The Civil War (1990)

the war is not between the south and the north,
the war is and was between the democrats and the republicans
in which the democrats try and disarm America or at least just disarm the republicans so that the rest of this war will not be quite so difficult for them this time

remember the confuscated bloviating joy behar makes the mistake of saying: "they've (republicans) got the 2nd Amendment, we've (democrats) got the 1st Amendment"

ken burns sets about his mission to cover up with fake-history the real story

in his mini-series about this war between democrats and republicans which still persists today,
ken burns only bothers to mention:

total running time 11 hours 18 minutes
"republican(s)" mentioned 9 times
"democrat(s)(ic)" mentioned 9 times

The Civil War (1990) s01e01
The Cause (1861)

The Civil War (1990) s01e02
A Very Bloody Affair (1862)

The Civil War (1990) s01e03
Forever Free (1862)

The Civil War (1990) s01e04
Simply Murder (1863)

The Civil War (1990) s01e05
The Universe of Battle (1863)

The Civil War (1990) s01e06
Valley of the Shadow of Death (1864)

The Civil War (1990) s01e07
Most Hallowed Ground (1864)

The Civil War (1990) s01e08
War Is All Hell (1865)

The Civil War (1990) s01e09
The Better Angels of Our Nature (1865)