a new home for philistia..

i support a middle east solution contingent on the recognized state of philistia being located outside of israel,,

map of philistia
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reconstruction procedure
  1. The 195 or so nations talk things out reasonably in private concerning recognition of statehood of the State of Philistia located outside the State of Israel.
  2. At the United Nations eventually the points of view of the 195 or so nations are expressed publicly concerning recognition of statehood of the State of Philistia located outside the State of Israel.
  3. The United Nations resolve to no longer retain the middle-eastern bloc Philisti camps on the interior of the western bloc Israel.
  4. The United Nations General Assembly recommend and the United Nations Security Council decide that the Philisti people are moved from Israel to Philistia and the map is changed such that there is no region of Philistia to remain inside of Israel. Concurrently the new boundaries and borders are drawn for the State of Israel and the State of Philistia which alters to some small percentage the footprint of Syria. [[cite percentage of change of Syrian lands]]
  5. At the United Nations the official papers and legal and binding documents are drawn up establishing Israel legal rights to all land inside of the boundary and border of Israel.
  6. At the United Nations the maritime charts and boundaries are drawn up to adjust the Israeli legal ownership of the Mediterranean Sea section coinciding with the Egypt, Lebanon, and Cyprus maritime boundaries.
  7. At the United Nations the official papers and legal and binding documents are drawn up establishing Philistia legal rights to all land inside of the boundary and border of Philistia.
  8. At the United Nations the State of Philistia is fully recognized as an UN Member State and is no longer classified as a "non-member observer State status at UN" contingent on the move to the new whereabouts of the State of Philistia.
  9. A letter of intent is written in tandem and declared at the United Nations for the UNAF United Nations Assistance Force, the ALAF Arab League Assistance Force, and the ISAF International Security Assistance Force (UN AL ISAF) concerning the reconstruction to occur regarding Israel and the neighbors of Israel: Egypt, Jordan, Philistia, Syria, Lebanon.
  10. The League of Arab States recognizes the legality of this agreement to establish right of ownership of these two individual nations Israel and Philistia that are no longer inside and outside of each other, no longer overlapping each other.
  11. The European Union recognizes the legality of this agreement to establish right of ownership of these two individual nations Israel and Philistia that are no longer inside and outside of each other, no longer overlapping each other.
  12. The Quartet on the Middle East recognizes the legality of this agreement to establish right of ownership of these two individual nations Israel and Philistia that are no longer inside and outside of each other, no longer overlapping each other.
  13. The Bilderberg Group sees the wisdom of this new era of peace beginning with the Philisti move to the new whereabouts of the State of Philistia and lend every effort and influence to the accomplishment of these tasks.
  14. The Rothschild Empire sees the wisdom of this new era of peace beginning with the Philisti move to the new whereabouts of the State of Philistia and lend every effort and influence to the accomplishment of these tasks, especially the task of Mission Statement by UNALISAF after 100 years of the Balfour-Document written to Rothschild has taken place.
  15. Israel need not recognize Philistia, no negotiations are necessary.
  16. Philistia need not recognize Israel, no negotiations are necessary.
  17. These are Military and Diplomatic operations and procedures, any of the so-called pundits or philosophers which say words to the effect of, "The only way there can be peace is by negotiation," and "There is no military solution," are incorrect in their assessment. Any "solution" which does NOT take into consideration the military aspect of this subject is no solution in fact. This move of Philistia and establishment of UNALISAF Port Golan/Fort Golan is a de facto solution and requires no particular agreement by Israel with Philistia. Agreement would be nice but is not essential, and let us not step into the hypothetical where that is possible.
