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here you can get embed codes, video synch, audio/video utilities recommendations, chrome extensions, to make video watching work better,, i think number one on the list should be the youtube video speed player i use it everyday it seems,, i'll be coming back to edit this page soon enough - i am trying to get all the pages of this site into a similar look, and also i have the uPin extension to finish and upload to chrome web store, this will be a good little page once i get it going

these links are generally for HTML5 Video Player using Chrome
youtube video speed controller

ok this looks like the stuff here, you can get in Options and configure more exact digital control, but by default the speed adjusts by 10 point increments,,, to see the button mouseover the player - it is in the upper left corner
youtube playback speed control

this is good and i think it works, when you mouseover the player the speed control button appears in the upper right corner
youtube playback speed workaround

right click on the page and select Inspect Element,
click the CONSOLE tab all the way to the right,
go to the bottom line and click the last line in the list with blinking select cursor
paste in:
document.getElementsByTagName("video")[0].playbackRate = .65
[and hit Enter]
to change the speed digitally by changing the .65 number
which is 1.00 by default,
be sure after editing to close the editor by de-selecting somewhere
youtube flip this

this extension flips the page around horizontally, vertically, rotates 0, 90, 180, -90
mini youtube

this extension makes a miniature video player when you scroll down to the Comments section of the youtube page, real ez
youtube turn off the lights

this dims the youtube page so that it is not so much eye-strain, nice
youtube looper

the button shows up below the video player
Loop | Add to | Share | More
youtube pip video

this is great, look for the button at the upper left corner of the youtube player once you get it installed,
it looks like it only has "Stay On Top" feature while in the Dock mode, but you can move the little player around on the screen you just gotta push hard lol
youtube video preview

this is neat, once you install the extension then you can mouseover the videos on the right and it gives more previews, i wish they were bigger though
youtube audio eq

this works surisingly well, and i cannot get rid of the daffy duck quality on some video's audio,
even slowed down the playback speed to .75 and it helps but some of these audio tracks just come all Disney cartoons sounding, like Gollum's voice in Harry Potter
chrome zoom

to zoom Ctrl + +
to unzoom Ctrl + -
[numeric keypad]
youtube css position: fixed

this is to make the video player be stationary (fixed) and not scroll with the rest of the page

Method 1:

i found a way to edit the youtube page without having to go to right-click Inspect Element route,,,, it involves a chrome extension:

paste the following css lines into the Live CSS Editor box (which does work live without having to reload the page),
and i am not sure if they are both necessary to make the player be fixed position or not i now think that both #player .player-api are needed, and is not

#player .player-api {position: fixed; z-index: 5;}

Method 2:

in youtube when you scroll the movies on the right
the player also scrolls up and off the page area in which you are browsing,,
to keep the player from scrolling with the rest of the page
right click right below the player,
[Ctrl + Shift + I]
and select Inspect element,
it took a minute of weeding though the Elements list, but i found the "player-api"
<div id="player-api" class="player-width player-height off-screen-target player-api" tabindex="-1">
to which i added style="position:fixed"
by highlighting the relevant element line and right clicking and selecting Edit as HTML
<div id="player-api" style="position:fixed" class="player-width player-height off-screen-target player-api" tabindex="-1">
after i edited the style i then made sure and de-selected off to the side to end the edit,,,
so now the player holds still in a fixed position and i am able to simultaneously scroll the movies over on the right side, and the player style remains fixed,
or goes to the next page when you select the movies on the right,
the player is still in a fixed position on the new page, go figure
youtube fix audio/video synch

this is still arcane to me, i cant seem to get it right - maybe more practice,
it seems there are two audio tracks, and the idea (maybe) is to disable the louder track with the
middle button below the video player, and then adjust if necessary the 2nd track which is quieter,
i have been able to synch a few times with this,,, it seemed as if it was not the idea of the audio track moving
but instead it was the video track that moved forward or backward - maybe this is my mis-concept

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