worthy of your station. The dependants represent 1/5th of taxes and usage of American goods. They pay rent. They pay for college. They pay for home depot. They pay that money back into the system every month like for example: walmart, kroger, a&p, tom thumb, whole foods, winn dixie, albertsons, target, brookshires, sams, cosco, h-e-b, piggly wiggly etc. They pay utilities, electricity, gas, water, cable, satellite, texaco mobil sunoco shell exxon. Ask these corporations... ask berkshire-hathaway... ask warren buffett how the Americans in big business would enjoy a 1/5th reduction in their income. This forced the hand of us the people when it came time to vote - on the republican side of the ballot we could not vote for these romney/ryan idiots who sought to betray the people with their flashy new change idea. Where were we supposed to go exactly? The fema camps? Spontaneous combustion in place? [emolation] How exactly does anyone vote for that...
    3. equal income tax vs [progressive tax, proportional tax, graduated tax, flat tax, fair tax, inclined tax]
      we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Only where is this supposed yearn for equality of tax rate amongst the people of our good America? The poor and rich dems want to suck every last dollar away from the rich. 100% tax rate. 70% tax rate. The rich seem to want the tax rate to be zero - then the rich would be in favor of equality but equal only if the rate was 0% this reminds me of charlton heston on trial before the orangutan court of three in that timeless american classic, "planet of the apes" when heston (taylor) says: "some apes, it seems, are more equal than others"
    4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_taxation_in_the_United_States#Income_tax
      apparently the first personal income tax began: "Congress imposed its first personal income tax in 1861" lord how did we ever survive for 85 years in America without being taxed. We have not always been taxed. At what point did the government say: "Well we have our mints right here, but we dont want to use those mints, let us attack the people with a tax, let us go remove money from the people's pocket which we just printed now, rather than running ol' betsy the printing press anymore right now. Give her a rest." Remember we are trying to make the American people and the individual lots of land more and more sovereign in all this government of the people. That is our goal. But some politicians decided in our name and supposedly representing us the people to attack with a tax of our pockets. Now before you defend the way we have been doing business and before you start your sqwauking about inflation as though trained like pavlov's dogs,, compare how much inflation has occured with this system of doing business, this model of government,, compare what you could get for a $20 dollar coin in 1861 to what you can get with a $20 note in 2019. You are required to look at this page: TOTAL DEBT of our country. That is $72 Trillion folks. This you will defend but you wont defend the people's pocket nor the advance of sovereignty in our fine America. Why is that. Politicians: why is that. Let me ask you politicians more directly: Why do you make economic war against the people of the United States of America
    5. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/25/text
      H.R.25 - FairTax Act of 2019
      "To promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States"
      the H.R.25 - FairTax Act of 2019 seems unfair. Say if the military wanted some item. Acquistions. And let us say that the federal government still saw that the only way of acquiring the money for such worthy acquistions as say four more aircraft carriers was to gouge the people for the money at the sales tax end of events. This means at the grocery store. This means at the gas station. This means at the mall. Wherever something is sold it is taxed. Well, the point is that the federal government would brush past the mint where the federal government prints up money on (denim) in favor of finding some poor citizens to hoover up the money from. So a loaf of bread is like $25. A gallon of milk is $40 dollars. A gallon of fuel is $60. It is unwise to do this H.R.25 as it is proposed. By the way: the cash money that the people would have in pocket is printed up on the same machine as the money which might be spent on the four aircraft carriers. We dont have a percentage of income for bread. We dont have a percentage of income for milk. We dont have a percentage of income for a gallon of gas which is EQUAL with the same rich person's percentage for the self-same items for sale where hr25 proposes we tax the people. It is not a fair tax at all but disadvantages the poor and advantages the rich. So: vote nay for the hr25 as it stands. If the author(s) will lower themselves to re-write the Act to omit the part about the State Sales Tax - and add in the part about clicking the Print Button on the mint machine just like a copying machine - we will reconsider. Do not gouge the people hr25
    6. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/24/text
      H.R.24 - Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2019
      "To require a full audit of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal reserve banks by the Comptroller General of the United States, and for other purposes."
      As to the H.R.24 - Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2019 this should be both a non-partisan/bi-partisan act. Happy hunting

  5. telecoms

    1. well are you ready to get pissed off at this direction? in our land of freedom and equality? for Americans to pay like a flat tax to phone bills isp bills cable billls satellite bills it is extremely unequal with regards to the taxation rate that it essentially is. I mean the utility bills with which we are made so familiar each and every month. I pick on warren buffet here but i love him. I just know his name and he can take a little bit of debate. Say my cable bill was $150 a month. I cannot afford cable in real life. Why. It is 15% of my income. I say we change the laws in the legislature. The new law is that everyone pays an equal percentage of their income to use: phone, cable. satellite, isp. Equally. So warren buffet will see that he is not paying his fair share unless say warren buffet's cable bill is 15% of his salary for a month. Now the utility companies: phone, cable. satellite, isp make exactly what they are making now. In this scenario as we all pay according to our ability to pay the same equal rate of our income. This will make America so much more sovereign and able to pay other things in life which are as important or more important than our utilities. It is at essence the same equality i describe in the section 4. taxation, this for if you want to put your money where your mouth is and suddenly become equal by any fair measure, some of you choke when it is put to you to actually be EQUAL [fake-patriots]
    2. slavery/sharecropping [edit]