  18. The world needs the western bloc nations to cease making war on offense in the middle eastern bloc (when the western bloc disrespectfully pretends there is no such thing as the middle eastern bloc) as that has been producing humanitarian crises for decades. The numbers of war refugees in bantustan camps or refugees flooding into Europe are all a manifestation of the destablization of the middle east in general which, again, is caused in the first place by the western bloc on (rampage) offense anywhere the western bloc gets a whim to go to war.. (Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria etc) so the western bloc nations need to huddle up and rethink this attack on the middle east and cease the flow of emigration to the parts of world which do not have the pressure of war on them. US and UK and Israel this means you. Stop making war. Stop making your terroristic war on offense. And dont make the world negotiate with you as the world should not be negotiating with known terrorists (US UK and Israel). Any agreements made while the US UK and Israel terrorize must be considered by any just court to be null and void as the "agreement" or "negotiation" is made under pain of duress, (US UK and Israel hold a gun to the head of whomever the US UK and Israel want to extort a signature from)(the gun will even be held up against the judge's head by the US UK and Israel to get what they want). Learn to make peace. United States of America go ahead and create a brand new US Peace Department in the Oval Office Cabinet, what say. Dont go into your patented denial routine, cease YOUR terrorism. Countermand the illegal orders of Roosevelt and Churchill and stop attacking the world on offense.
  19. The Semitic State of Syria now has ____________ amount of foreign troops, ____________ amount of foreign tanks, ____________ amount of foreign attack jets, ____________ amount of foreign attack helicopters in the state of syria, any "agreement" which is made with syria can be rendered null and void by any just court as syria is under duress and pain of foreign armies, mercenaries, and terrorists. Any agreement might be seen as extortion.
  20. The State of Syria recognizes the legality of this agreement to establish right of ownership of these two individual nations Israel and Philistia that are no longer inside and outside of each other, no longer overlapping each other.
    1. The United Nations establish and administrate UNALISAF to man Port Golan and Fort Golan with the necessary forces and military equipment, hardware, armaments, materiel, munitions to prevent further war in, under, through, around, or over this port|fort region.
    2. In Fort Golan troops are garrisoned in the same concrete re-enforced barracks together - in other words these are tandem forces that train together and live together and patrol together and if necessary enforce the operations which may occur together - the troops are not to be set into different barracks according to UN nor AL nor ISAF categories. They live together and they work together to promote unit performance. The male troops are separated from the female troops.
      1. Male UNALISAF
      2. Female UNALISAF
    3. UNALISAF and NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the US 6th Fleet establish a beachhead and build Port Golan south of Lebanon and north of Israel.
    4. Contractor barges bring the Texas "T" Barriers to line the port, corridor, and the perimeter of Fort Golan to be placed by UNALISAF.
    5. (i am unsure of the water depth and dont know just yet if Port Golan will be a 'deep water' port - there may have to be underwater excavation, earth moving)
    6. DESAL international shipping container units are setup in Port Golan.
    7. PUMPS are setup in Port Golan.
    8. PIPES are laid out and constructed to carry clean desalinated water to water towers or water tanks (depending on elevation) in Fort Golan for Lebanon, Syria, Philistia, Jordan, Israel and also to feed into the Sea of Galilee.
    9. UNALISAF does not allow military overflights, military endruns, military tunnels under, military breaches nor ballistics of anytype by any of the adjoining nations states countries upon military penalty of law and scuttling or confiscation of military equipment as the UNALISAF Commander sees fit. This includes Philistia which the international community goes to a Great Deal Of Effort to establish for Philistia a peaceful place to live and do not wish to see Philistia attack anyone nor be attacked by anyone thereafter. God willing.
    10. UNALISAF makes it clear that Israel is not to make any further war over, under, through, or around on the middle east neighbors upon military penalty, confiscation or scuttling as the UNALISAF Commander sees fit. Further that the UNALISAF is not to be used as a shield, from which Israel makes offensive war and then retreats behind the international shield.
    11. Israel, you need to be told to quit making war and you need to learn to obey.
    12. PDF Philistia Defense Force of Philistia draws up and trains with UNALISAF advisors the conventional forces in the new whereabouts of the State of Philistia, as any healthy country should, and PDF assists UNALISAF with the placement of the Texas "T" Barriers along their border with appropriate openings for checkpoints at roads for the Philisti defense and security in the national neighborhood. The ill-concept as President Obama put it that the demilitarization of Philistia could go on and somehow that would add up to "peace" is superceded by reality in which everyone has a right to self-defense and self protection. Philistia is not demilitarized, just like no one says, "Ok to make peace now we demilitarize the Israelinians."
