no politician serious about draining the swamp - israel left in control of dc via bribery/graft

2020 ELECTIONS Biden: Time to ‘take back’ the country

my point is to take back the country from whom ? if joe's answer is just to take back the country from the republicans,, that leaves the United States of America still in the greedy little hands of the israelian insurgency which still owns lock stock and barrel both the democrats and republicans. If joe is not saying to regain/retrieve control from the israel incursion - joe is not enough of a leader to get the job done, and apparently neither is don

this is what draining the swamp means,, it is draining the swamp of the collusion and corruption and interference done specifically by the israelians in US govt

no one deny what goes on --- no one try and label this "anti-Semitic"
it is anti-American for ANY foreign power [whether that power is foreign or domestic it is the clear and ever-so present danger] to have command and control of our America, whether that means the russians or the israelians or whoever you might bring, the USA needs to be in control of the USA, and our politicians, be they ever so humble, need to not be corrupted/bribed in a money fleecing ponzi scheme which makes them filthy-rich and endruns our US Constitution

when joe goes to israel joe says, "it is good to be home" joe says "i am a zionist,"
don seems just as willing as joe to leave America under control, money-controlled, internationalism executed by israelism,

neither of them will suffice, neither joe nor don will do...

we need patriots to choose from, and aipac and jstreet always make sure we have no national patriots to vote for,
aipac and jstreet always make certain we have only internationalist sellouts to choose from

wouldnt you agree sheldon adelson,
cease the anti-Semitic crime of bribery/corruption by which israel keeps America under siege

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