  6. interference

    1. Q, dont pretty it up, dont put lipstick on the pig, dont euphemize this fiasco-cluster-fuck in dc-tel-aviv-yafo, call it like it is, no sit and spin,
      to correct Q:
      theodor herzl is so proud of israel for having overrun the united states tissue of a government so easily - without so much as a whimper - how does 1.8% of the population destroy something so great as the United States of America, turning it into the international United States of Aipac ? the answer: it is bribery with the power of accessing our US Treasury, israel got us to defeat ourselves by bribery-graft-collusion interference with our govt and interference with our elections - may the participants burn in hell throughout eternity in the after-life for the sin of it all - and if you ever try to stop the crime of bribery they brand you with the anti-Semitism no matter how pro-Israelinian you are,,, pro-Israel and pro-Israelcrime are meant to be the very same thing by these criminals who run/ruin what used to be our seat of government in dc
    2. bribery, coercion, graft, blackmail, extortion etc are crimes. When israel commits these crimes against our American government in washington dc that is anti-Semitism and anti-American. It is not anti-semitic to point out these crimes by this foreign country internationalism of aipac\mossad\israel who have ulterior motives other than what is good for America. For decades aipac\mossad\israel are and have been the essence of the swamp which remains still to be drained. Everyone, every politician in washington dc knows it, every news anchor and reporter knows it, that to leave this corruption ponzi scheme, this racketeer cabal in place is failure in the task of draining the swamp. The initial crime by israel is the anti-Semitism, not pointing out the crime is anti-American and anti-Israel crime. It is a sin to call someone anti-semitic who is not. What is the sin. Just one of the 10 Commandments. Thou shalt not commit false witness. Mosaic law it seems like someone could see clearly enough to cease the criminal acts, perhaps a pharisi from israel
    3. there is quite a difference between other lobby groups compared to aipac. The nra, the ama, the tobacco lobbies are just a few. The point is that the US State Dept has been for decades in a trail of graft with israel that goes: US Treasury Dept - US State Dept - israel treasury - mossad [or equivalent laundering] - aipac - US politicians greedy little bolt holes. This is American politicians stealing it forward to put that graft money that bribe money back into their corrupt pockets. The nra and the ama and the tobacco lobbies do not have such a sweet deal as aipac. It has become so absurdly overt that aipac will write a bill, then aipac will send by courier the bill to the house of representatives, who rubber stamp the bill, then the bill is couriered to the senate where the bill is rubber stamped, and then couriered over to the oval office for rubberstamp signing of the bill into law. This FOREIGN influence/interference is never described in our Declaration of Independence nor our Constitution, and in effect usurps our founding documents. This is breaking the Oath to Protect the Constitution
    4. you can find reams and reams of articles reporting how israel will not allow interference from other governments. Israel will not tolerate it, and neither do we allow interference in OUR United States of America government. Israel is not obliged to let lebanon nor syria nor jordan nor iran nor saudi arabia nor egypt nor turkey nor the US nor uk nor russia nor philistia to interfere with israelian government. And we do not allow israel to interfere with our American government. We in America do not allow foreign/domestic influence/interference with our day to day running of our federal government our state governments nor our elections by russia, mexico, ms13, israel or israelian operatives/agents known as "aipac13" that wear suits and ties and pant-suits rather then tattoos, the way menachem begin said it: [we like the weapons and the money but we dont like the advice] well the feeling is mutual among real Americans, patriots that is
    5. a law to keep cabals\aipac\mossad\israel rackets\cartel\ms13 from bribery\extortion\coercion\hush-money\blackmail\graft of our politicians (who are vulnerable and subject to influence\interference in our elections/government) from coming in without permission is not very different from you locking your front door at night. Again the cabals of israel and the cartels of mexico want to do crime here. This crime is anti-American and it is not anti-semitic of us to point out these crimes and put an end to these crimes through proper legislation. [no one says "that is anti-Hispanic" to turn back ms13 from our legislature, these gang members wear suits and ties, not tattoos] The problem is though that the legislature is already corrupted. For the lawmakers to continue with the corruption/complicity/collusion with aipac or ms13 is the swamp. This is how the politicians are bought and sold in dc like the whores they are
    6. the whoredom in dc is not just in the government. The whoring is also in the state media. Don lemon and sean hannity are two fake-patriot whores. Political prostitutes who have no soul
    7. as of this writing the swamp is still undrained
    8. source of the internationalism/incursion influence/interference in US govt/elections theodor herzl: "I consider the Jewish question neither a social nor a religious one, even though it sometimes takes these and other forms. It is a national question, and to solve it we must first of all establish it as an international political problem to be discussed and settled by the civilized nations of the world in council."
    9. we remind the world that we do not surrender our United States of America sovereignty to the new world order, the trilateral commission, the international monetary fund, the world bank, the bilderbergers, the rothschilds, the united nations, the council of foreign relations, the globalists, the freemason order, the jesuits, the vatican, the mafia, israel nor any other internationalist organization including aipac. We affirm our own US national roots, our own heritage and legacy. USA USA USA God Bless the United States of America