    13. Philistia Defense Force acquires regular army attitudes, and also the uniforms of a regular army meaning the field dungaress and field jackets and boots etc, also the dress uniforms. To the field uniforms judging from the satellite photos i take it that the earth itself, the soil, is kind Plum colored,,,, not say the greens of Viet Nam, there is some gray in there,, just over the border to northeast is a big swatch of land that looks volcanic ash colored,,, anyway get the right uniforms for distinction which fit into the environs. Lead the way in exhibiting very small insignia which is generally overdone in the militaries. Be conservative.
    14. Philistia Defense Force go through basic training, UNALISAF will help you get setup and on track. Go through everything they say; they have experience in these matters. Go through the analogy of the Obstacle Course.
    15. Philistia Defense Force, after the move to the new wherabouts of Philistia, trains for two basic missions:
      1. Defense on a domestic front, this means internal actions of PDF to the interior of the border around Philistia, the interior of Philistia may have terrorist activity - be ready to put down any terroristic activity in the new Philistia - make videos of the operations and learn from your mistakes - get better, improve, excel, develop.
        1. Study the FM 90-10 Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) by Petraeus on this subject,, train for it, drill for it, there will be tests and pop quizzes.
      2. Defense on a foreign front, this means keeping foreign forces out of the whereabouts of Philistia, man and patrol the Texas T Barrier walls {i mean the concrete T walls pieces that you place around your country] around Philistia and handle the various routes entering and exiting the land of Philistia at checkpoints.
    16. Philistia Defense Force will likley be called upon for the phsyical protection of your state's political officials in the executive, legislative, and judicial vines.
    17. Once moved Philistia should see to getting hired and trained a police force and firefighting force which improves and gets better and better as time unfolds. The PPF Philistia Police Force and the PFF Philistia firefighting force should integrate well with the PDF Philistia Defense Force.
    18. Philistia Defense Force get your esprit de corps going and never seek to set up a cycle of revenge/vendetta with Israel or the West in general. Seek to make allies, not enemies. Seek to establish normalized stabile relations with all the neighbors in the national neighborhood and all the nations of the world. Do not be a rogue state, to the contrary show you have your minds right on this subject.
  22. Contrary to the fad-like abuse of the words: "Offense" and "Defense" there is no particular Right of Offense anywhere in the Universe.
  23. IDF Israel Defense Force assumes a far less forward stance-posture respecting the sovereignty and borders and boundaries and thereby Israel's security and safety are increased demanding less counter-warfare by the neighboring countries. The offensive invasion by Israel of Philistia ends, thus the counter-warfare by the middle-eastern bloc on defense against the western bloc on offense also ends. The catalyst for this Great War begun about 1911 at the port of haifa, palestine is ultimately ceased by this move of Philistia into the new whereabouts of the State of Philistia. This makes for far better Foreign Relations for Israel.
  24. Israel has a right of self-defense.
  25. Philistia has a right of self-defense.
  26. Israel has right of self-determination, freedom, independence, safety and security.
  27. Philistia has right of self-determination, freedom, independence, safety and security.
  28. UNALISAF solely has dibs on the acronym 'UNALISAF' like a trademark ™ or copyrighted © or registrated ® insignia or logo, no other group can come along and usurp/imposture/subjugate the UNALISAF acronym upon military penalty of espionage.
  29. UNALISAF has its own Courts Martial chambers on the premises of Fort Golan and sit on a Military Tribunal with seven JAG Judge Advocates General that are drawn up from their own UNALISAF ranks.
  30. UNALISAF in Port Golan and Fort Golan draft up a document to be published in a manual the International Code of Military Justice which reaffirms the Geneva Conventions and Human Rights judiciously and with military wisdom and common sense.
  31. UNALISAF in Port Golan and Fort Golan write up, to be in the same manual, ROE rules of engagement for the forces to know their duty as combat may occur each moment - this is important as three forces [UNAF ALAF ISAF] serving in tandem, shoulder-to-shoulder, and pretty much representing the civilized world need to have their role made clear to them. Tell them their mission clearly.
  32. UNALISAF in Fort Golan has its own jail facilities where appropriate incarceration takes place.
  33. UNALISAF does not torture, and enhanced interrogation techniques are torture.
  34. UNALISAF in Fort Golan has no less than 500,000 troops at all times.
      [here i kinda need some pro experts [[mattis]] to write out a list of what is needed by UNALISAF, number of 'redball express' trucks meaning 3 axle troop heavy trucks, number of hummers, number of helicopters, number of attack jets, number of stinger shoulder fired rockets, number of the raytheon defense shields, number of armory small arms, number of tanks, number of armored cars, number of striker vehicles, number of naval craft, aicraft carrier(s), number of howitzers (artillery), number of tomahawk missiles, munitions, ammo, ordnance depot, number of hardened physical buildings, bomb resistant - possibly underground or 3/4 underground, trenches to be dug and roads to be laid inside the trenches ]
  35. UNALISAF mission parameters:
    1. UNALISAF supplies desal water to Lebanon, Syria, Philistia, Jordan, Israel.
    2. UNALISAF provides security and assistance to Lebanon, Syria, Philistia, Jordan, Israel.
    3. UNALISAF provides military justice in this region so absent any justice for so many decades.
    4. UNALISAF prevents war between:
      1. Israel attacks on Philistia
      2. Philistia attacks on Israel
      3. Israel attacks on Syria
      4. Syria attacks on Israel
      5. Israel attacks on Lebanon
      6. Lebanon attacks on Israel
      7. Jordan has good relations with Israel now, and Egypt has good relations with Israel now.
      8. UNALISAF considers flyovers over Jordan for example to get at [attack] Philistia to be a form of end-running which UNALISAF forbids under penalty of military law with punitive measures including scuttling or confiscation of Israel's military equipment etc as the UNALISAF Commander sees fit.
      9. UNALISAF takes up daily humanitarian aid in the region and helps with Reconstruction of the infrastructure in all these countries that have been at war for so many decades now.
      10. Israel, no longer be mortally afraid of peace.
      11. Israel your neighbors: Lebanon, Syria, Philistia, Jordan are semitic, your lust to attack them is an anti-Semitic lust. They are Arabaic-Semite, you are primarily Hebraic-Semite. You are both Semitic groups. Israel cease your anti-Semitism.
      12. US UK and Israel cease imposing your anti-Semitism on the Semitic State of Philistia held hostage in 'bantustan' camps.
  36. The state of philistia, once the move has taken place, gets its own telephone system, its own satellite television system, its own internet service providence system, clearly independent from the israelian systems. No utilities war.
  37. The State of Philistia gets its own broadcast television and radio station and towers, its own COM tower(s), its own terrestrial dishes, it own satellite dishes. SOP (stater of philistia) does not broadcast terrorist crap, but puts out wholesome good media and has smart public relations teams that guide what is put out over the waves. Philistia do not make war over the tv and radio waves. Let that part of history blow away with the next wind. Gently.
  38. The State of Philistia, as of the move, gets its own solar panels fields, these are in the gray ground eco-system to the east (looks like MARS out there)--- this means collection but batteries must also house the voltage. This is if my Electricity Machine does not work. If my electricity machine does work then Philistia is granted many millions of the machine by the international community. Dont get hopes up now it most likely does not work. If my machine does work it is just short of a major miracle, so - we know that solar panels work, with all the limitations and the difficulty and expense of the 12 volt batteries plus inverters to store the energy,,, and i suppose if the panels are too far from the point-of-use there is voltage drop - requiring repeaters,, but tis CAN be doen and be indenpendent from any other nation for electrical power (a gotta have)
  39. I was thinking - both Walmart and Home Depot might be willing to open a store each inside of the FORT GOLAN,,, which could feed into lebanon, syria, philistia, jordan, and israel if this was handled correctly - like maybe you shop by way of internet and then go and pick the merchandise up from a (post office?) at the opening of a wall opening built for this purpose,,, or maybe UNALISAF delivers very much in the UPS or FEDEX mode,, let me think on this
  40. I prefer Church's Fried Chicken to Kentucky Fried Chicken, i prefer Pizza Inn to Pizza Hut, i prefer Pepsi to Coke, i prefer Wyatt's to Luby's (cafeterias), i love 7-11 (oh thank heaven for seven eleven) but these things are truly not up to me, perhaps the State of Philistia might attract a number of franchises to Philistia,,,, Bonanza is good (buffet), Cracker Barrel is good, Grandy's is good, Taco Bueno is excellent (a lot better than Del Taco), get you some Shell and Mobil and Exxon gas stations.