  7. philistia

    1. the US and uk have been trying out some experimental foreign policy items in the middle east since about the time of uk gen allenby (watch "lawrence of arabia"). Some of it was a bit of a fiasco but we have secured a real and viable israel. This was and is necessary for all kinds of practical reasons but also to play our part in fullfilling bible prophecy. However there is still a great deal to be done: philistia2020
    2. before we go any further with this section - i want to impart to you that this is the deal. I mean this is a doable, functional, rational, possible, feasible, best of all ideas for where to locate philistia. There are none better. What's more: mubarak has given his covert nod to the whole operation. And it is big. Egypt will allow the move. This move and where to move philistia to is truly like the end of the marshall plan that was stalled in this theater. Timing is everything here. The cosmos must come together with the right cast of characters and etc
    3. dont worry in the slightest this is gonna work. And all the little politicians around the world and in the united nations will be able to contribute funds and equipment and materiel and political support that have made a career of saying those words which were so hollow: "Two-State Solution" ... understand that the two states in the solution are philistia and egypt. From eqypt's point of view this is a win win win situation. Egypt (sinai) gets out of this X number of nuclear plants. Further sinai gets X number of desalination plants. What mubarak and egypt see happening eventually is the greening of at least the sinai in triple canopy jungle with a good bed of thick soil put on the surface which now is arid and been made weak desert. We can beat it. I can beat it. This does not happen solely in the new philistia. This greening eventually makes it around basically the whole of the sinai peninsula - and possibly across the suez and into the main part of egypt if egypt remains motivated enough. This operation requires several items, let me start something of a list:
    4. nuclear plant(s) for electricity, if my electicity machine turns out as good as we hope then it is just a matter of removing the hot rods and putting my huge dynamos in the p;ants,, not that big a deal - like niagra falls dynamos but notice how there is no falls to be had. We dont need them: voltage
    5. quite a number, say in the 1,000s of tractor-trailer beds of desal machines, much smaller than these sort of plant usually are thought of incorporating pumps to pump the newly fresh potable water uphill to catch basins. These 18 wheelers size trailers are spread along any coastline: desal
    6. plumbing from catch tanks at top of mountains/hills to distrubute downhill to irrigation/sprinkling valves on the particular sites that are being workded on that day. The arid land is prepped with holes punched into the ground the water is worked into the soil
    7. in the next step a number of barges are deployed to just go a little ways out in whichever sea it is: the mediterranean see or the aqaba sea, and sea mud is scooped off the floor of the sea with large caterpillar type bucket machines. The barge gets pretty well covered. Then the barge is pulled into the proper port on the coast. Then the mud is front-end loadered into dump trucks. The dump trucks take the sea mud to each lot of land eing worked on that day
    8. the hydromulch trucks spray that foam onto the new soil at the particuallots worked that day which is already being watered, and green surface grass grows within a few days. Further seedlings are planted and watered for a great number of types of trees and shrubberies. Corn. Maze. Soy beans. The world's best seed crops come to be planted into the soil. The soil is good and strong as it came from sea mud which is teaming with anaerobic life from the centuries of being at the bottom of the sea. Egypt takes care to rotate the crops to not wear out the soil. Life is good. The desert is greened literally. This is showcased for around the world replication of the systems
    9. roads are built into philistia. Streets are built into planned neighborhoods - in America this is called: 'divisions' and homes are barged in probably from germany like this light weight low square footage home
    10. in this detail i used to write that the united nations should help to move the people out of samaria (west bank) into their new homes in the new location of philistia. Now i hesitate to say the u.n. should take care of this detail. I know the US ARMY could handle it. I know the USMC could handle it. The u.n. forces are on a chain of command and it is political and a sort of risky prospect. UN is an unknown factor. With US forces we know what we got. The idf and iof should of course not be in charge of the move as that has too many fresh memories of occupation and concentration camps and identity politics. Israel needs badly to stay out of the newly constructed philistia. Israel never invade, never surround philistia anymore. Ever
    11. various private contractors and US Navy Construction Battalions and US Army Corps of Engineers are deployed to build a lot of what needs to be built to facilitate the barges/ports and various items for the new country
    12. no agreement needs to be signed (extorted under duress) by the nation-state of philistia. Israel do not seek to hold philistia hostage anymore. If it is desired the Al-Aqsa Mosque can be moved a little further by the US ARMY and USMC to an appropriate location inside of the new whereabouts of philistia: mammoet

  8. anti-semitic pharisaism vs judaism religious war of subjugation in America today