  41. State of Philistia builds at least two major hospitals and several smaller clinics.
  42. State of Philistia builds a number of firehouses and several police stations.
  43. The State of Philistia builds two major structures or else one major structure depending on traditions of which i am unfamiliar. What i mean is a government building and/or a religious (Mosque) building. They could be consolidated. But this should be a new building for the new Philistia which is modern in every way. Further there should be pools of water (with fountains of fresh water for the drinking or refreshment of the feet and hands and faces) encircling the building(s) with walkways and plenty of trees and grasses and whatnot, shrubberies all beautifully designed in an integral sense. Shaded areas like carports on the walkways with park benches. The CIA used to have some pretty good looking carport type structures up at Langley.
  44. elevated trams: beirut, damascus, golan, sawayda, maan, jerusalem
  45. There is a great deal of deliberation as to the size, dimensions, and national shapes of the boundary(boundaries) and border(s) of Philistia - the illustration is a general placement of philistia and is not meant to be empirical nor absolute.
  46. Israel is no longer allowed to hold any Philisti camps, nor prisoners, nor Philisti citizens, this is obvious.
  47. there is great concern from all quarters that the religious sites and structures be compassionately cared for even is this means moving a number of them from jerusalem to philistia
  48. optionally for sites that are appropriate the international community, the 195 nations, the United Nations, the League of Arab States see to the proper engineering to create the elevated trains from and to some of the neighboring countries, with appropriate security measures handled by the IDF Israeli Defense Force to ensure safety and well being of the tourists and adherents and visitors while visiting inside of israel
  49. it is pointed out to the press that this is not an ethnic cleansing by the state of israel, this is an international task of individualizing these two nations: israel and philistia, to where the two nations are no longer inside and outside of each other and the world removes the refugee camps in the process and the operation should be meticulously carefully handled by the United Nations and realize that these are mostly war numbed civilians that truly need some concern shown to them to get things straightened out and resolved
  50. the 195 or so nations of the United Nations recognize that israel must have enough space to defend israel against landwarfare and airwarfare, meaning the north of israel AND the south of israel, should battle ever break out again similar to the six day war, while simultaneously recognizing Israel must not be burdened any longer with as President Carter put it: "cage camps" and Prime Minister Cameron put it: "prison camps"
  51. troops are drawn up for the UNAF United Nations Assistance Force, UNAL Arab League Armed Force, ISAF International Security Assistance Force and trained together to perform their duties in tandem in FORT GOLAN
  52. various contractors are employed and deployed to build the PORT GOLAN for the internation forces to reach FORT GOLAN with acronym UNALISAF
  53. desalination (desal) units are setup at port golan in international shipping container sized units, and pumps are setup to pump desal water to the unalisaf fort golan to be collected in various water towars and water tanks depending on elevation
  54. desaled water is gravity fed to lebanon tanks, syria tanks, philistia tanks, jordan tanks, israel tanks, sea of galilee - okay here i must refer you to experts about whether or not by gravity the naturally formed river beds if sea of galilee filling up will feed down into dead sea or not, i am unsure of which one is downhill from the other,,,, it seems like dead sea could become the sea of life without too much trouble
  55. the United Nations moves by mini vans or suv all philistia citizens from israel and transports the philisti citizens to philisti international shipping container architecturally retro-fitted homes where the philisti citizens take up residence in a reasonable, orderly, peaceful, compassionate, careful process which is non-violent and dignified operation
  56. the United Nations clear all philisti citizens from gaza, west bank, jerusalem, and negev so that know one can claim that there is any part of philisita state still inside of the state of israel, this is a national individualization
  57. with certain exceptions of hospital, fire department, (gas stations) etc - gaza is razed flat
  58. with aid form the United Nations the former residents of gaza transport with them all the greenhouses and i beams and wood and glass etc they can possibly transport from gaza to the new philistia
  59. funds are allocated for egypt to build a great number of apartment units and some homes in sinai say west of Al-Arish on the coast for gazans who wish to still live on the coast - this will mean that egypt grants citizenship to the former residents of gaza from philisti to egyptian citizens, this is migration in a national sense and not just migration in a physical lovcation sense
  60. IMF International Monetary Fund experts and the World Bank aid the State of Philistia to re-establish their own mint and centralized banking system rapidly in the new location of philistia.
  61. a number of factories are established in philistia to draw workers from the philistia populace
  62. the United Nations transport from egypt, and israel, and jordan, and syria, and lebanon the great numbers - millions of them according the UN and delver them to their new residences in the new philistia
  63. philistia is irrigated properly
  64. sprinkling is done at night on each lot of land in philistia and hydromulching trucks come and spray the green mulch onto the ground
  65. philistia draws up and trains with USARMY advisors the PDF Palestia Defense Force this is a regular army force as philistia will need to protect itself with the unrest in kurd region, iraq, and the terrorism that is going on nowdays along the euphrates - it is not okay to call the terrorists in eastern syria SIC "Islamic State" as the 57 OIC Organisation of Islamic Cooperation nations, which are bona fide authentic genuine islamic states, should indicate to the unknowing western bloc and the western bloc's unknowing and uneducated press and politicians,,, when one encounters a bunch of terrorists in east syria call them a bunch of terrorists - not "islamic state" just another example of the west's xenophobia
  66. texas "T" barriers are brought in and arranged all around the state of philistia by the UNALISAF forces to delineate exactly where the state of philistia is,,, with appropriate openings for the various routes in and out of philistia with the checkpoints and country to country relationships that are normal and military to military relationships which are normal
  67. the state of philistia issues its own passports
  68. the state of philistia issues its own currency and stamps its own coins
  69. the state of philistia has its own seat at the United Nations
  70. the US State Department and UK Foreign Ministry go to any length to provide expertise and assistance to get the new nation of Philistia up and running as quickly as possible
  71. the International Court of Justice recognizes the status of the state of philistia contingent upon philistia moving into the new developed philistia whereabouts between jordan and syria
  72. the International Court of Justice recognizes the formerly "gaza" and the formerly "west bank" and "jerusalem" and "negev" et al as being no longer held by the state of philistia but are now the state of israel contingent upon the migration to the new philistia
  73. the International Court of Justice recognizes that the state of philistia has no right to vote in any state of israel vote and vice versa, further the International Court of Justice recognizes that israel has no right to tax philistia
  74. the United Nations work with President Bashar al-Assad of Syria and the legislature of People's Council of Syria to come to an agreement on the land deal which must occur - this includes an understanding that the current residents on the land either become philisti citizens or else move to other parts of sysria in this accomodation and apportionment of land
  75. humans quit mis-pronouncing the "the Palestinians" as that is a typographical error,, Philistia is the proper noun word,, it is like saying Ethiopia or Philadelphia, saying "Palestinians" is like saying "Israelinians" and shows poor observation of proper protocols and respect, where one says "Israeli" one should also say, "Philisti" or the more formal, "Philistian" where one might say "Israelian" ---- Philistia has been their name for several thousand years - it is only when we witness the modern-education of man do we see the fumbling of the word: Palestinian - correct yourselves, discipline yourselves and call Philistia by its proper name with respect and dignity
  76. this United Nations relocation of the philisti people into the new whereabouts of the recognized state of philistia (outside of the state of israel) supercedes all previous armistices, treaties, summits, cease-fires, truces, agreements, plans, accords, pacts, liabilities, obligations, conventions, concords, arrangements, accomodations, contracts, boundaries, borders; furthermore any relevant prior cases brought in suit to the International Criminal Court on this subject are summarily dismissed
as long as Philistia remains in Israel, with Israel surrounding (war tactic) and dividing (war tactic) then for as long as that goes on there are the bantustan-like camps of Philistia and there is the war perpetuated,, in order to fix the conflict Philistia must not be inside of Israel - AND - Israel must have the north of Israel and the south of Israel to defend Israel,,