    1. in the diaspora circa 70 AD when the romans removed the judeans from judea and the israelians from israel to move to europe basically - they mostly carried the tanakh (old testament) with them on the trip. This is judaism. The tanakh was and is and will forever be judaism
    2. the israelian religious sect known as pharisees which wanted to be different and separate from the judean jews had not developed their own israelian talmud yet, so some israelian pharisees carried only the first 5 books (torah/pentateuch) of the tanakh to europe. The term: "torah observant jew" is oxymoronic because the only torah observant adherants were pharisi, not jews
    3. some of the richer israelian pharisees stayed in jerusalem while the poorer judeans and the poorer israelians were taken to slavery in europe, the pharisees did not call themselves "pharisees" until about 140 BC, but israel had been at war with all the inhabitants of the levant since abraham led them out of babylon north along the euphrates coming to stop in the lowlands near haifa
    4. israel wanted to surround and divide and occupy and conquer the highland jews of judea which is a very anti-semitic thing to do. Innumerable wars took place between the two peoples which shared the same language, and israel was jealous of judea and judea's religion of judaism and judea's proximity to jerusalem
    5. this war lasts through to today, only no one protects judaism from the pharisi onslaught. When one is called a jew who is not a jew that makes anti-semitic war against judaism aiding and abetting judaism's enemy of the pharisees of israel. All sorts of espionage go on in this several thousand year long religious war of subjugation: infiltration, assimilation, disguise, imposture, stolen valor
    6. the few pharisi elites stayed in jerusalem which was quieter once the poor folk of both judea and israel had been taken to europe. The real estate in jerusalem once vacated was far easier for the wealthy pharisees to flip or raze. Time passed. Generations passed. Eventually about 200 AD to 500 AD the talmud manifesto was written. It was unseemly to name the talmud: "jerusalem talmud" because the rich pharisees didnt wish to reveal/expose their presence in jerusalem when all the poor from israel and judea had been exited from their countries. Some of the talmud was written in babylon. They can call their new religion whatever they want except judaism. That word "judaism" is reserved and means judean tanakh old testament which is a very different religion from pharisaism from israel
    7. in this several thousand year long war of pharsaism vs judaism, pharsaism vs islam [philistia], rome vs judea and israel, israel vs judea, the many diasporas, the nightmare of ww2, the slavery of the jews - let us remind ourselves that in israel's own unique way israel has been trying to fulfill prophecies along the way in their history. I say that any prophecy is extremely difficult to accomplish. One of these prophecies - and i dont have CHAPTER AND VERSE at the moment - is to Return To Israel. They have been coming back. They were able to secure recognition of the israel state in i believe 1948. It is good that israel got statehood, and there has always been this subject of the golan heights which [due to a bunch of politician cartographers at the united nations that perhaps did not have the right military minds or simply did not know the lay of the land] that missed/overlooked israel's necessity of the golan heights - whatever the deal was: israel must have the golan heights inside israel's state land [including shebaa farms] in order to be able to defend and protect themselves. Israel's total land is from north to south about as much land as the dallas to austin run. It is a very small place and in fact year round they are overrun in a sense - i mean: a shoulder fired RPG rocket propelled grenade is fired from lebanon the grenade can hit as south as elat that is the gulf of aqaba. That is the full pull. What i am saying is with a bazooka standing in any of the neighboring countries the shoulder fired grenades can hit anywhere in israel. RPGs are cheap. There are muslim countries in almost 360 degrees. The USARMY USMC move philistia out of israel into north sinai, and in so doing we make the whole levant region more peaceful and functional - and we make life more safe and secure for israel at the same time. We defuse the situation intelligently
    8. israel is a state (this is good), however israel is not a "jewish" state, this needs to be said and i am not anti-Israel and i am not anti-Semitic. Jewish means tanakh. Pharisi means talmud/torah. These are the facts of life
    9. judaism = tanakh = old testament
      pharisaism = torah
      pharisaism = talmud
      pharisaism = talmud/torah
      tanakh + torah = pharisaism
      tanakh + talmud = pharisaism
      tanakh + talmud/torah = pharisaism
    10. when the israelians and judeans began to travel back from europe [invade from western bloc into middle eastern bloc] they mostly came on ships from europe to swing around the rock of gibralter and headed eastward on the mediterranean sea to dock in haifa, [palestine at the time]. This was circa 1911, and it was and still is a slow creeping invasion. Among the passengers disembarking were the civilians, as well as the early personnel of the irgun and haganah which head count as insurgency. Anyway when israel and judea returned to palestine (philistia) they no longer carried in hand the tanakh (judaism) of judea they carried instead the talmud/torah (pharisaism) of israel. While in europe at synagogue 500AD to 1911AD they had their religion bait and switched on them. In general the adherents in israel now are pharisees, not jews. Hasidic pharisees. Orthodox pharisees. Conservative pharisees etc, What they call "modern judaism" is in fact modern pharisaism,. To call a pharisee a jew makes anti-semitic war on judaism
    11. "jew" is a term of rank in judaism,
      to be a jew one must participate in the religion of judaism,
      just speaking hebraic does not qualify as jew,
      just living in the same neigborhood as jews does not qualify as jew,
      pharisi = gentile, goy, other than remnant, other than jew, non-jew, uninformed masses - most pharisees are profoundly unaware they are not jews and are the mark in a confidence game run by the sanhedrin, see penn & teller
      samuel clemens: its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled,
      to find jews go to the rock-carved churches of ethiopia where they do have jews studying tanakh old testament just like they were supposed to
    12. today in israel they are no longer calling themselves socialist. Israel now calls themselves a unitary parliamentary republic. This is good. Better. So be it
    13. today in America this long con goes on in washington dc which makes war on judaism by way of aipac\mossad\israel and the pharisees of israel which influence and interfere with our US government and elections: timeline
    14. judaism
      tanakh (old testament) 66/66 = judea, judaism, jew, ju, jewish, jewry, judaic, temple, modern judaism, remnant
      no anti-Semitic concentration camps holding hostage philisti nation of semites,
      you can find jews in ethiopia studying the old testament, these are jews
      2,000 BC to 500 AD
    15. pharisaism
      talmud/torah 5/66 = israel, pharisaism, phari, pharisi, pharisee, pharisaic, gentiles, goyem, uninformed masses, not-jew, other-than-jew, synagogue, modern pharisaism, non-remnant,
      112 anti-Semitic concentration camps holding hostage philisti nation of semites,
      [99.9% of the pharisi people are unaware they are not jewish]
      500 AD to 2,019 AD

  9. usa history

    1. we deploy dinesh d'souza to write our new textbook for us, the same book can be used in highschool and college/university
    2. i am lifting the d'souza words wherever i can find them, without footnotes/accreditation, not worrying about plagiarism i want to kinda make a d'souza cliffnotes
    3. we take in to account there is one group in texas (from the south circa civil war) that decides which texts are used throughout the US and plan accordingly:
    4. year before civil war no republican owned slaves !
      4 million slaves held in south
    5. big switch myth
      none of 200 dixiecrats save two albert watson, strom thurman changed parties to rep
    6. kkk = terrorist arm of the democrat party
      antifa = terrorist arm of the democrat party
      kkk = margaret sangers, infanticide, euthenasia, sterilization, abortion
    7. fascism on the left, national-socialism phenomena of the left
      meaning of fascism: government control over private economy
      meaning of fascism: government control over lives of citizens
      fascism grew out of marxism in mussolini's italy
      most famous marxist in italy: benito mussolini was editor of socialist party magazine, "avanti"
      woodrow wilson wh screening kkk movie "birth of nation" = progressive democrat
      marriage of nationalism + socialism = fascism
      franklin delano roosevelt = dem, socialist
      mussolini 1922 = socialist
      hitler = nationalist socialist
    8. research: fasces/fascism/fascio
      "fascism: the symbol originally used by mussolini was a 'fascio' of sticks bound with that connotation of war, an axe."
      i had the impression the symbol came from ancient rome...
      abe throne on mall / fdr dime / dais in senate and dais joint assembly of congress
      let me guess: we got all fascist symboled-up during the fdr reign of terror due to fdr being such a fan of mussolini
      since our nation is so fascist - why not openly admit that we are fascist like at an alcoholics anon meeting, and then set about correcting our errant behavior and remove the symbol where it is used now
    9. dem are in fact the party of:
      slavery, segregation, jim crow laws, kkk, lynching, complicity w/fascism, racial terrorism, japanese concentration camps during "ww2," renewing clan 1920s
    10. left-wing media
      1. academic media textbooks - dems
      2. entertainment media hollywood - dems
      3. entertainment media music - dems
      4. "news" media television - dems
      5. "news" media print - dems
    11. vqewls753AI nuremberg laws, "jews" into 2nd class citizens, jim crow laws as blueprint for nazi party in de
      yale legal historian james whitman "hitler's american model" transcripts meeting at nuremberg, on the record
      'hitler's democratic model'
      now if you watch "death of a nation," there's a scene in that movie where you see a group of leading nazis, this is 1935, they're making the nuremberg laws, which turned jews into second-class citizens, and they want to segregate jews into ghettos, they want state-sponsored discrimination, and they want to outlaw intermarriage between jews and other germans. And they're sitting around a room, and they have in their hands the democratic party laws of the jim crow south. And they are using the democratic party laws as a model for their laws. Basically, they're crossing out the word "black" and writing in the word "jew." This fact that the nazis didn't just develop parallel laws, but they actually got the scheme for the nuremberg laws from the democrats, the U.S. democratic party, this, to my knowledge, has never appeared in any high school or college textbook. It is a fact erased from history. But there it is, incontestable in the historical record. Where did i get it? I got it from the yale legal scholar james whitman, and his book, "hitler's American model." Whitman leaves out: every segregation law in the American south from the 1880s to the 1950s was passed by a democratic legislature, signed by a democratic governor, and enforced by democratic officials, and there is no exception to this rule. So these weren't American laws, they were democratic laws. So what we have here, and this is what my work has tried to expose, is that progressive history is about covering up the crimes of progressivism and the democratic party, hiding them.
    12. timothy snyder has a very important book called, "bloodlands" in which drawing on other historical scholarship he makes a second observation which is he points out that hitler got his idea for conquering in europe from the jacksonian democrats in the United States,,,,, [to move the natives to reservations] Professor snyder points out is that hitler actually used the American example in this case example of the 19th century democratic party
    13. gleichschaltung
      [[patriots: make double-check sure wwg1wga does not turn into gleichschaltung conformity in thinking - shoots]]

      "The Nazis had a term called Gleichschaltung," said D'Souza. The term translates roughly to synchronization, and was the process by which the Nazis aimed to Nazify all of German society.

      "What the Nazis meant is we've got to get the whole culture to be in sync with Nazi ideology. No one gets to march out of lockstep, and so now we need to mobilize the institutions of academia and the media and film and entertainment to all echo the same thing, and to punish dissenters," D'Souza explained.

      D'Souza's definition of Gleichschaltung will be eerily familiar to most Americans today. "We have a name for Gleichschaltung in America - it's called political correctness," D'Souza said, "and that's a more dangerous form of fascism than four guys at Berkeley overturning a car."
    14. D'Souza: "Lincoln realized that there is only way to make the democrats stop:
      you have to do to them what they are doing to you. And if you don't do that, they'll keep doing it."

      executive order number two, order of retaliation,
    15. reconstruction amendments, after civil war I3g7yEB1KsM
      eric foner leading progressive scholar/historian on reconstruction
      cunning silence on 13th, 14th, 15th amendment roll call votes
      13th amendment roll call vote 85% of the northern dems vote no
      14th zero dem votes for
      15th zero dem votes for
      southern dems still had no vote

      foner inaccurately flips meaning of word: "conservative" to mean plantation owners, and
      mistakenly labels lincoln as being: "progressive" and "liberal" when lincoln was neither,
      lincoln never described himself as a liberal and did describe himself as a conservative

      13th abolished slavery and involuntary servitude 1864 1865
      14th citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws 1868
      15th right to vote prohibits denying a citizen race, color, or previous condition of servitude 1870

      every segregation law in the United States from the 1880s to the 1950s was passed by a democratic legislature signed by a democratic governor enforced by democratic officials and there is not a single exception to this rule

      opposition to:
      the civil rights act of 1964
      the voting rights act of 1965
      the fair housing bill of 1968
      : came mainly from the democratic party

      martin luther king jr was a republican, i see articles both parties claim him
    16. list all kkk members and party 1866 to now count the dems 99%
      ku klux klan leaders every grand dragon and grand wizards and grand kleagle going back to the 1870s turn out and let's just put an R or a D after their name 99% of them would be democrats, that's a fact
    17. deranged vast left wing conspiracy to not teach us the truth:

      by the time i was in the 6th grade i already knew what a run on a bank was,
      [the textbook publishers were funded by the banks such as houghton-mifflin and etc]
      but i did not learn until i was about 53 years old that the kkk was a terror arm of the democrats
      and this was not learned by any textbooks - i first heard about the kkk-dems on a video from youtube by redsilverj or something like that,
      i went and looked it up and sure enough,,,,,,
      what i am saying is - i have never needed the info about the run on the banks - but i DID need to know what a democrat was, what a horrible team they are - and at first i was a democrat until i heard what democrats were saying and then like reagan i switched from democrat party to the republican party

      see the info is hidden from us, by the textbooks which receive the bona fide stamp of several review committees in the confederate state of texas

      i dont like it

      in the previous civil war 1861-1865 between the democrats and republicans...
      the republicans won, thank God, the United States of America won,
      and the confederacy/democrats lost...
      so with these being the facts of our history:
      why is it that the democrats [confederates] write the history - based in texas - where they decide which textbooks go to each of the 50 states - why do the democrats mis-write our history for us

      the republicans should write the history as the democrats do not write very well,, omission,, slanting,,,, outright falsehoods

      did i say 'hoods' i digress

      we insist on the textbooks of our history be written by republicans,
      thank you and God Bless America

      remember: texas was part of the confederacy in our previous civil war


  10. civil war
    1. what the rebel dems could not do on the battlefield - they try to do now
      against our Constitution, in the news, in God only knows how many acts of terror have been made by the dems - the fake shootings and all, they try and repeal the 2nd which we need to protect ourselves from them, they employ anti forth Amendment - bloomberg stop and frisk, the liberal-looney left textbooks and the academia in general, the baseless charges against the president - for years,, like if they arent in power then they want to freeze this nation down the rebel secessionist internationalist dems keep fighting the civil war, anyway they can dont ya hear 'em? the south shall rise again,

      Ted Turner The "Mouth of the South"

    2. the dems and the kkk are forever after linked and the same thing, same team. Word search: "democrat" at wikipedia Ku Klux Klan
    3. soros - the socialist dem - has funded the antifas to play the part of the brownshirts from fascist germany or the black shirts from fascist italy
    4. dem-cnn-zombies play the part of nazi socialist goebbel's propaganda arm
    5. the german nazi socialists used the playbook/blueprint of the dems' jim crow laws to establish the nazis socialists laws including making the "jews" 2nd class citizens
    6. founder of the democratic party - andrew jackson - ordered the concentration camping (onto reservations) of all the native americans, which instructed hitler of what to do with the displaced due to diaspora israelian-europeans who were by this time pharisees [talmud/torah] and no longer jews [tanakh/old testament]
    7. it was the socialist dems which forced onto concentration camps all the japanese-Americans during ww2 - franklin delano roosevelt
    8. anti-American behavior

      in an America
      where the democratic-secessionists chant and carry banners and signs which read:
      "not my president"
      "not my president"
      "not my president"
      if he is not your president then you are trying to impeach OUR president..
      "no borders, no wall, no u.s.a. at all"
      "no borders, no wall, no u.s.a. at all"
      "no borders, no wall, no u.s.a. at all"

      No Trump, no wall, no USA at all!

      Fuck Your Wall! We'll Tear it Down!

      Fuck your borders! Fuck your wall! We will make your system fall!

    9. Order by the President
      Executive Mansion, Washington D.C July 30. 1863

      It is the duty of every government to give protection to its citizens, of whatever class, color, or condition, and especially to those who are duly organized as soldiers in the public service. The law of nations and the usages and customs of war as carried on by civilized powers, permit no distinction as to color in the treatment of prisoners of war as public enemies. To sell or enslave any captured person, on account of his color, and for no offence against the laws of war, is a relapse into barbarism and a crime against the civilization of the age.

      The government of the United States will give the same protection to all its soldiers, and if the enemy shall sell or enslave anyone because of his color, the offense shall be punished by retaliation upon the enemy's prisoners in our possession.

      It is therefore ordered that for every soldier of the United States killed in violation of the laws of war, a rebel soldier shall be executed; and for every one enslaved by the enemy or sold into slavery, a rebel soldier shall be placed at hard labor on the public works and continued at such labor until the other shall be released and receive the treatment due to a prisoner of war


      [apparently the order of retaliation is EO2]

    10. election 2020

      1,964 + 200 = 2,164 - 2,020 = 144
      only 144 more years of voting for

      where's the switch?
      1972 nixon election map:
      [i'm adapting this first paragraph from dinesh dpTZDEMnh3U the subject is more important than the author]
      I would ask Biden: the Democratic Party has been the party that threw the American Indians off their land and did the Trail of Tears, the Democratic Party was the champion of slavery for 50 years, the Democratic Party was the party of segregation, Jim Crow, the Ku Klux Klan, lynching, forced sterilization, the Democratic Party wrote the blueprint of jim crow laws which the nazi germans copied for the 2nd class citizenship of the "jews," the Democrats are the ones who interned concentration camps of the japanese-americans during World War two, the Democrats tried to block women's suffrage for thirty years, they're the party that passed the most restrictive anti-immigration laws, here's the point the Democrats have never acknowledged this history, they've never admitted it, they've never taken responsibility for any of it, they've never done any kind of apology or shown any kind of awareness of it, so would you Joe Biden here and now at least admit before the American people that your's is the party that killed murdered segregated and lynched millions of African Americans and other minorities? yes or no.
    11. the big switch myth: at what point does the left contend that former bigots of the democratic progressive south flip into being all the sudden moral,, AND all the moral republicans of the north flip into into being bigots, when lyndon baines johnson's democrat bigots did not vote for the 1964 civil rights act, when lyndon baines johnson's democrat bigots did not vote for the voting rights act of 1965, nor did lyndon baines johnson's democrat bigots vote for the fair housing bill of 1968, these were accomplished by the moral REPUBLICAN conservatives, not the bigoted democrat "progressives" liberals who seem neither progressive nor liberal, when bigotry in the south decreased more voters started becoming republicans, in order for there to be in our history a so called: "switch" the top half of this map should be blue,,,, with no blue in the north there was no "switch," cenk put that in your peace pipe and smoke it, in the yin yang symbol, one side is red and one side is blue,, then it is incorrectly said that the two sides made a big switch - whereas in fact the yin yang symbol goes all red circle, no blue,, that is not the big switch that the idiot dems would have it be [fake history]

    12. notes:
      1. the too often democratic machines operating the urban centers on a plantation model of brutal control,
        gigantic democrat propaganda [tactic/method of warfare] machine, brainwashing
      2. an immigrant is not an illegal alien
      3. censoring real news public utility modern townhall issue, anti-trust monopolies
      4. republicans can, in all the spare time between classes when govt is closed, prepare bills on a homework basis which are not brought up for a vote until: 1. house 2. senate 3. executive are all three republican - then the bills are expedited through all the hurdles quickly
      5. it is unthinkable/unacceptable that as winners of the previous civil war we allow the losers of the war to write the history in the textbooks [the democrats are incapable of truth re: the civil war, and didnt win the war]. The republicans should write the textbooks and the videos students see if for no other reason than the ken burns of the world cant just omit their way through the whole history. All types of major [including that "America" held slaves when only democrats held 4,000,000 slaves - that is skewed twisting of the history], overt lies and problems with:
        today's civil war ken burns cover-up,
        again: if you wish to gun-control your own gun, that is your right, but
        when you wish to gun-control my gun - you have just started civil war

  • right media

    1. i dont mean to be insulting here, and i mean to be more factual: rich republicans are excessively greedy. Miserly. This is evidenced by the gaping chasm of difference between the right media compared to the left media. It is almost like the rich republicans go, "yeah i have $4 Billion dollars" and the rich guy doesnt want to give back to the nation that made him so strong. I dont have the stats right now. I have heard that the media is weighted 90% democrats and 10% republicans. This is why i say g-r-e-e-d-y. We get/build tv stations coast to coast for broadcast through the airwaves. We get on the cable/satellite channel lineup on all the packages not only in America but world wide. Many channels. Many networks. We get more periodicals/maga-zine. We get more newspapers - warren buffet just acquired Bank of America and as many newspapers as he could - to enter into this media war. We get more books and publishing houses. We generate the new textbook in which kids/young adults are taught the truth. We make movies maybe in new mexico which has everything you could ask for making a movie, and the point is: it is not the insanity of HOLLYDOOM, Me make movies that make sense and not all this horror and satanic crap like the left makes. Oprah wanted own to her own "satellite" even though oprah never saw a photograph of any flying satelite in her life, point is the channel could be had for the right price, i cannot recall what the cost was: $2 Billion was it? $2 Billion was the cost of a space shuttle mission. It should not have been nearly that expensive. Possibly the republicans buy out the hughesnet - the largest net in the world, and everything is downhill from there. Get some stars. Get roseanne for a talk show. Get that rightward snl news guy - i forget his name dennis miller who went on and had his own night show with the frank lloyd wright windows up behind him. Hannity is repulsive/disgusting but bartiromo is the right stuff. This direction section is meant to prompt the rich on the right to give back to these United States of America, not solely for the next election - but to insure that generations to come are able to reach the people with content other than the left's lies. And lie they do every damn day. We enter this fray knowing we are unwelcomed by the left who lost the previous civil war but yet they have won so far in this civil war of the media. We move (90% to 10%) to (50% to 50%) to (25% to 75%) and we start winning in our game. Shall we play a game? We do not let the rebel secessionists to succeed. We do not allow california to secede from the union as they have been proposing - come hell or high water. Even if that means turning california into a giant residentless national park. Whatever we gotta do is what we gotta do. Nature's john muir would be proud of us. US National Wildlife Preserve park the size of california. California we cant afford ya
    2. we buy out shareholders of companies making newspapers. We replace editors. Recruit writers. We sell subscriptions. We engage in this war for the industry of newspapers. We get black ink on the fingers again from the newsprint pages of the papers. Warren Buffet has bought out a great number of newspapers which were still available, i'll bet that is a good place to start
    3. we BLITZ. i mean: blitzkreig. Full court press. Rally. We get subway to make a sandwich named for the right. We get people to personalize their license plates for the right
    4. we either gain control over social media platforms owning them outright [as the only responsible holders of the keys] or we make clones of various platforms and replace the necrotic/moribund left social media with our own free speech media which shows the right way to do things
    5. if you aint right, youre left WRONG
    6. MAGA˜ZINE
      we buy out shareholders of companies making magazines. We replace editors. We get art directors - from deutschland with their graphical textual expertise if necessary. Recruit writers. We sell subscriptions. We turn out slick popular products. We engage in this war for the industry of magazines
    7. we replicate successful business models,
      lionel says radio is dead and he is incorrect in that assessment. The FM has gone to the dark side luke. In fact AM radio has been bought out coast to coast by the republicans in a model of business to be recreated in the visual media of all types
    8. we have a renaissance of the right. We campaign 365 days a year. We gain momentum. We begin to see the tide in the media turn. We engage the minds and hearts of the people. We make our principles and values well known. We remind the people that we conserve the ideas of the American revolution. We emphasize the point that the people tell the government what to do and (not the reverse) that the government tells the people what to do

      i say the republic, not the government, buys out the shareholders to echostar SrATS which includes direc and dish and hughesnet and sling tv (cut the cord) and all... it is a network all in all that is big enough to handle the job. Worldwide. Perhaps the hat might be passed between patriotic donors who realize we must not leave the future of right tv or right media (republic media) in the trembling feeble hands of fox. Republicans need to invest in the future after being so lax about investments in the past. The future needs our good foresight. We need to have voice. We get the network(s). We get control of the lineup. We begin building up content which makes SO MUCH SENSE by comparison to the looney left media. We deliver the news on the scale that the conversation calls for, and Long Live the Republic

  • wwg1wga gleichschaltung

    1. wouldnt you say the capital letter Q is noose-like:
    2. we recognize that wwg1wga is danger close to gleichschaltung in concept,
      when the citizen journalist / militia media get bad direction from the authorities or just the politicians, and we as one step in the wrong way as one - the results can be disastrous. This has happened to us. Some advisor creeped up to trump and whispered in his ear: isreal wanted trump to begin a snowball effect of gleichschaltung/wwg1wga/anti-semitism to be directed at the SEMITE representative when to translate what she said was: to drain the comatose swamp of benjamins. Israel doesnt want the swamp drained which by the way was one of trump's planks as he was running for office. So trump takes the command of his whispering superior from israel in the executive branch and leads the wrong way. So all the minions spew anti-Semitism at the semite representative and we lose focus/clarity as patriots and fail to rid dc of the israelian insurgency into dc and into the ears of dc and into the pockets of the repubs and into the pockets of the dems in this one-party aipac system which runs/ruins dc still with the collusion/corruption. We fail to drain the swamp of the israelian cabal of criminals and we fail to rid dc of the cartel network of criminals. We fail to carry out our oath to protect our Constitution. We have to liberate our government from the insurgent israelian captors, and they dont want America liberated. We have to have our nation back, and cease the internationalist government

      again we rebuke the false-idea that to clean up dc, to drain the swamp in dc, is anti-Semitic. It is anti-American for israel without borders to run our government, israel does not allow interference in their IL govt and neither do we allow israel to interfere with our US government, obviously. We always are allies with israel but we do not support israel's crime when israel's crime ruins our US government

       ! WARNING ! 
      your wwg1wga is ending up looking like gleichschaltung when your anti-Semitic hate is steered around by trump or hannity or lionel or anyone else and focused at the somali-American semite representative to distract you from draining the swamp, israel doesnt want the swamp drained. Why. Israel has long-conned a system of graft payments [Benjamins] both for [R] and [D]. Israel doesnt want to drain the swamp because israel IS the swamp. So we dont throw the baby out with the bath water: the remarks of the representative are the same as the campaign promise of trump - to drain the swamp
      [foreign / domestic interference with our US govt and elections]
       ! WARNING ! 

      this focusing anti-Semitism onto the semite representative is the most fascist move i have seen of this admin, followed by the further anti-American infringements on the 2nd Amendment is very much like the era of weimar republic in germany

      be very damn careful here,
      immediately fire the whisperer in trump's ear which was the source of the bad advice

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      as the crow flies: Pentagon, Washington, DC to: Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, North Charles Porter Avenue, Oak Harbor, WA
      2,342 miles


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